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  1. As a spanker, I definitely prefer to pull the pants down and panties down to about mid-thigh, enough to expose the bottom for a spanking. Makes it feel more real to me as a punishment, even though my partner and I do almost exclusively role plays. Of course the pants and panties usually wind up coming off during the course of the spanking. But I like to get them down just enough to spank the bare bottom.
  2. I taught there for one semester in 2018, if that helps.
  3. Hello All, My partner and I are interested in finding another woman to include in our spanking fun. My partner in particular is very interested in the idea of being spanked in front of another woman and seeing another woman getting a spanking. This is spanking only, not sexual activity. As an alternative, we could be open to playing alongside a couple - we see you do your thing, you watch us do our thing. I am close to Philly, she is in York, PA. Therefore, all of NJ, eastern PA, all of DE, most of MD, and parts of upstate NY are all viable. Please DM me if interested!
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