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  1. Do you get spanked together? That is on my bucket list, lol!
  2. Being tall makes you submit or is it the other way around?? How tall are you? I guess for me the physical traits are notthat compelling as being tall would not deter me from giving a damn good hiding to a ee!
  3. More for fun but still a spanking. Should hurt a little but done more in a playful manner. You should definitely do it if possible.
  4. Hi and welcome to the site. Hope you find what you are seeking. If you ever wander up north I would be happy to tan your bottom 😊
  5. In CT and a switch but love getting hard spankings
  6. Anyone else unable to access the chat room today or notice slow speeds for everything else? Hope it is not just me!
  7. While I realize this is a free site and upgrades require investment, the site today is painfully slow and I cannot even get in the chat room. Can anything be done to improve these issues short of massive investment in equipment?
  8. As a kid and still today Mark Twain is my favorite author. Poor Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were always getting “lickings” from at home to in school. I was always mad at Tom for taking Becky Thatcher’s spanking in school.
  9. Depends on the wants and desires of the participants, I enjoy both but lean towards discipline!
  10. There has been some discussion about reactions to getting a disciplinary spanking on the site. I have seen some posts and chatted with some spankees who suggest that their spanker never fails to bring them to tears. I have thought about this and would like that to happen but doubt it could. So the question is: do you cry when getting a good spanking?
  11. Bath brush without a doubt. Hard and fast!
  12. Hi Marcus and welcome. Switch from CT. Hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy yourself along the way.
  13. Hardware store, check out grill section. Also have leather and rubber stick to make your own implements. Dowels are interesting too!
  14. Must be naked! Spanker sees results better and spankee knows who is calling the shots during the spanking
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