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  1. How far would you travel to spank or be spanked (assuming that you and the other person are compatible and want to meet)? As for me I think more than an hour to an hour and a half would be a bit much but it really depends on how good a match.
  2. Welcome! I am in CT too (obviously, lol). Hope you enjoy the site, there are many good folks here.
  3. Love the idea of old fashioned wood shed spankings!
  4. So I have thought about something like this. Meet up with another switch spanker and have a competition. Using a proper implement you take turns whacking the naked butt! One swat first, then increase to two etc. First to cry out gets a real spanking! And winner can decide how and if they get it at the end!
  5. Welcome from another New Englander! Would love to chat anytime. Have fun and be careful.
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