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  1. Sad at met with my Disciplinarian today for possibly the last time because I'm moving cross country. Just breakfast and a quick stress relief spanking, then a quicker reminder for him. ( Quick because privacy concerns. 🙂

    He really helped me so much in the short time (approximately 9 months) we had our agreement. He really taught me a lot about myself, things I didn't know I was capable of, showed me strength I didn't know I had. 

    I know all good things (and bad) come to an end but this really hurts ( more than a punishment spanking.) 

    The hug felt like I was saying goodbye to a long time friend or a close family member. 

    While he is a member of this site, I won't use his handle per our agreement. Thank you for everything and I'm stronger and a more confident since working with you. 

    Thank you for everything, my friend! 

    I am looking forward to, a potential long term relationship with a wonderful er/ man on the west coast. 

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    2. tinie316


      My typo at the beginning of my post is annoying. Wish I could edit it. 😁😂

    3. tinie316


      @spankingpurist First thank you for your thoughtful response. Yes, I will definitely miss my Disciplinarian. He's the best of the best.  Thank you for your reminder to be kinder to myself, you'll never know how much I needed to hear that. 

      I don't plan on searching for a new one as I will possibly be entering into a long term relationship with a gentleman/ good friend who is also into spanking and is a great ER. Of course our dynamic will not be a disciplinary one, it'll be "just because/ funishments" . 

    4. spankingpurist


      No worries! Be happy. Your write up was real and touching. 

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