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  1. Can definitely understand not getting into the adbl/mommy stuff. The truth is the majority women are submissive by nature. (Call the woke police) That said I wish more women would give spanking a try. The spankings I receive are very severe. One of the most romantic aspects of a femdom led relationship is that I will take whatever she chooses to give. I will never be the first to stop her. Sometimes a tremendous amount of pain is applied. We are equals in our relationship and I am not a submissive man by any means. I just love severe cruel and sadistic women. They are like a diamond in the rough.
  2. My Ukrainian babysitter. Big strong woman with big Slavic working hands. After some hard hand spanks over her big knee she whipped me with a doubled over electrical cord. I was sliding, trying to run, rug burn on my knees trying to escape but she was ultimately able to control me. Must have only lasted 4 minutes but the strokes came hard and fast. Ended with me on my knees by the bedside her gripping my hands tight in position and just going to town. My throat hurt from yelling, I was hyperventilating, face full of own tears and saliva. My butt was black and blue with heavy purple streaks across it and welts rising quickly to wear the skin feels like leather. Man I miss her.
  3. If on my stomach and she is administering hard, fast strokes with a heavy belt I will likely cum. It's embarrassing so I try to get on all fours
  4. I have never cried as an adult. The closest was kind of mimicking the crying gestures and movement of the face while the grunts turned into whines.
  5. From my perspective and experience(38 M) a real discipline spanking is often unplanned. Usually there is a bit of scolding and yelling in the beginning, while getting the errant in position. After that the belt does the talking. The strokes are fast and full force. Any attempt to evade, move out of position or block will be met with a number of strokes to the upper thigh before continuing. The spanker pays little mind to the begging, pleading or crocodile tears. She knows the emotional state and condition of my bottom she wants to see.
  6. Absolutely. I wish you would have found this forum earlier in life. I have been lucky enough to find a woman that understands and does not judge me. She herself is into bdsm but primarily the costumes, crosses, restraints etc. For me it has always been domestic and always severe. Never erotic play or love taps. I still have always felt that if anyone were to find they would consider me weak, juvenile perhaps. Although I can almost guarantee 99% of those people would tap out way before I do when receiving a real discipline punishment.
  7. I do not actually feel this way but it took until I was well into my 30s. Growing up in an Eastern European household spanking was always around. I have gotten some serious punishment spankings that I would not wish on anyone. The worst being a very large, strong nanny whipping me with a 3 foot electrical cord. By the end I lost my voice from yelling, my pillow was soaked in my own tears and saliva, my knees had rug burn from all the crawling away and getting into fetal position. My butt? Well it shades of purple, black and blue with thick heavy streaks painted across and leather like welts rising up above my skin. It was an absolutely terrifying 4 minutes. And guess what? This is exactly the type of punishment spanking I am craving to relive. Perhaps not the cord but definitely a thick heavy leather strap!
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