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  1. Two, same as the principal. One with holes, one without.
  2. Hubby made the paddle with holes we use most often. Also use the bathbrush from Wal-Mart. Broke the first one. No warranty!
  3. We role play school paddling sometimes. Then wait a few hours and gets it again. Replaying what happened in the old days. Hard for him to wait since it is arousing.
  4. Older? That is a relative term. Just kidding. I spank my husband. Does that count?
  5. For us it only takes a few minutes from, "Get the paddle." to pulling pants back up. Swats start hard and stay hard but rarely more than twenty. That usually does the trick for a while anyway.
  6. I still paddle hubby before bed to help him sleep.
  7. Is everyone afraid to say the obvious?
  8. My husband has been on the receiving end more than once. Can raise welts if you are okay with that. I use one about the diameter of my pinkie finger. Good luck.
  9. I like to include letting the end of a belt or tip of a switch contact his anus. Just not too hard. A plug would preclude that option. Not for us.
  10. Congratulations. Hope you find many things to love about each other.
  11. I guess I need to add, "non consensual at the time, but general consent has been agreed to..."
  12. I've paddled hubby there on occasion. Worry about noise but haven't gotten any complaints.
  13. I don't give him paddlings to help him sleep or for stress relief on days when we have intercourse. Not fair to him. Frequently after a spanking for these reasons we will have sex or I ask to watch him relieve himself. On other days I ask if he masturbated recently. If he admits he has, I give him a few swats but delay the full spanking. If he doesn't admit it, that is his problem. If it is a disciplinary paddling, I don't ask. About half way through I have at times made him masturbate and then finished the swats. It seems to get his attention.
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