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  1. Oh...I love this chart. I dunno...my hand spankings otk maybe 5 or 6....wood paddle wacks 6 or 7...belt....6 or 7 and up to maybe 10...depending on severity of my transgression. Are there any charts for severity when getting the cane or rod....or a whip? The markings are different for those implements.
  2. This really happened. I have been really struggling with some things lately. I have actually been getting less punishments the last couple of years in our disciplinary dynamic...but the last few months Inseem to be regressing a bit instead of improving. This is my best attempt at accurately giving you not only the story, but the feelings of a pretty severe punishment I earned and got early last week. I am wanting to maybe be a writer...and they say writers should write about what they know and "feel". Well..at least for now, my submission to my husband and our ingoing intense disciplinary dynamic "is":what I know and feel...so sharing some of my real experiences in that is really helping me to learn to write...I think. Please be patient...and if you might "feel" something by chance in reading this absolutely real account...please let me know. And by the way...most my marks are now well gone...just a few marks left on my back..,but probably will fade in a couple more days...getting lighter. I got carried away doing something recently...did not watch the time...and wound up being very late for my first client's massage session. That in itself is worthy of being spanked by my husband, but I made what would have been a fairly minor issue into far worse, thru bad choices. I should know better...but obviously I did not. I thought I could still make it barely in time if I just drove very fast I could "maybe" get to the fitness center just in time. Problem was, a police officer about a mile from the fitness center did not agree. He read me at 24 miles over posted speed limit and also got me for "rolling thru" a stop sign. I now see my choice was very foolish...trying to right my miss timing and in turn did two things very wrong for me with more serious consequences. When the officer ran my license number, he of course saw my past criminal record...one of which involved assault, a violent crime. The protocol was he asked me to step of the car, place my hands up toward the roof of my SUV, spread my legs, and his female partner searched me for weapons or anything else illegal. Of course, I had no such items, but by that time another police car had arrived...both of which had their flashers on...a busy roadside location. He cited me for speeding, but for some reason decided to just give me an official warning for the moving stop violation. I was grateful, because that would have pushed my points to the point of driving restrictions. I was nervous, embarrassed, and not looking forward to telling my husband about this. I also knew I would certainly miss the entire first client appointment....and my husband would be beyond upset and disappointed with me. Well..when it rains it pours. As they were finishing with me, which took forever....here comes my husband pulling up in his truck. One of his engineers had driven by, saw me and knew me, and when he got to the office told my husband he thought I maybe had an accident. So...my husband rushed to see about me...and then learned the real story. Not good of course. I could not even text him when I first got stopped because the officer would not let me. The look in my husband's eyes was just...I don't know...angry....disappointed...kind of wrapped together I guess. He never said a word to me there...just gave me that look he has. I wanted to just cry, cover my butt with my hands, get on my knees and grab his legs....run into his arms...all those emotions...and fear....sweeping over me. I was so disappointed in myself, not just fearful of the punishment I knew I deserved. Not sure I can explain it well, but I am trying. I got to the fitness center finally...in time for my next client. The manager told me my husband, as owner, had offered the upset client two free hour sessions, scheduled at his convenience, with me, to make up for his inconvenience. He was a fairly new client...I had given him two massage sessions in the last few months...the 30 minute versions. So, he actually came out smelling like a rose. I had an hour break about 1 in between sessions. I was supposed to meet my husband in his private engineering office next to the fitness center...have lunch with him....and..."maybe" a little quickie. We do that sometimes...a perk of him being the owner of these three businesses (including the coffee/smoothie shop). But...not this day. He was calm, but obviously disappointed and unhappy with me. We ate a lunch I had prepared and packed for us, and he finally spoke. He had figured out the cost of my bad morning. The ticket was $800...the missed 60 minute appointment lost income was $100...and the two 60 minute freebie sessions was worth $200. And....I would not be making money while doing the two freebies, so lost income opportunity of another $200. So...my poor decision cost him....