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  1. Agreeing with everyone above, the worst thing you can do is lie about it. Just be honest, and say as little as possible. "Consentual, kink related activites." is all they need to be told.
  2. Within the sound-dampened room the small slow cadence of breath gently filled it with a raspy breath every few seconds. The controlled, slow pace as the candles flickered in the distances a few feet from her ears. The whipping air currents sucking air into the flame popped and crackled as another bubble popped and splattered wax into the candelabra behind the sub’s back. It’s noise distracting her as she slowly nibbled again at her top lip and focused her mind. Her eyes are blank. Coated in darkness and removed from the world she remained in place concentrating on her task. In. Out. Repeat. Each breath was a labor of concentration to still her body and focus it’s will to remain kneeling and in place. With each passing moment in the voided darkness her legs began to ache more from the position. Her arms sore from their orders to remain at waist height and the weight they bore from the object she held with in them causing even elongated strain on her body. A slow uptake of air through her nose offset the cadence of breathing through her mouth. The renewed air going up into it helping her to remove at least a momentary thought of the strain her body was under. Her mind thought slowly, and her thoughts remained clear, focused on maintaining her place. “Kneel.” The first instruction. Her knees had instantly parted gently, and she found her way to the floor already blinded by the sash. The Kneeling motion taking her to a soft pad placed upon the floor. It’s cushioning thickness giving her a relaxing yet deceptive comfort as her feet padded together. As taught her knees spread out to almost shoulder width and her feet came together behind her. Hands and arms falling limp atop her legs and the palms facing up ready for any command. Her head straight and level with her eyesight gazing forward as if she could see an imaginary horizon before her. As she settled into this familiar position her chest pulled forward and her back straightened, abs taut to hold herself upright and a slow breath, one of many, escaped her lips in anticipation. “Hold.” The second instruction. Immediately her hands raised to present themselves to receive what was to be given. It landed firmly within her palms and her hands secured it in place like a life-preserver as she clung to her state. A slight hitch in her breath as she stretched her bottom. The heat rising from it gently, wafting up her back as an imperceptible wince appeared from her right eye. The stinging burns still vibrant and fresh she focused on holding her breath steady and keeping the object stationary as ordered. The object was heavy and thick. IT’s widest point easily covering the sub’s entire palms. Rigid it held its shape when placed across her hands and did not droop in the middle. Leather finely stitched she could feel the ridges of the threading as she clasped her fingers around it. The tips of her index fingers even traced the threads that bound the leather halves together momentarily as she found a good grip on the object. “Stay.” The third and final instruction. A blow to her gut as she felt her heart sink gently to her core. Ordered to stay, remain motionless, kneeling and exposed. Her chest tingled as a nervous stream of hot air slipped from her nose and rushed down her breasts. A delicate swallow in resignation preceded her lips slowly parting. Her vocalization forthcoming as she took a final breath in first and spoke clearly but with a waiver in her voice. “Yes, Sir.” How long had she stayed there? How long had it been since she said those two words to him? Questions with no answer available she stayed in place and focused on her breathing. Her bottom ached with the flames that still burned in her backside and desperately cried out to be rubbed or coated in scented lotions. Her arms screamed under the strain of holding the elongated leather object aloft above her lap. Her legs begged to stand and stretch to relieve the pressure of having knelt upon the floor for so long. Every passing moment was testing her durability. Her very core twisted and growled as her endurance persisted following the entrance into the room. Having only heard four words spoken since she stepped foot in the room her mind raced with thoughts as she struggled to push them back and maintain her composure. Each thought coming and going like cars on a busy street, that ran in a circle so each one came round and round periodically. “What did I do?” “What did I say?” “Is this just a test?” “What is going to happen next?” “Will he ever let me stand up?” “What was I spanked for?” Round and round the thoughts spun round as her legs continued to support her. Warmth continuing to ripple from her body as she bit her bottom lip at the anticipation, the conjecture within her own head. The challenge continuing onward as she remained in place, the excitement still burning within her. Her head was seized after being blindfolded, the snap of