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  1. I have such a love/hate relationship with the elements that make up a spanking. I enjoy being spanked - I enjoy being well spanked. But in those intense moments, laid over a lap with my bottom being lit on fire, I absolutely hate it. The worst parts of the spanking are also the best parts of the spanking. I love a thoroughly spanked bottom. It doesn't feel like I really got a spanking unless I was kicking, squirming, and begging for it to stop. And its those moments that make a great spanking for me. When you're being spanked hard and you fear it will never end. When you're desperate, your kegs are kicking and you've clenched your bottom in a pathetic attempt to stop the fire that's ignited all over your bum. When you can't control throwing your hand back to stop it, but it just gets pinned back there. Begging just stumbles out of your mouth in desperation. You surely can't take a second more of the pain, but yet it keeps coming and somehow, your bottom continues to get hotter and hotter. In the moment, absolutely hate everything I described. But its somehow also my favourite part of it.
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