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  1. You know how gay men can detect a gay man at 50 paces, can spank fans detect each other? I can't be the only one who has seemingly detected fellow spankees/spanker. I know people now how are to my mind very obviously tuned into the correct way to treat their own or other people's bottoms. Do we all have a built in spankdar? Like those turning radar things at the airport but made out of ratan?
  2. I didn't get the spanking but when I was 19 I did some electrical work for a friend of my dad's. She was so much older than me, maybe mid 50s. She was very flirty while I was there but I had no attraction to this, as I saw her, old lady. She made references to being spanked many times and she became a bit of a pain, but the spanking comments had got me thinking. I saw these leather looking slippers and began imagining that they'd no doubt been used on her may times, before long I had one in my hand and was demanding she bend over her sofa, she very eagerly bared her rear and positioned herself. As a young fella I am now a little ashamed to say I had no respect for this woman at the time and the only reason I was beating her ass was because by this age I was very aware I loved all things spanking. I gave her quite a prolonged slippering and she was crying. When I finished she turned and offered to perform a sex act on me, naturally I allowed her to, it'd be rude not to being a 19 year old with a hard on. I never saw her in that capacity again and though it is a nice memory as my first real adult outing in corporal punishment I could have been more respectful... I should have used the belt 😂
  3. Until last year I'd say my wife was completely vanilla, I've mentioned my spanking desires many times over the years and probably foolishly told her in detail that I am a switch, which is probably half true. I swing much more to the sub side, I like the painful end of the stick more. This has always frightened her a little because she assumed I wanted to beat her bottom because I'm much more dominant during sex... But I'll not go on about that here.. During the lockdown we talked a lot and she decided to play the dom and got a bamboo cane. At first, as you can probably imagine... She tried, but a vanilla with a cane is like a monkey with algebra, so I coached her a little. 14 months on and she's quite a punisher, adding her own little quirks, for example she insists I'm naked for punishment and I have to kiss the cane, she is also telling me when she thinks I've had enough making her judgement based on the damage on my, and I have to stress, very well punished rear. Yesterday I took some blistering punishment, she really was like pro, but she still says she's vanilla.. Have a ignited a spark I wonder or is it just wishful thinking?
  4. Difficult, oh yes, I feel a little bruised now, but I'm not complaining.
  5. Difficult, oh yes, I feel a little bruised now, but I'm not complaining.
  6. Difficult, oh yes, I feel a little bruised now, but I'm not complaining.
  7. Difficult, oh yes, I feel a little bruised now, but I'm not complaining.
  8. This morning I took 32 strokes of the cane, I had a slippering for a warm up, 24 strokes which I knew I was getting, six for giving attitude prior to my punishment and 2 extra for rubbing my bottom without consent. When was your last punishment administered?
  9. Cane, lots and lots of lovely swishy punishing cane.
  10. Well I'm 50 and at 10 am approximately this morning I'll be receiving a fine quality 24 strokes after a 10 minute slippering. I certainly don't feel too old.
  11. The cane for me, I love every aspect of a caning, it looks awesome, sounds perfect, every stroke feels intended and you feel properly punished afterwards.
  12. Bent over, cold caned, though she sometimes slippers me first.
  13. I'm getting 24 tomorrow morning. Unless I lose count of course or spontaneously rub without her consent.
  14. About 17 years old for me if I recall, my dad did the ass whooping in my house, usually the belt across the ass. When I turned 16 I decided I wasn't going to bend over for it anymore.. It didn't quite turn out that way, I got a whipping several times through my 17th year.
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