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  1. As someone who has sat on bottle caps several times, I can also vouch for their effectiveness! The horrible thing is that they can be used before and after spanking. Sitting down on those caps again after you've been spanked, is very difficult. Getting up is horrid too because they tend to dig into the already sore and swollen skin. Quite a sensation!
  2. Little lit but hopefully not too late to say hi and welcome you to the site. It's been many years since I was in Iceland but I'd love to go back some day. Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat.
  3. For me, embarrassment also plays a big role in the context of discipline. While I am generally not ashamed of my naked body or of someone seeing me, that is totally different when it's about punishment. The thought of being exposed and bared for discipline affects me deeply. Certain words or phrases deepen that. If someone tells me "bare your bottom" in a stern voice in such a setting, I can feel the blood rush to my face. Even if that person has seen me like that before and even if I would hardly think twice about it if that person just happened to get a look of my bare behind by accident. Being bared with others present only increases the effect. Just the knowledge of being watched is very intense. Words themselves also have a powerful effect. Both being told that I will be spanked or deserve to be spanked but also having to admit that I earned a punishment, all those things embarrass me. Being called "boy", "young man" or words like "brat", that does it to me as well. Scolding does too. Certain clothing can add to the embarrassment as well. Having to report neatly dressed, white shirt, black tie, pants and socks, white briefs and know you'll be checked and reprimanded for failing to dress or ordered. Like some others mentioned, I've also been put in panties. There is no way I can feel tough or bratty when I know I'm wearing a pair of pink panties. Even mentioning here that I wore them, makes me blush slightly. Chastity has also been mentioned and wearing a chastity cage in front of someone is definitely a humbling experience for me. Especially if it's pointed out to me. "Good thing we have that little thing locked away, it can't bother us like this". Finally, some positions are really embarrassing for me too. Being spanked in the diaper position for instance or the wheelbarrow position. In both cases, the ER has full view of your most private parts. I don't necessarily "like" embarrassment as part of the punishment. But on the other hand, if there is no element of embarrassment there, it doesn't feel like a proper punishment, if that makes sense. Anyway, my 2 cts. Great topic!
  4. boy2spank

    boy2spank: what I need

    Just some images that show what I need in terms of discipline.
  5. It's amazing what some people can take without bruising! If I had to take a 1000 swats like that, I think I'd be black and blue.
  6. 1000 swats!? Wow, that's a lot! I'm not sure I've ever had so many swats in a single spanking. Still, you look like you could easily take another 1000 😁
  7. Hey, thanks @anon227, that's a nice one. I wasn't aware of the existence of this site but thanks for sharing! Who wants to help organize a Spanking Slumber Party? 😁
  8. It's odd if someone keeps coming back that often, yes. I thought there was a way to hide the list of people who've viewed your profile? Or maybe you can just ignore that user through their profile? I'm hoping that they wouldn't show up in the list of profile visitors anymore. There are female creeps too...
  9. Sorry, I'm not going to give away too much. There will be more blog entries but to reveal just a tiny tidbit: yes, there was more after this. 😉
  10. It depends on the situation, I think. Erections in such a situation are pretty common and normal and some ERs just ignore them. In that case, it wouldn't be particularly embarrassing for me. Some ERs do the opposite, draw attention to the fact, maybe even tell you that "only really naughty boys get hard before a spanking" or words similar to that. That kind of thing makes me blush furiously. I know some ERs make boys masturbate before the spanking, to get rid of any excitement and erections. I think I would hate that the most because a spanking hurts so much more when you're not in the mood. So which would be better, probably depends a lot on how the ER deals with the situation, for me at least. Edit: forgot to add: I know at least one ER who thinks this is one of the reasons male chastity devices were invented. No erections if it's locked away...
  11. I visit profiles multiple times. Usually, it's just me being forgetful, not realizing that I've visited the profile before. Or I see someone in the chat room and wonder if we've spoken or not so I click their profile to see who they are again. Or I just see a user is online, their user name looks interesting and I click it to see their profile. None of this means I am specifically interested in that person, am stalking them or trying to get them interested in me by showing up in their profile views often. It just means that at that moment, I want to know who that person is again. Can't speak for everyone but that's the reason people might find me in their profile views more than once.
  12. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!
