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  1. Yes I love it when my husband after my spanking over his knee lightly plays with my ass and slips a finger in as I bring on his lap - gets me sooo wet!!
  2. My wife and I have a DD relationship. The only connection is we both grew up in catholic families in the late 60's 70's where spanking was widely used. In addition schools here in Canada used the strap then on the pal of your hand. My wife now likes to be spanked for accountability etc.
  3. I can relate me and my sister were spanked well into our teens by our father. All spankings were usually in our rooms bare bottom over his knee with his hand. As a teen I would often masturbate after in my room.
  4. In university I volunteered as a coach at a local swimming club team. One of the girls on the club had a huge meltdown at practice and was veery rude to the coaches. Leaving the pool the mother and daughter were going to the car and the mother approached me. She apologized and said that she does not tolerate that attitude and that "her daughter is going to find sitting difficult". I looked at the girl and her cheeks were blushing!!
  5. I was 16 skipped school to be with my boyfriend. That was a wait until your father gets home and yup over his knee I went!! My sis told my boyfriend he felt bad!! Ouch
  6. Thank you Richard would love to chat sometime. I got a very memorable spanking once in Niagra Falls!!
  7. Sis and I perfected the dance we would say lol!!
  8. Got the look car ride home was quite then I found myself over the knee once in the house ouch!!
  9. Giggles in church definitely got me a few Sunday Spankings!!
  10. My sister and I laugh at those T-Shirts that say I am a Wooden Spoon Survivor and say Where are ours that should say "I survived my mother's hairbrush"!!
  11. Hello my name is Heather aka CanadianGal! I decided top finally join as my husband has become more active here and sure sounded exciting. 57 year old married gal that is a life long spanko and luckily so is my hubby. We both grew up in the spanking era so likely has something to do with it. I am primarily a spankee but have also given a few. My favourites usually involve a role play and a classic old fashion OTK spanking with hand or back of a hairbrush - "yikes my mothers"!! I am very much into fitness and yoga and 5'9". Looking forward to connecting and chatting with other spankos! 🥰
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