$1300! All he said to me after running thru that...was...."You know, nicole, I will be taking this out of your hide." I sent back to a very full slate of appointments...finishing up 5:00. As assigned, I went ahead and changed into my workout clothing and did the workout itinerary he had made for me, but noticed he had slipped a note in my bag which added about 4 more exercises. He met me and worked out with me. We finished about 6 or so. The plan was,then for me to take a shower, put my skirt and top and under things back on and head home to make a light dinner. But...my husband had changed the plan. Husband gave the the young couple they hire to deep clean the locker and toilet and shower facilities the night off! He told them it was a surprise reward for doing such good work, and he had someone else to take their place for the evening. That was me! He told me this "new" schedule for me in the storage room, and he slipped off his belt, and fastened it around my waist beneath my loose top. He was wearing a long sleeve tee shirt, so nobody knew his belt was missing. He did not say a word, but the feel of that belt fastened around the bare skin of my waist said all the message I needed. He bought me a meal replacement smoothie and sent me to work. He said he would stay around and work at his office...and then come back to check on my work and drive me home. He did check...several times...and I had to do a couple things better. I absolutely hate cleaning toilets. I had to clean alot of toilets while I was in prison, so this was indeed a punishment for me. Once, there was nobody in there...because it,was getting late and the crowd dwindles. He smacked my butt and the backs of my legs hard with his hand a few times...to "motivate" me. I finally got done about 11:30 PM. The ride was silent. I tried to apologize, but he just,told me I had already said enough...and to be quiet. I felt that belt on my bare skin, and saw how upset he was. I thought he would take me straight to the barn or gym outbuilding once home...and tan my hide. But...instead...we went straight to the house...spoke briefly with our daughter who was in bed but not,asleep....and then we just went to bed. I always sleep naked...ever since we got married, but he left the belt on me to sleep in. I,did sleep some, because it had been a very long day and also an emotionally draining day for me. But, the dread of my certain upcoming punishment caused me to,wake earlier than usual...put on my robe....and prepare breakfast and coffee as our daughter did the animal chores. Husband took our daughter to work, but before he did, he instructed me to go to the outbuilding gym for a workout he had laid out for me. Before beginning, he wanted me to wait for him standing with my nose in the corner, just wearing my white cotton panties and gym shoes and socks, and workout gloves...and the belt remaining around my waist...my arms folded behind my back. Of course, I did as told and waited in the silence for him to walk in the room. It seemed forever...but I had no watch or clock I could see, and I had no intention of moving. I knew he would know...he had cameras he could see on his cell phone. Maybe it was an hour...maybe more. He came in. I could hear him moving about...doing something...before he slipped behind me...and I felt him strapping my arms together with the "spanking harness" he uses on me. He then tightly strapped on the cuffs to my ankles, pulling them together very tight. Never saying a word. "Time to spank your butt red, woman." He had lifted me from the corner to an exercise bench...sat down...positioned over his lap...clamped my legs with his right leg....and with no words or warning just began spanking my hind end hard and fast...smack after smack....all over my butt cheeks...very very hard with his leathery gloved hand...my upper legs too, just below my butt cheeks. He spanked so hard and with no pause....my hind end felt like it was on fire...like someone had put an iron used for ironing clothing on it. I was in tears and he laid me on the ground when he was satisfied. "Gotta teach you a good lesson woman...." He took my restraints off and told me to,stand...at attention...like a soldier. Husband knows how to lecture...believe me, He reprimands, he scolds on steroids...more like a marine training sargent...which he actually was for awhile! Believe me...he thoroughly covered all my misdeeds in this...and in my discipline..he uses language and demeaning terms on me....very humbling. He never uses that kind of language in normal,life...but we have used this in our very real,and intense disciplinary dynamic for the past 14 years. Following the "lecture"...he told me to start the workout itinerary he put together for me. Usually, we work out together, but this time not, as he would clearly be supervising this time. He was wearing black jeans, leather cowboy boots, and a tight black tee shirt. The workout consisted of "timed" exercise stations...like the bench press, the pull down rack...the chest splits, curls, squats, lunges, rows, pull downs...crunches, situps, pushups, thrusts and then rope climbs and pull ups....and back and forth wind sprints interspersed in between. As appropriate for each exercise, he would time so many seconds by whistle at each session and I,was to,do as many as possible. The whistle would blow...then another timed interlude...then then the whistle...and then the final timed effort. So...it was a form of circuit training we both did from time to time...to benefit both anerobically and aerobically. It is intense...and the wind sprints in between and rope climbiing to ceiling in between caused lots of air sucking and sweat. This one took about 45 minutes. In this one. he told me if he felt I was holding back....he would be taking that belt off my waist. So...I,gave it,my best. You cannot fool,my husband on this...he is an experienced and certified personal trainer