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  1. My list is ever evolving. As an spanker/ Disciplinarian: To give real authentic disciplinary spankings to two female ee back to back in the same room, with ther watching and the other knowing thier next. Just disciplinary spankings no sex. To spank someone until my arm literally got tired with a belt, hard and fast as I could, literally as long as I could. (Check, I audio record it, it was over 1200 whack nonstop three different belts and three different postions). To spank someone with someone else watching or helping. Spank in the New Year, give a real belt spanking and the first whack is exactly at midnight of New Year. (Check) I did that last year. To give a full disciplinary unlimited swat spanking with a tree switch. To spank someone outside in the woods. To video 📹 record a very long disciplinary spanking session for my personal private use only, so I can watch as many times as I want. As an Spankee/Switch To will myself to receive real authentic discipline style belt spanking until I was way beyond tears and sobbing out of control from a female disciplinarian, or literally until she got tired or both. For my birthday ideally on my birthday. Receive a very real and long disciplinary spanking with a tree switch from a female disciplinarian. Experience the addriline rush from a double belt spanking from two females one on each side whacking away simultaneously. Receive a real authentic 💯 adult equivalent discipline style spanking with multiple implements from a female disciplinarian.
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