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  1. I've certainly seen it being a bit of a trend that it is more commonly accepted but the ability to find partners who express those views and you feel comfortable are still fairly rare. Alot of it is just an inundation, I've known far too many female doms who are inundated with men (and women) who wish to sub to them or seek it out for a multitude of reasons. The proportions are simply unsustainable. There are many who get driven away because of the vapid desire of so many men who wish to submit to women. Want to test that statement? Go onto any dating site and post as a female and see how many out of the blue hits you'll get if you advertise yourself as a woman dominant or dominatrix. The speed at which these people get inbox requests is without reason at times, and it can be very off-putting for people who aren't ready or expecting the demand. But, as far st it being a normal, mainstream thing? No, it's still a very niche thing Publically.
  2. What is the worst situation you can remember, that was 100% self inflicted. There was Noone else to blame, Noone else to point a finger at. You got caught. What did you do?
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