and ex football coach. By the time,it was over, my legs and arms felt like rubber, and I was sweating like a pig...but he,did not see the need to remove the belt from my waist. My butt still,stung from the spanking and husband laughed that it,was very bright red still. Some of the exercises caused me to rub my my bare bottom skin on the ground,or a bench. He gave me little chance to catch my breath. Back at attention....more harsh reprimand...and then he once again strapped me up for a spanking. I could not believe it, but once more I was over his lap as he spanked me equally, if not more harder than longer...then the first,time. Back in the corner...now restrained still....crying...apologizing...begging and pleading. He actually stopped..felt my poor burning bottom. "Nicole...your ass is so hot...and so red. Do you want me to stop...because I am not nearly done with you. I can punish you in some other way." I admit...I was tempted to accept the offer of mercy. These were very hard spankings, and just with his hand! What would the belt feel like? I thought of what I had done...what he had pointed out in his reprimand to me....being dangerous...embarassing him and our,daughter, whose friend's mother had also seen me pulled over and being searched...and all that money! No...I asked him to keep on...tan my hide good. He put another leather cuff and strap tightly around my legs just above my knees...and similar higher up my legs just below my butt. I now knew what he had in mind for me. He attached a leather strap around my shoulders and above my breasts in front, and then around my folded and harnessed arms behind my back and beneath my breasts in front. He then went thru every strap buckle and harness and cuff and made sure they were adjusted snug and tight. There is no other feeling quite like the helpless feeling I experience when he does this to me. He then gave my poor bottom a couple of hard flurries of more smacks...before lifting me against his chest, hands on my breasts....and taking me outside the door opening to the back of the property...gently laying me on the ground on my belly. It was drizzling rain. "You know what to do woman." I did. "Maybe this will teach you to pay attention to time!" He calls it "the wiggles". I have had to do this maybe 7 or 8 times or,so in the last 14 years. He used a lesser version of this, minus spanking of course, to train marines. Basically, I am given one hour to "wiggle" or squirm, scoot...whatever I can manage to do to move...to get to the fence at the back of our maintained yard....and then back to the door opening where I started. I have never accomplished this in an hour. After an hour, Husband comes out to wherever I am, and takes the belt off my waist, and spanks me. He repeats this every 15 minutes until I get back to the start. I absolutely hate this punishment...it is exhausting...it makes me get desperate....and it is humbling to struggle so hard just to move a little bit at a time. But, as Husband says..that's why its punishment. It is much worse than other punitive exercises he gives me to supplement spanking discipline....like wind sprints, long calisthenics regiments, running extra, or bear crawls. This is in a category all by itself....and one could not even do this if not in good physical condition. It was a wet day, which was helpful. It made it easier to kind of slide and move across the grass. The rain felt cold at first, as it actually came down several times in fairly heavy downpours...then diminishing to a steady drizzle the whole span of my "wiggle" punishment. Husband is there the whole time....watching me struggle and squirm...making sure I am ok....and watching my red bottom. It was totally bare of course. He had cut and ripped my panties my completely off and gagged my mouth with them. I had gotten to maybe 10 or 20 feet from touching the fence with my nose...when I noticed Husband's cowboy boots standing near my shoulders. "Its been a hour nicole". He stooped down, undid the belt on my waist, and had it in his hand doubled. He rolled me on my back, grabbed my ankles, raised my legs with his left hand....and with his right hand laid into my poor butt with several flurries of maybe 6 or 7 or 8 hard slashes at a time....with that wet leather belt" It stung so bad....laying streaks of fire across my bottom. I was screaming into my gag....which Husband apparently thought was too loose...so he undid it and stuffed it and retied wrapped it tighter. He refastened the belt around my waist. "Better get your butt movin' woman! You got a long way to go...and I got all day to whip you woman!" I worked harder...breathing hard...taking just little breaks....this was the worst I had ever done..the first time he began the whippins "before" I even reached the fence. I was moving pretty steady..kind of doing a snake like motion that seemed good in the wet grass....then going on my side and pulling up my legs and pushing them down. But....once again I heard his cowboy boots step up next to me. With no words, he unfastened the belt....pulled me up by the ankles once again....and this time launched hard flurries on the fronts of my legs...causing me to not help screaming out in pain.....streaks of fire all up and down the fronts of my legs. With the awful belt back on my waist...the desperation feeling set in. My legs burned as I wiggled on my belly and side, but my butt burned too as I tried to move myself on my back. The cowboy books again...the belt again. This time...ankles up in air...and that wet leather