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  1. 192 if you can’t beat them join them!
  2. As my profile states, I have limited experience and curious. Are wedgies common for M/F, F/M or no? And more limited to M/M esp if one or both playing are Straight? Seems like an activity for those that identify as he/him. While rest perhaps leave on for modesty? I know TidyWhitey’s question was👍or 👎 In terms of myself, I could throw the bones 🥊as a kid and no one dare tried. For those posting and answering newbie questions - thank you! Very much appreciated as it makes putting up with trolls easier.
  3. Read Cornertime Confidential blog. Your profile indicates straight so good for you to have courage and being opened minded. Good thing when your young. I say don’t freeze up and get into it. Say “ I didnt do anything wrong” and/or “ you spanked me too hard”. You regret this things you don’t try imho.
  4. This is the rule PBM is siting but not sure he is interpreting correctly with “when only one team is posting. But then again he is wearing a skirt! TO TRY TO KEEP ONE TEAM FROM RUNNING AWAY WITH THE GAME....WHEN ONLY ONE TEAM IS POSTING ERs MAY ONLY POST 5 TIMES BEFORE THEY HAVE TO STOP AND EEs MAYONLY POST 3 TIMES BEFORE THEY HAVE TO STOP. 176! Both ER/EE are actively posting. Settle down PBM with the tsk tsk. Yeah, I get it raised in Hell’s Kitchen in 70’s. You mess with a Scot you might get kilt. So flipping you the low flying bird aka Famous Grouse in your honor.
  5. Right behind you my fearless fairy friend! 172
  6. Tell me about it. Maybe do an about me and get profile pic? Even that though finding non pro hard. I know.
  7. What is the hang up? You are playing a role that you give trust and all the heavy lifting on your partner for a specific encounter. Give yourself a break IMHO. Maybe just make sure no video or pics. Assume you are a straight guy. Think of all the stuff you get to enjoy with her that you won’t have to experience unless in prison.
  8. My bad. Assumed you lived in England as Scotland doesn’t have Internet yet? Let me lower the count a wee bit to 178!
  9. I don’t think so Englishman -174!
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