her head back as she stood motionless when he first touched her. Eyes still shut but vivid images in her head imagining it replaying again as she stood helpless at his touch. His very grip on her hair tight and her scalp still able to feel the tugging at the base of her neck as if his hand was still there. The memory so bright and vivid she could swear she was able to see him grab at the back of her head as she breathed faster again. Her pulse increasing as the thought re-emerged, replaying the feeling of being thrust over the edge of what she assumed was the bed without cover and spread. The waft of air as the leather implement was first waved behind her bottom. Unfamiliar to her, an implement she was not aware he possessed. “Was it new? How long has he had it?” Her toes curled at the next thought as the first strike on her exposed rear played for her like a video. The slap and vibrant echo off the far walls making her jump even now. The first of a dozen lashes given she tensed her glutes and nearly mimicked the cry and jolt she reacted with at the first smack that she had been given. All the while a second smaller and more delicate warmth grew between her thighs. The Passionate focus on the unknown and the unflinching actions that were being performed on her drew her to a ledge. Standing at it’s edge all day she gazed down as with the first lash she imagined being thrust off of it, deep into a dark void. The darkness swallowing her whole as searing burns were replaced by a warm and kindled fire. A soft hand offered, it rubbed the lashed and welted area of her bottom. The flames that roared quelling in his hand at an instant and with her bottom pushed out, she pressed it into the gentle touch more. The satisfying and compassionate touch remained for a time as the rough calloused hands stroked gently over each cheek and traced the shape of the lash across her skin. He moved closer, his footsteps heavy and shaking the bed as he leaned over and gave her a kiss upon the cheek. His lips moving slowly and his hand still gripping her bottom the heavy hot breath washed over her cheek and his cologne filled her nose with scents that still lingered in the air. And with a single word he spoke into her ear with a deep and passionate word. “Release.” Her hands drooped just a tiny bit as she heard the word replayed in her head again. Each muscle in her body nearly involuntarily relaxing itself and untensing at the utterance in her ear. An order she received many times, to her benefit, her Sir offering to remove her from what stressful reality she had removed herself from. His order begged of her heart to let go of today’s strain and give herself over. To remove the chains of the dispassionate world that lay beyond the front door she stepped outside of, and to enter this world with him again. To give up all that is required outside, and to devote her attention to the here and now. The Blaze would grow and the inferno in her bottom would intensify greatly. Those Twelve lashes being delivered firmly they roared with a resounding fervor. Each time the leather landed upon her bottom her mind forgot where it was and the breath in her lungs evacuated. Her legs seized. Her arms Clenched. Her mind went blank. Her toes spread and contracted together. Every single blow took her body, was then followed with the tender touch of those rough hands. Their firm caress comforting in ways that are near indescribable. Immediately the burns seemed to fade, and a more passionate flame burned inside of her as it took over each time. Begging for his hands to remain and a cold realization when the retreated. One Dozen hard lashes. Each one as memorable as the last. And once it was done, it was finished. The palm this time did not come. The Sub bit her lip again as the twelfth and final lash was seared into her bottom but this time no sensual comfort coming immediately. Instead, the first command was given, and her body obeyed. Sinking to her knees and beginning her endurance. Twice? Thrice? The memories replayed in her mind as she remained kneeling. She dared not call out for his assistance or permission to stretch. Her mind forbade her from going against such orders she was given but to what end? Every muscle tensed and bound as she continued to attempt to meditate in her servitude. Each passing second was akin to having her ass cracked over and over again but all over. Each inch of her musculature begging for an end to the order to stay in place. “I must remain.” Telling each muscle, she almost spoke to them individually. Every single part of her finger and arms. From her torso to her toes. She made bargains with each and every one of them, if they held out, she would seek a bath and soak them. Lavender oils and honey salts. Long and luxurious massages even if she had to divvy them out herself and with her own exhausted fingers treat each exhausted muscle with the care it needed. “Just. Stay. Calm.” In. Out. Breathe. Until she was told to do otherwise, she would remain, and her mind continued to replay the events yet again. Her workday was the last thing on her mind.
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