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  1. luckily no but I think a spanking wud be way better than timeout and grounding
  2. I loved this video and I totally agree with everyone above. Scolding is something that is important to me really brings me to my core when I hear that youve been warned young lady and your getting a spanking right across my knee. its helpful to be scolded during my spanking as well really drives home the point for me
  3. I Mummy Jade, I also would like to be an mentored by you please let me know more. Allison
  4. Thank you for this suggestion. I am in college still living at home with both of my parents. I act out quite a bit when out in public shopping mall, grocery store, and family gatherings. Ive been grounded and been forced to stand in timeout in public was wandering how I could ask if a spanking would be warranted I'm afraid to ask don't know how
  5. How to handle lying, cussing, and how do you handle misbehavior in public?
  6. tbh. I really hate the corner, standing facing the wall (with or without nose pressed on the wall in a circle) Most recently I have been made to do my corner time outside my front door so the neighbors can see me being punished. I have to stand with my hands behind my back facing a brick wall right outside my front door I have to stay in this position until my timer is up.
  7. my ability to show up to work and to be the most productive employee I can. they help me when I have been having a not so sunny attitude. teaches me to be respectful and to say yes mam and yes sir and help out around the house. do all my chores
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