belt laid lots of stinging streaks and swaths of burning across the backs of my upper legs...and...once again...my poor bottom. After he refastened the belt around my waist...all I could was just lay there and sob. I was wet, tired, stinging, crying..... "Better get it together woman..looks like you gotta a long way to go still....and my arm is not tired at all!" I guess as an act of mercy...he grabbed hold of one of the leather straps on my back and kind of dragged me across the wet grass maybe 20 feet or so....and then smacked my butt hard with several flurries of swats...."Get your butt movin' woman." I tried much harder....sucking gasps of air as I strained and struggled. I really did not want any more of that belt! Maybe I could make it with just one more whippin. I was finding a steady rhythm of movements that seemed to move me a bit faster across the wet grass. My wet hair was matted and frequently got in my eyes. i was getting closer...and then the cowboy boots. The belt back in his hand...doubled. This time he pulled me to my knees by my wet hair. I closed my eyes...could not help moaning..."nooo". He whipped my breasts with that belt. I am kind of used to him using a single blade of a belt to kind of smack my breasts red...with flicks of his wrist...as a means or arousing me when taking me in my mouth, but "that" was not really punishment...just a dominant sex foreplay for us. There was sting and redness...sure...but no marks that lasted anytime at all. However..."this" was not "that". Husband was now belt whipping my breasts with this doubled belt hard...flurries of hard swats all over my breasts...on top...on my nipples...under...sides. I once again found myself screaming and bawling and growing hoarse from it. My poor breasts were on fire. It was the worst spanking of my breasts he had ever given me with a belt....I think because the belt was wet. Almost there...a mess...sobbing....so tired...my breasts and everything still stinging....struggling hard. I know i was just 10 feet away..just 10 feet. Husband was standing by my body once again. It didn't matter I was so close...the belt came off again....my ankles raised again....and he laid into my bottom again..,the backs of my legs again....and the fronts of my legs again. Totally undone...I guess that is the best way to describe it...I finally struggled to the opening starting point. "OK nicole...I hope you will remember to watch your time...and be safe!" "Yes...Husband Sir" I managed to say the words loud...like he wants when answering him during spankings...even if gagged or muffled. I was hoping it was over...but he kept talking how I must learn a good lesson. He removed all the restraining straps from my upper body and arms, but left all,the straps restraining my legs in place. I had managed to stop my sobbing and was just laying there on my belly. He grabbed ahold of me and took me inside the gym building to the post. I say "the" post...because it is at this post I get whipped. It is a "whipping post" for me....with eye bolts in place top and bottom for fastening me in place. He placed my belly against the post as I was standing there, his hand to help steady me as my legs and body were weak and rubbery from the wiggle ordeal. Leather cuffs were still snug on my wrists. Husband raised my wrists to the top,of the opposite side of the post and attached them to the eyelets, having to smack my butt a few times with his hand so I would rise on my tip toes to make the connection complete with the snap on things. He then fastened my ankles to eyelet bolts near the base of the post. He had another strap which he buckled around my waist. So...I was readied for my whipping. "Nicole...you endangered others lives by speeding and driving so recklessly. That is no little thing...worse than the money you lost us. And...your example to our daughter and others has been damaged, Nicole. I know I have not whipped you in a long time...but you deserve to be whipped for this. Do you agree woman? He undid my gag...my sopping wet panties. "Yes Husband Sir...I do deserve to be whipped for this....please use the whip on me....I have been really terrible.....I deserve every lash you lay on me..." I was sincere. Once again, I could have actually killed somebody.suit Husband has a special whip he has made for me. He has used it on me a few times starting about 7 years ago. Before that, especially in the early years of our marriage, he had an actual,leather leather lash whip. But....he decided it cut too much and did not sting enough. He wanted a whip,that would sting horrifically but not cut bad or bruise. Now, you need to,understand my husband is an engineer...so he decided he could design and make a much better whip to suit his intent in whipping me. He came up,with a single tail,whip made of rubber tubing of some kind. The rubber tube is not solid and not hard. So...it does not really bruise or cut skin deep, but when he swings it pretty much as hard as he wants or can...it flattens out even wider than its diameter...maybe double I guess...and leaves a stinging streak of fire across my skin...usually reserved for whipping my back. I tell you, it stings even more than the lash he used to use because it does not cut, but kind of slaps my skin like a belt does, but no bruising really at all. He lays it on me hard....and it really stings and hurts....but the surface marks are usually gone in no more than three days. It really stings...and I so dread it. 50....50 nicole. "I could not help but moan....I knew what I was in