  13. Exactly who brought it up or how we came to even talk about it, I don’t remember anymore. But at age 15, a female friend and I discovered we shared an interest in spanking. It was me who first took the initiative to spank her. I still remember how we were very quiet and flustered about the whole thing as she slowly lowered her jeans in my bedroom. Nobody else was home. She was too embarrassed to lower her panties so she went over my knee with her white cotton briefs still covering her bottom. I also still remember how I very gently placed my hand on her bottom, the first time I had ever been so close to a girl, especially in such an intimate position. Her butt felt warm and soft and deliciously round under my hand. I smacked her gently, enjoying how her bottom wiggled in response. It barely stung. Our faces were much redder than her buttocks the whole time. Just as I was about to smack a bit harder, we heard a car pull up in the driveway and that was the end of our first careful spanking adventure. It was my mother who came home and she never learned we had been doing anything but our homework. A few days later, we met at her home for “homework”. We flipped a coin to see who would be the one getting spanked this time and I lost the toss. She mentioned she wanted to spank me on my bare bottom but I refused because I didn’t get to spank her on the bare either, the first time. We had a bit of a discussion about it with her saying that it was different for boys and me saying it wasn’t fair. In the end, we decided to let fate decide for us again. Another coin was flipped and I lost the toss again. I insisted we try for 2 out of 3 to which she agreed but again fate decided against me. I had to be bare. Mercifully she agreed that my underpants wouldn’t come down until I was over her knee. It was time. With slightly jittery hands I undid the belt of my jeans, the button and the zipper. I carefully lowered them to around my knees and positioned myself over her knee. She was seated on the bed so being over her lap was pretty comfortable. To my surprise, she didn’t waste any time! With a quick tug, she pulled my underpants down to below my buttocks. I was too surprised and embarrassed to say anything. I was also painfully aware of something growing in my nether regions which only added to my embarrassment at being exposed. Those first few slaps were the first I ever received from someone else. I had done some self-spanking before but this was different and arguably much better. I felt it a little but it wasn’t painful or anything. “You’re getting red,” she said and I could hear the smile in her voice. “Yes, of course,” I said. “Does it hurt when I smack you like this?” “A little,” I replied honestly. “Should I do it harder?” I both wanted that and didn’t want it at the same time. The question confused me, as I remember. My brain only came up with one answer. “If you like,” I said. I don’t remember her reply but I do remember that she liked it. A lot. She began smacking my exposed buttocks harder and now I really did feel it sting. She mentioned her hands hurt but that didn’t seem to stop her. I felt the heat building and actual discomfort setting in. No car pulled into the driveway to save me from my spanking. At this point my brain felt it necessary to remind me that she played tennis and that she was near the top of the leader-board for her age group. I began to see why! It didn’t take long before it really began to hurt and my hand flew back to shield my buttocks. Had she been an experienced spanker, this would definitely have caused problems for me but it stopped her. She was concerned if it had been too much or too hard. I was honest that it hurt quite a bit. She asked if it was enough and at that moment, I felt that it had been. She let me up and I noticed that mercifully any growth in my nether regions had gone. A check in the mirror showed me that my teenage buttocks had been reddened nicely and they were also warm to the touch. “You look very red,” she agreed and there was definitely a blush and a smile on her face when she said so. That smile was a sign foreshadowing how this relationship would develop but for now we were both inexperienced and just happy to have found someone to share our secret desire with. There was no internet back then and until we discovered by accident and luck that we shared this kinky secret, we believed we were alone with this strange desire. We were shy about exploring it and had to do it at times when we had sufficient privacy. Her first spanking was a bit of a let-down because we’d been interrupted but my first spanking was the opening salvo of many more exciting adventures. But that’s a story for another time.
  14. Yes, I have been given lines in a detention style setting. First spanked and then seated on a hard chair, sitting upright, feet underneath the chair, writing the same line 100 times. If I made an error in a line, I had to strike out that entire line and write it again. My hand writing was to be neat and each line had to be numbered with a circle drawn around the number. It took me forever, since I have terrible hand writing. On top of that, I got extra spanks for every line I had to rewrite. Not a nice experience but it definitely taught me a lesson! I've developed work related issues with my wrist and now I can't write that many lines any more.
  15. Welcome DennisTM. Hope to read your story some day!
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