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  1. The most Embarassing spanking I have ever given has got to be the one that I gave outside in my garage. The spankee had shown up, late, without any real excuse and without a hesitating word I had her shoved over a bench in the garage, garage door still wide open, pants down and getting thrashed with a belt with the night sky showing behind us. Granted it was a private lot that didn't have many chances to see into the garage, but it was certainly still able to be heard for any who may have been near enough to do so.
  2. It's very easy to forget sometimes that to set that mood, one has to be willing to really put themselves into that role. There are alot of people that have said they couldn't really get into it or, it didn't feel right. I have always believed that if you can get that feeling of 'authenticity' that is said, that you can really go anywhere and like @rubyreddsaid, forms a connection. That Connection is important.
  3. This is a key point to always hold dear to. Many people find relationships where they also push others away because they are seeking someone who does not share that desire innately. There are few people that, if never experienced and become so, wou ld be able to do it properly or effectively. You must share a mutual desire for that intimacy to spring forth, and unfortunately yes, it is a lonely search much of the time. You will survive and hang in there, however. The time you spend seeking will always bear fruit, you might have to look longer, but it is out there to be picked.
  4. That looks fantastic as a spanking and discipline chair. Basic enough to be useful, but lacking any form of comfort, especially on a bare bottom. I like it.
  5. There have been several who have asked similar questions of late, and it is certainly something worth thinking about. Honesty with your partner starts with the small things, not the big things. Lies at both ends, the large and the small can topple the trust in a relationship. You must be able to undoubtedly trust your partner, and if you are having questions or doubts about wether to tell, there is a larger issue at play than did you do something wrong.
  6. I've been seeing this start to become a pattern as well, I've confronted at least one of them where they are advertising their partner in this manner, on this board recently. I find it incredibly disingenuous at the very best, deceptive, manipulative, cowardly and dangerous. The people that do this, this is the kind of lure and predatory behaviour that people need to be aware of. It should be a given... if you are a newbie, advertising on behalf of another who you won't even name, that's a red flag that is pretty big in my book.
  7. I'd love one that shape and length in a sturdier wood than Bamboo. Something like a hickory, walnut or oak.
  8. Typically First yes, starting hard and heavy is going to leave deeper bruising, and you don't gain a bruising tolerance from my experience. You can hit harder, longer, use different impliments, but Generally if you're going to bruise, you're going to bruise. I've never heard of anyone getting callouses on their butt that protect them from bruising.
  9. It absolutely can. Spanking on a wet bottom creates a few different variables that both increase the pain, and change the surface impact of the implements being utilized. By coating the bottom in water or oil, what you're doing is removing the air from the surface of the skin and coating the skin in sometimes microscopic amounts of liquid. Now while that doesn't seem like a lot, it's similar to the same thing that happens if you put sandpaper over a well sanded paddle, just on a much smaller scale. You change the surface of the bottom and the hits will land with alot less air cushion
  10. Yes, Often Bathbrushes will have a much sturdier construction than hairbrushes these days and they carry a much more impactful smack that leaves you dancing. Heavier, higher leverage, and more complete construction.
  11. At the end of the day, what matters is what you do should be what matters to you, not to him and to protect yourself in this. I never want to get someone down who is reaching out because BFEs (Bad First Experiences) happen alot, and it turns people off to what is a beautiful thing and can be immensely self constructive. Don't let it demoralize you, but keep yourself vigilant and learn for the future, and if this doesn't go well and it is the fears of just someone who's not taking this seriously, don't let it hurt you. Just know you learned something, and apply that to your next Spank
  12. Alright, let's calm down just a teensy bit here and not jump too far into danger territory. @MegtheI agree with Sassy with much of what she's said, and based on her public history, I know she comes from a place of plenty of personal experience. I do try to err on the side of 'protect yourself' as well, but as I've said, there is alot of course we don't know but per your own words, this isn't really the most optimistic situation. I'll never tell someone to give up on another person because of one mistake, but when it comes to the possibility of ghosting, and again, sassy is right
  13. This is the one thing that I have kicking in my head, but I'm one to give someone a single, freebie, in that regard as far as, if there is a legit reason to cancel. No, I would not advise chasing but, waiting a week, reaching out, and then if still nothing, leave it at that isn't unreasonable either. It's a personal call, if you are invested into it, and you take that responsibility yourself, that is one thing. But otherwise, I would agree with sassy in every other case.
  14. Personally, I would say give it a few more days and reach out on Thursday, after it's been a week. Since this is so recent that he's called things off like that, then give him a few more days. If not, then I would re-evaluate his commitments to such.
  15. Amazon. Best way to find things is use amazon, or Goodwill. You would be amazed at the stuff that Goodwill gets (If they don't throw it away first). But yea, most of the drugstore/Walmart hairbrushes you're going to get are going to be thin walled, bamboo or just cheap 2 part plastic. Also, check Bed Bath and Beyond, they have a great selection. Talking about this also makes me want to start doing woodcraft ING again.
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