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  1. Thank you everyone for the help and recommendations. We have purchased a Redecker bath brush for severe infractions, based on the general consensus here that bath brushes are quite effective at correction. I also have a nice leather belt which I am sure will be applied to my bare bottom as well. The ping pong paddle is an excellent idea, which we will certainly make use of. My wife enjoys cooking, so the spatula idea is also very intriguing. Does anyone have recommendations for a specific version? We might be a bit timid of the cane at this time, but I can't say that I'm not morbidly curious about what 12 of the best would feel like...
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies and the advice thus far, I really appreciate it. Obviously there are a number of variables here (force used, rapidness, etc.) and it seems people have different experiences with different implements. To maybe clarify my original post, we're still experimenting and aren't necessarily looking to avoid bruising, deeper impact, etc. We're just looking for which implements are best to produce stinging / surface pain. If it lasts to the next day great, and if it does cause some bruising that's fine too. It seems like a wooden bathbrush might do both!
  3. Hello, My wife and I have given play, fun spankings to each other for some time but I am now going to be receiving disciplinary spankings, including with implements. From what I have read different implements tend to cause "stinging" versus "thudding" pain. Is there a resource out there (or people willing to provide advice) on what implements are best for which types of outcomes. We are inexperienced but I think my wife would like to discipline me in a way that is painful on the surface during the spanking but doesn't necessarily have to be deep or long-lasting. Any help would be much appreciated!
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