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  1. For me a was a psychological imprint growing up receiving way way too many spankings. It became a very needed ONE ON ONE total complete having and getting all the attention. During those years many nights I slept on my tummy sometimes no super, after they stopped I very slowly began too feel that driving need to feel the heat in the seat feeling again for screw ups were I knew I done wrong. The truth is you can not force a real spanking to happen, it has to happen all on it’s
  2. Why do you "Honestly" feel the need too give or receive a spanking at this age and above?
  3. Have you ever tried getting someone in trouble and got caught in the process doing so.
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    1. Jenna1220


      Got it, yikes.  Talk about unsafe.  I just don't understand...then again I could say that about a lot of things.  Be careful out there :).  

    2. Midnight


      Jenna, Thanks, no matter how hard you try you can not be careful enough. i always try.

  5. Have you or would you use figging, and not tell the spankee?
  6. A butt plug inserted then being spanked a serious punishment?
  7. Spankers do you apply lotion on the spankee's butt?
  8. Spankers have you or would you use diaper punishment?
  9. Spankee's which of these do you think hurts the most, which you would honestly dread going though?
  10. Spankers do you have a nasty side, were you ask the spankee if he likes something and his answer is no then after you do it anyway.
  11. Spankers have you or would you give a spankee an UN-Planned UN-Known punishment, they have no idea this is coming and you have no idea how they will react.
  12. The spankee has been carry on back talking smart mouth, so for added punishment what would you choose doing?
  13. It was suggested these should go into the poll section, so please do not answer the one 5 polls in General Discussion. Thank you.
  14. It was suggested this should go into the poll section, so please do not answer the one in General Discussion. Thank you.
  15. While being spanked let it slip out yelling the "F" word?
  16. During a full moon would you walk deep into the woods to give or get a spanking?
  17. Some one suggested this should be in the poll section so it's moved and re-written. Did your dad ever say to any elder either at home or school or public, that if you did not behave they should paddle your ass? Yes my dad said it many many times it did not matter to who or where either. But to kinda understand my dad, i was raised the only good one is a dead one. We can not change how we are raised, but we can after change in mind and how we go hence forward.
  18. Spankers do you honestly feel that there are some wrong doing's that would deserve more than 12 strokes with a cane?
  19. You need to be lectured before being punished?
  20. At what age group would you honestly feel that you would no longer spank any spankee's?
  21. Did you ever give or get a serious spanking inside a motel room, and were you worried about the noise?
  22. Sorry to hear and I have no idea what happened, but do keep in mind that "hate" can eat you up and find more heart break by not letting go.
  23. You have upset your parents knowing because of your age they would not spank you, feeling guilty would you?
  24. Karen - just be you yourself honest you do not need to make up excuses to be punished because that would be lying and inside you would feel empty and still hurting feeling not whole and continuously inside fighting with yourself thereby worrying and causing a lot more stress for no reason. The next time you meet your spanker be honest tell him your sorry you have been making up reasons to be spanked and feel you should be punished for doing so.
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