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  1. I have to say, I can't say I'm entirely comfortable with the content you are writing about. While it's understandable to have personal stories of childhood spanking and other childhood related personal experiences, I'm not sure this is the site to publish Minor-related spanking content focusing on the glorification of spanking minors.
  2. Yes! Testing! Experiment! Be open, and NEVER use a first time implement in a punishment.
  3. The tailbone is one of the most exposed and delicate parts of the body during a spanking, properly or improperly done.
  4. Those colors are not exclusive use, iSpanker. Don't be a spoil sport.
  5. You know, I've asked a similar question in the past. We need an identification system! at least make a game out of it!
  6. That second paddle, the oblong oval, that looks especially devastating wielded properly. That narrow profile is deceptive!
  7. Most often? Disrespect. It is very, VERY common and happens with such ease.
  8. As much as I find the references to this series detestable... there is a point to be made. Kink lifestyle has long and for decades now been becoming more mainstream. And of course, that doesn't just limit itself to spanking alone, but a large variety of kinks that the traditional and conservative people in law (for the past centuries) consider 'taboo', 'inappropriate' or 'distasteful'. The simple fact is, there are far too many up and coming people of our generations, being between the ages of 18-65, who enjoy things that our parents and grandparents did not, and the dial is swinging full
  9. Paddles are one of the most intense impact implements one can use. They come in many shapes and sizes, weights and materials, and they pack quite a smack! Whether you're going for a traditional school paddle with the rectangular shape or using a repurposed kitchen spoon a paddle is an implement that means business. So... Should you drill a hole in it? Or two? how about a dozen? Holes in paddles make for a great modification to an already fearsome implement. Giving it a nice distinctive pattern, disrupting the spanked surface by having spanked and unspanked regions with each swat, and
  10. Honestly I can't echo this particular comment enough. Play spanking and Discipline are very different. If you want to play and do sensation play, that's one thing. Impact play and the use of impliments that have softer hits that cause warmth and discomfort, or restraining yourself will eventually leave some soreness, but if what you're looking for is a lasting sting or burn, the kiddie gloves have to come off. Discipline with the intent to cause discomfort has to be in the intent. You can't hold back or build up to it (with some people). Pulling the pants down and going straight in f
  11. So I'll actually say I've had this alot, But there are some strange twists to it. I'll often dream of spanking but, I will be held back by something. Like something is physically restraining my arm and preventing me from hitting full force. Entire sequences of discipline where it feels like I'm smacking through syrup or molassas, and I'm getting exerted quickly and never doing what I need or want to do.
  12. Planking is absolutely the worst. If you are going with excercize based punishments, extended plank times are absolutely evil.
  13. I've done both. Perferrably with counts for things like paddlings, but if im just going with a hand spanking, its in minutes. It really depends on WHAT is being spanked for.
  14. Sadly, that sentiment doesn't really hold true anymore. Most of the world has begun to shift in a very strange way. Any form of pain or inflicting injury on someone is seen as abuse more and more. Words should always be used, hands and belts, canes never. Some of the things I have heard time and time again... Use your words. Anger doesn't solve anything. Hitting doesn't solve anything. Spanking is just violent. Violence is wrong, you should talk it out. Spanking isn't necessary. Spanking doesn't do anything to correct the issue. Spanking ca
  15. First of all... How about everyone calm down, I don't think we need to resurrect an 8 month old topic just to burn each other regarding differences of opinions and things said almost a year ago.
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