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  1. If only more people were like you two and agreed to differ on matters where they have diverging opinions! Social media full of ill-tempered posts from people who are sure that they are 100% right about everything and refuse to tolerate other opinions. It is nice to see people debating like adults.
  2. I agree. When I am across my girlfriend's knee, I feel a great sense of release. I don't have to make excuses or justify myself, I have been naughty and now I am being punished by having my bottom soundly smacked.
  3. With me it is an expression of romantic love. When I am across my partner's knee, I feel a strong sense of intimacy. And when we are in company and she swats me on the seat of my pants as a punishment for some minor offense or simply because she feels like doing it, I am always glad that it is HER hand that is smacking my bottom.
  4. It's certainly like that with me. After a hard paddling I can sit down if I absolutely have to, but I prefer not to. I usually find lying down is no problem though, because the weight of the body is then distributed and not all concentrated on the bottom.
  5. I am sure I am not the only one who is looking forward to reading your account. It seems to quite often happen that a man reveals his interest in spanking to his wife or girlfriend, she finds it surprising at first, but soon finds that she enjoys spanking him, perhaps because of the power it gives her.
  6. I agree too. I like it when a woman wears something sexy, but when my partner disciplines me I find it better when she is fully dressed and I am in my underpants.
  7. Indeed. I think the most important thing is not what a woman uses when she disciplines her partner - her hand, a hairbrush, a paddle or whatever - but the part of his body on which she disciplines him. When my girlfriend gives me a few warning swats in front of other people, the slight stinging I feel is only a minor factor. More important is my embarrassment at being disciplined on my BOTTOM!
  8. I have been thinking about your points 2 and 3. It is the same with me, spanking is not just about the sting but also the psychological effects: shame and embarrassment at having my bottom spanked and the thought that my partner is able to discipline me using just her hand.
  9. An interesting post. Point 4) reminds me of a comment that I came across on the Disciplinary Wives Club website. (The woman who ran it, under the pseudonym Aunt Kay, is sadly no longer with us, but her website is still there to inspire future generations of female spankers and male spankees.) The comment was: "I never realized until recently how many women felt like me, or indeed how many men appreciate the warmth of the female hand (or worse) on their bare behind. A big part of it I think is that, while being chastised, part of the man returns to the love, safety and security of childhood, but this time with his sexy, loving wife keeping him on a sensible path." I think this comment is very true. I do not actually think of my girlfriend as my mother, but in a sense I do return to the security of childhood when I am across her knee having my bottom spanked.
  10. I think both have their place. I find it very intimate when I feel my girlfriend's bare hand impacting on my bare bottom, usually with us both nude. Spanking with an implement is not so intimate, but it is a powerful experience when she brings the paddle down again and again as hard as she can, making my bottom sting intensely. I then feel a stong sense of submission to her.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I have thought about asking her directly, but she has not been in good health recently, so I didn't think it a good idea. She seems to be gradually getting better now, so in a few months time I might try it.
  12. A very good point. My partner sometimes spanks me as discipline, but it is not a regular thing. I often wonder what it would be like to be in a full DD relationship and I have hinted to her that I am open to the idea, but like you say, she should make the ultimate decision on my discipline.
  13. Glad you agree with me! I also wear cotton blend underwear, I didn't know that they retain heat longer than other materials as I never wear anything else.
  14. That sounds very effective! Spanking him on the seat of his underpants, which he cannot then take off because he has to go to work, means that the heat is retained. My partner sometimes spanks me when I wearing tight-fitting briefs, and it is always a relief when they come down and I feel the cool air on my bottom. Your husband was a very silly boy, provoking you like that!
  15. My partner is not nearly as strict as you. If I make a sarcastic remark, she usually just gives me a few swats on the seat of my pants. I guess your husband is careful to avoid making sarcastic comments. I know I would be, if I got a hard paddling on my bare bottom every time!
  16. I don't think you should be spanked for forgetting to mail the package, anyone can forget something. In legal language there was no "mens rea" (guilty intention). But your wife was right to spank you for lying, here there was clearly a mens rea. I trust that she spanked you severely with both strap and paddle.
  17. Spankings should not be brutal, but they definitely require a certain amount of discomfort and stinging. It is not always easy for the spanker to know how much effect the spanking is having. My girlfriend says that my bottom gets red very quickly when she spanks it, even it has not yet started to sting very much.
  18. I find your post is a very good explanation how maintenance spankings work, something that I had not been sure about before. So you give him a severe spanking once a week, and as a result he does not pester you with requests for erotic spankings and it also has the advantage that you don't need to administer punishment spankings so often? That makes sense: when he has a sore, soundly spanked bottom, he is less likely to misbehave. And everything is consensual, there is no coercion involved. He accepts your authority and your right to discipline him on his buttocks. It sounds like a very good marriage!
  19. Exactly. If I tried to tell my partner what she should wear, it would simply result in a much more severe spanking.
  20. I think it depends on the woman and on her mood at the time. My girlfriend had spanked me by hand a few times before we bought a paddle. The first time she used the paddle, she gave me a few light spanks with it. I laughed and said I could barely feel it. That provoked her, she started to bring the paddle down as hard as she could, again and again. By the time she had finished, my bottom was stinging intensely. It was in the morning, I couldn't sit down without great discomfort for the rest of the day and I spent most ot the time standing or lying down. The next day I had bruises on my bottom and sitting down was still somewhat uncomfortable.
  21. I agree, I don't like professional videos either. Some of the amateur ones are ok though. The one I like most and which my partner also likes was made by a couple during their wedding. After declaring them to be married, the justice of the peace (a woman) hands the wife a hairbrush and invites her to administer the first spanking of their married life to her husband. He obediently goes across her knee (fully clothed of course) and she spanks him in front of the wedding guests.
  22. When my partner spanks me, she usually alternates from cheek to cheek, and I am grateful for this, because it allows each cheek time to recover before being impacted again.
  23. A very good post. I especially agree with your point "Not every post that deviates from the prescribed / allowable / common spanking situation is a fantasy. When the only comment a new (or long-term) member gets is "this is obviously fantasy" - all that does is discourage genuine people from posting or from opening up." There is no way of knowing what is fantasy and what is real. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. And conversely, a believable account may be entirely fictitious.
  24. To a certain degree yes. Discipline for us does not mean brutal beating, but it does mean that she sometimes gives me a warm stinging bottom when I am naughty.
  25. I think you are right there. The first time my partner spanked me she just used her hand and I was surprised how much it stung. Now, if I do or say something she disapproves of, she often gives me several firm swats on my bottom with her hand: "Naughty boy! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!" This can prevent us from having an argument. Like you say, the male ego is quite strong, but I find my ego is quickly deflated when my partner disciplines me using nothing but her bare hand on my bottom.
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