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  1. That is interesting! If you really want to find out I can post a link of some software for your phone that will let you track a wifi signal. Then you could get a rough idea where it's coming from. At least narrow down your options to 2 or 4 units instead of the whole complex. Ohh I love a good mystery!
  2. I also get the impression that when I was growing up: morality or "being a good person" was more about how you behaved and less about what causes you support. If there is no sacrifice then its not really something you believe regardless of what you say. Now it seems like its enough to praise or shame people for what they say when their actions clearly show they believe something else.
  3. This is beautiful. I'm happy/sad for you. 🙂
  4. Rita have you found a wormhole connecting Westchester and Florida? Young lady on this forum we obey the laws of general relativity!
  5. I always thought Mr. Darcy was a spanko, you can see it in his eyes 😁
  6. Welcome, Yuliko how are things in the Ukraine?
  7. Thank you for sharing. Indeed it is a risky thing we do. I'm sorry for the struggle you had to go through. It is a sobering reminder.
  8. I talked to a woman who used more-or-less that exact phrase. Yes I think it can relieve stress for some people - though maybe not the way you think it will. How we imagine we will feel when spanked can differ from real life experiences. This isn't anybodies fault, it's just important to have realistic expectations.
  9. Very nice. I wish I was this prolific.
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