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  1. Masters in English Literature and ABD. never did finish that dissertation, life had other plans. However, if anyone would like to discuss two different typologies figuring the authority of kingship existed and interacted with one another during the Renaissance period in England and how they showed up in the literature of the period and how writers mixed and used them... ... why, be my guest.
  2. This here is "on the money." It is, indeed, exactly correct. Something is only "apolitical" when the person making that determination agrees with its content and finds it uncontroversial. Beer ad with scantily clad babes and dudes in plaid who drive four-by-fours? "Not political." Transgender woman drinks Bud Light on camera? "LEFT WING SOCIALIST PRO TRANSGENDER AGENDA!!!!!!" Seems the definition of conservative anymore is a certain kind solipsism - either an inability to see anything from anyone else's point of view, or a grim determination not to see anything from anyone else's point of view.
  3. This is a lovely description for what I am. I dress conservatively, conduct myself conservatively, certainly try to keep my budget balanced and behave financially conservatively (for the most part), and, to the small "c" conservative point, I tend to believe in institutions and have a tendency toward the "tried and true." Most things are the way they are because through experimentation and repetition, they've evolved to be that way. But at the macro level? Definite leftist. Good: labor unions, social safety net, public ownership of public resources, and a secular humanist approach to morality. Bad: oligarchy of wealthy corporations, flat taxes, privatization of public resources, and the privileging of any religious sense of morality across the broader public. I once had a potential spankee say to me that conservatives make the best spankers because she couldn't take liberal spankers seriously. I wanted to spank her for that. But we never met again, haha.
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