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  1. Interesting that you utilized the euphemism, “workaday.” In my new draining, stress-filled profession- when I first started working in my first position, which was fraught with insecurity, intense, overwhelming, etc., and ultimately did not work out, I ended up finding, on another similar site, to which most of us are likely familiar, which caters to a wider variety of kinks, someone who recognized my deep NEED for this, once again, w/a trusted guide/protector/leader, and took me under his wing, for a bit. This person practiced a lot of DDlg flavor D/s during this period. He ended up utilizing it with me, in a far different fashion than the traditional type, in a manner that was essentially trusted CNC forced infantilisation, I wa BERY hesitant. I normally don’t kink-shame-but in the short time this type of D/s was even on my radar, all I had observed were people who refused to grow up, selfish, spoiled, needy brats who wanted everyone else to do everything for them. I had many contact me out of the clear blue sky-even on traditional dating sites. I told them, time and time again, that I was already digging from a deep/dark well from serious clinical burnout where I legitimately almost died thrice, and was suffering from new onset serious health concerns from chronic and acute heavy stressors. What this Daddy Dom did was entirely the opposite. He did it to MAKE me SLOW DOWN, ALLOW SOMEONE ELSE TO TAKENCATE IF ME, NOT ALLOW ME TO NEGLECT MYSEKF AND TAKE CARE OF DVERYOB EKSE BUT ME. It was essentially a neuropsych rebooting into safe mode, so my whole mainframe and system didn’t fry in overload. It worked, far better, and deeper, than I ever imagined-once I finally fully let go and trusted the process and the practitioner. We’ve sober parted ways, and I find things are frequently spiking like that in my current position. I have felt what I need is someone to intermittently, at least, do what he did, for my own health and wellness-and ultimately, for the rest of the world, given what exp. It’s so hard to find though. People are either far away, have creepy undertones, are secretly married/partnered and hiding this from them-or if they do know, they’re, “accepting” of it begrudgingly, and unhappily. I’m such a deep, empathic feeler, and my ethics are so high, and I’m reachable, that I could never participate in this, and ultimately hurt someone else-even if it’s through no fault of my own, and I have the very best intentions. All that said, rare break time is over… back to Night Shift duties.
  2. It may be difficult to find someone in that specific of a location within a broad, relatively obscure website like this. I would suggest keeping your feelers out for people who might be open to TTWD on campus, male friends, join Duffy clubs/orgs./extracurriculars along the lines of your vanilla interests. Make study groups with people. This way, you’ll become closer, and be able to observe and, “feel out” a wider variety of people-perhaps develop an initial vanilla/platonic friendship first, before finding out discretely if someone you hone in on is down for duo discipline. Good luck!!! *hugs* Proud 🥹 of you!!
  3. It’s been shockingly far more difficult than I ever imagined.
  4. Just want to add these things are very culturally bound. Direct eye contact is seen as a sign of disrespect in many cultures, incl. many Far East Asian; and Native American. Also, this is very physically neuropsych painful for many Neurodivergents. So, forcing the issue here becomes more of an unnecessary cruelty leading towards abuse of a disability.
  5. I have had enemas and forced infantilism added as additional punishment, proof of trust, surrendering control, and the latter as a way to force my mind into a necessary reboot before it melts down and make me allow someone to take care of and care for me, the two have alternatively been used for punishment specifically for not taking care of myself (the former for dehydration and holistic consequences-migraines, tachy heart, etc. The latter for not adhering to a healthy sleep schedule, irregular hygiene, etc.)
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