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  1. To me, the answer to this question is very simple, and you get it by answering a simple question. I posted that simple question on this board a while ago... and exactly nobody replied. Do you masturbate/orgasm to the thought of spanking in any form (being spanked yourself, spanking someone yourself, watching someone be spanked, etc)? If you do, guess what? It's sexual. No matter how much you tell yourself it isn't. And if you don't... I cannot understand why you would be drawn to spanking if you don't, so closely tied to my sexuality is my spanking fetish... but if you can honestly say you do not EVER think about spanking AT ALL when orgasming, then it isn't sexual for you, I guess. I wonder how many people actually fit that description.
  2. Best of luck in your search and be safe!
  3. As a spanker, I definitely prefer to pull the pants down and panties down to about mid-thigh, enough to expose the bottom for a spanking. Makes it feel more real to me as a punishment, even though my partner and I do almost exclusively role plays. Of course the pants and panties usually wind up coming off during the course of the spanking. But I like to get them down just enough to spank the bare bottom.
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