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  1. I get no joy from a wedgie itself, however A spanker of mine REALLY loves embarrassing me in a variety of ways when he spanks me. Being embarrassed is part of the experience for me. He likes to spank me hard standing up, and I start to not be able to keep still and start hopping from foot to foot and trying to move away, and he will wedgie my panties and use them as a handle to keep me more still, and starts commenting on how I am "acting like a little girl, can't even keep still for my spanking, dancing around with a bright red bare bottom on display".
  2. I have a desire to be well spanked. Well-spanked to me isn't just a red bottom, but it's the experience of being spanked past the point you want to be spanked. Spankings are supposed to hurt, and if I don't question my ability to take any more pain partway through my bottom being reddened, it just doesn't feel complete to me. I usually have quite long spankings, working up to flailing and kicking part, but every now and then i love (hate?) a severe spanking from the very first swat. It's a different experience. I still end up thoroughly spanked in the end, but the spanking is harder to take. To be stood in front of someone who immediately removes your panties and takes a sturdy cheek-to-cheek wooden paddle to your bare bottom at a swift pace and quite hard, holding you under their arm, makes me blush. When spankings are longer it's almost like your mind has prepared for your demise. But in these scenarios, I have found myself dancing and hopping and squirming desperately in a matter of seconds, all the while being unable to evade the never ending spanks. I find myself begging, twisting, turning, with such a heat on my now red bottom it truly feels on fire. Each swat feels like a hot pan applied to my cheek, and I cannot stop my instincts to clench and bend away from the swats. The pain is so awful by the time we are 30 seconds in, I feel like I cannot possible take any more, but I always seem to make it through these paddlings, even if they are ten minutes of relentless swats. When it's all over I can tell you I have never felt more like a spanked little girl. The process to get there is quite awful, but it's what makes my mind happy in the end.
  3. I have such a love/hate relationship with the elements that make up a spanking. I enjoy being spanked - I enjoy being well spanked. But in those intense moments, laid over a lap with my bottom being lit on fire, I absolutely hate it. The worst parts of the spanking are also the best parts of the spanking. I love a thoroughly spanked bottom. It doesn't feel like I really got a spanking unless I was kicking, squirming, and begging for it to stop. And its those moments that make a great spanking for me. When you're being spanked hard and you fear it will never end. When you're desperate, your kegs are kicking and you've clenched your bottom in a pathetic attempt to stop the fire that's ignited all over your bum. When you can't control throwing your hand back to stop it, but it just gets pinned back there. Begging just stumbles out of your mouth in desperation. You surely can't take a second more of the pain, but yet it keeps coming and somehow, your bottom continues to get hotter and hotter. In the moment, absolutely hate everything I described. But its somehow also my favourite part of it.
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