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  1. Are you looking for someone to spank then?
  2. I didn't realize this was a thing, I'd could be fun if everyone was into it. Bit I think is prefer to be directly involved in some way.
  3. I will have to try to go to some of these events, it sounds like it'd be easier to at least meet people to talk to who are actually interested. The online only thing in chat can be disheartening.
  4. I find the idea of spanking very fun and sexy, someone pulling there pants down and submitting to the spanking. The vulnerability, the trust. I'd love to try out spanking, and I'd like to try being spanked also. I think it could really be exciting.
  5. I believe both man and woman should set terms and when one breaks those rules they need to be disciplined, in this the two are equals and can help each other correct behavior and stay on course.
  6. I was not aware of the code of conduct part of employment contracts, thanks for the heads up... New profile pic ?
  7. Richardk


    Oh man, that is so very hot. Absolutely fantastic.
  8. Richardk


    Very nice indeed, she is a fine specimen well taken care of. If only we were all so lucky.
  9. I would love the opportunity to spank a woman to climax, gently caressing her bottom as the waves of pleasure flowed through her. I think it'd be an amazing experience for the two of us.
  10. Oh, that actually sounds amazing, I wasn't sure how hard spankees want it, but I knew my fantasy was too intense early on. I'd be very happy with even half of what you described. I just want a women who's into it to little me turn her cute tushy a little pink. The gently massaging and what not would also be amazing. I'll keep this in mind if I ever get the chance.
  11. These are very fun to look at, and it would be good I think to work out with the Spankee ahead of time what level they desire.
  12. Oh I forgot the erotic part, afterwards I would have an unbearable need for her, I would carefully take her to the side of the bed and furiously suck and lick on her soft, supple pussy until she was satisfied. Then I would enter her, and pound as hard and fast as I could, but I know due to my desire I would not last long.
  13. I'm new to the world of spanking, I discovered it a while back while exploring adult videos. I always found the spanking videos excited me a lot, especially when it was a real spanking video and not just a video with a little bit of spanking in it. I recently tried for the first time to reveal my desires to spank a women to a close female friend after she told me I could tell her anything... Her reaction was anything but supportive and I won't be trying that again with her. Just to be clear, I didn't hurt her. Anyway, I realize now that if I am to explore this world I will need to find like minded individuals. So I figured I could make a post explaining who I am and what I'd like to, eventually, try. I'm a 34/M/CT I'm willing to travel to any of the nearby states. I'm trying to find a female within a pretty large age window, who's a Spankee or a switch. I'd be willing to go at whatever speed the Spankee desired. My own personal fantasy is to punish a women for being bad. I want to instruct she has messed up, and needs to be punished. I'd send her to the room and order her to undress. She would get a couple warm up hand spanks on her bare ass, to get her ready. I'd have her get on the bed on her back and place my opened belt under her back. She would then lift her knees up to her chest and place her arms between her legs and fold them up. I would tighten the belt around her back, under her knees and it would serve to hold her limbs in place. Then I would proceed to get the instruments and show them to her one by one, and ask her to choose which one she wanted. Once she has picked I would tell her this is for her own good and proceed to spank her until she is thoroughly sorry, and begging for it to stop. Once at this stage I would say okay, it's almost over but to make sure you learn your lesson we will do 5 more with the cane, and then rapidly and with full force cane her ass. Afterwards I would untie her and tell her she did good, and all is forgiven. I'd hold her in my arms and gently rub her head and back. Anyway, that's the basic idea, like I said it'd be a more advanced thing and it's mostly just an unrealized fantasy at this point. I'd love to chat with any women interested in exploring this world with me.
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