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  1. Oh, I'm actually with you on this as well. Such a lovely image. And yes, I totally understand that some connection of flesh is probably necessary to have the whole spectacle make sense. I have a big fantasy (mostly unrealized) about getting spanked in front of others. The public humiliation of being chastised while other watch your regret and tears. Maybe some feel sympathy, maybe others experience satisfaction in seeing just deserts dished out. All of it part of the drama and so immensely satisfying in the mind.
  2. So, I have been developing an idea that may be considered heretical by many of you: I've started to feel that spankings may be the least interesting part of a punishment scene. I am really into the drama of a well-staged spanking. The look of the spanker that puts a lump in my throat. The anticipation of what is going to happen. The unveiling of the paddle. The bottom being bared. And, best of all, that moment right before the first smack. I've long been attracted to tears and crying. I love images of crying spankees. I love to cry myself after a spanking. And aftercare is super important for me -- sobbing and blubbering while I promise to be good in the future. And all that shushing and "it's OK now" stuff. Wonderful! All of it! But the smack itself? I think I could take it or leave it. It's not that I dislike pain -- I just don't find it so vital to meeting my emotional needs. We could skip it all together and just pretend that my bottom is crimson red and it would almost feel the same. Are there any other heretics out there?
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