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  1. The no alcohol or drug references rule is due to internet and other laws. And since we can only read typed words, not see expressions or hear tone i try to not take anything wrong. If someone reminds me of a rule I dont assume they're policing the room. I just think oh oops thats right or oh wow I did not know that thank you for letting me know. I've been a member since 09 and a lot has changed. Its a great site with a lot to offer, and its free. I'll gladly abide by a few rules for the benefits I get. Chat- please say hello if you come in. It can be darn hard to see someone has come in. Say hi. I am in both chat rooms, sometimes its crazy, sometimes dead. They are open chat rooms so I dont feel someone is interrupting if they pop in. My opinion tho. Some may feel different.
  2. If some wont back off block them. Admin said you were ok, youre ok. If a select few are still hammering on you, block them. Then move on. Post. Chat. Reply to others posts. Dont let 1 issue with very few people suck your enjoyment from the site. And not to be rude, but i agree with wifey. Too much apologizing gets to looking needy. You cant appease or please everyone. Ever. And like in real life, some wont let it go or forgive you. At that point its on them.
  3. Yes that's the point. I've not experienced the switch tho, so it's just an assumption...
  4. I'd be anything but silent if getting switched. Yowsers it hurts thinking about it.....
  5. Minnie

    So Cal

    South Orange County here
  6. Only part of you that NEEDS to be bare unclothed is butt. If he requires nudity examine his motives CLOSELY. It's embarrassing enough bare bottom. Torso unclothed is not necessary. Unless he wants to see you nude. I would not allow it.
  7. Hi Larry. Long time no talk.

  8. Saw that you passed thru! Hiya! Hope all is well!

  9. Never buy things on impulse....

    1. MissBam


      No...better to go to Ebay.

  10. Neither- Virgin Mobile is the best.
  11. Nice try Ginger, and lovely post- but I fear it is in vain. However- you could all try bella's idea and buy your er the replacement articles for Christmas! See how it goes over.... let me know if it works. Not holding out much hope. Best of luck!
  12. Makes you sick?? Why on earth? I find requiring someone to shave too much, and out of line for a disciplinary relationship- but there is NOTHING wrong with being spanked and/or mentored by someone of the same sex as you. Many people have issues or very bad experiences even and feel more comfortable with someone of the same sex. There are a variety of reasons. I am female- but for several reasons will only be mentored/spanked by a female. I am a perfectly straight female- that is my preference. If a woman is your preference as well- fine. But it certainly would not make me sick if you preferred a male. None of my business, and it is whatever is more comfortable for you and more importantly- what WORKS for you.
  13. Implements are not cruel. They don't cause harm in and of themselves. They are highly effective tools in a spankers tool box. Like a lot of things in life- it is how they are used. I you swing away with abandon with the most strength you've got, then yes that is cruel. But it is you, not the implement being cruel. Yes- hand is nice, to fell the connection to your mentor, but after a bit it's not enough. Nor do I fell it as a connection after a certain point. A spanking is supposed to hurt- otherwise it does nothing to make you want to avoid another one. If your spankee is making you worried about damaging them physically or emotionally- they don't sound like they're ready for spanking. IMO.
  14. Minnie

    mobile chat site

    Uh- that 40 bucks is EVERYTHING. A truckload of minutes, and unlimited text, pic text, web, data etc... And of course Google chrome is the same on the phone. It is smart phone- a wifi hotspot. Maybe you should brush up on latest technology. It's exactly like checking my email or surfing the web on my laptop- except for the very small screen. And I don;t pay the charge solely to check in here from the phone. I pay the charge to have a phone. I also don't have a land line like many today. And I challenge you to go to all the regular contract carriers..Sprint, Verizon, AT&T etc... and find a 40 dollar a month plan that gives you unlimited everything but talk. Unless it is a share plan- even then it isn't much less. And you aren't paying my bill- I am. No rationalizing involved.And Tal- I love you TONS even if you say you're irrational and impulsive at times! :lol:
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