for. The most I have ever got was 75....and because it was so many and so many stripes overlapped....the marks took a little longer to heal,and there was some light blood seeping in a few areas. I was remembering that... He had the whip now in his hand. He got it from the closet where it hangs on a hook at the ready. He had removed his shirt....and come to stand in front of me. " Ready for your whippin?".....I replied..."Yes Husband Sir". The whip tail is black, smooth, and is inside a wood and leather handle Husband made...it looks very real and very menacing. He looped the tail against the handle and placed it to my lips. Instinctively, without being told...I kissed it. He was behind me now, to my left. I hate the anticipation...and he knows it...draws it out. The first lash lands..with a loud snap and a line of fire across my bare back...higher up. The first one is always such a shock. Another...and another...and another....some in middle of my back...some across the shoulder blades...across the shoulders. The tail is about a yard long...and there is some wrap around to nick me in front and in the sides of my breasts, but never ever complete wrap around. He did not count, so I had no idea how far along the whipping was. He used forearm strokes...would switch sides and use back arm strokes. He would grunt as he laid the lashes on....each one snapping and stinging so bad. My cries became shrieks and grunts of agony...my entire back set on fire as if it the skin had been peeled off me. Once again... when he,finally quit whipping me....I was nothing but a sobbing mess dangling from my wrists at the whipping post...not able to maintain my tip toe stance. My husband was breathing heavy and had a light sheen of perspiration. He had left the whip hanging across my neck and shoulders...I guess a kind of statement of a job well done. I stayed at the post....softly sobbing....whimpering I guess.....needing his touch...needing his voice offering forgiveness and assurance...needing his gentle love. After awhile, my lover did come. He released me from all my restraints...freed me from the post...and carried my punished body into the shower room of our gym building....just a bedroom size room with a drain and a large shower head. He put my wrists in steel,shackles...my ankles as well...as he has done so many times in our lives together. This not punishment..not painful...but surrender to his strong love and manhood. I stand spread eagled, but steady, as the warm water sprays on my stinging flesh and exhausted muscles. I,watch as he strips naked before me....an amazing man. He lathered me...gently cleansed my body with soft sponges and his strong hands massaging slippery soap and lather all over me...every crevice...every curve...and in me. His voice whispering forgiveness and love...his manhood entering me...lingering long and strong...gently stroking my joy and pleasure after such harsh punishment...assuring me I will do better....absolving my guilt and enabling my release of dark guilt. His kisses...his caresses...the way he holds my hair kisses me deep with passion....his hand a fingers reaching down there and stroking me with love touches. I love this man who loves me enough to spank me like a misbehaving girl,and whip me like a whore...and take mevas his servant wench and wife.
  3. Lol Spike....kind of an "eloquent" scene in your fantasy...almost maybe, like attending a formal dance...not dressed to kill, but dressed to spank! Lol...my humor is just weird. For,some reason, I know not why...I find these kind of dresses hilarious. And...can you imagine the hand placement during slow dancing? lol....
  4. Nope...cause I don't. I am blessed with a man who does that for me...lol.
  5. I am wondering how the spanking implements used in your dynamic are stored or displayed? Are they where others can seevthem too...or just the spanker and spankee? Are they hanging from a hook....in the closet...in a cabinet or closet....in a chest? My husband has sets of 5 options in 3 locations. The belt, the wood paddle, the rod, the whip, and a pair of tight fitting leather gloves...are on hooks in our bedroom closet....on hooks in a closet in our outbuilding gym, and in a closet in our basement. He keeps them all locked and carries the key. I also have a key that was made tp look like jewelry which I wear on a necklace, or a choker, and always on my keychain. A set of keys is also hidden on a ledge, known only to us. In the animal barn, he also keeps a strip of leather from a horse harness and a rod on a hook on the post...both of which have been painfully laid on my skin from time to time over the years. They are not prominently displayed, but easily dismissed as being for the animals instead of me...lol. How about you guys?
  6. Well...now that I think about it...I work for my husband at the fitness center and coffee/smoothie shop he owns...so...tecnically...my "boss" at work does spank me...lol...but not at work location....but lots at home...lol.
  7. To be honest, I have never asked for a spanking. I have had a few times of near emotional breakdown... in our first 2 or 3 years together married, when I would bring the belt or whip to him and actually beg him thru tears and sobs to whip me raw....attacks of guilt and regret would sometimes overwhelm me to the point of desperation. However, my husband never whipped me or punished me at all when I had those "fits". I now realize such would not have been appropriate or right with me in such like that....and I now realize how much integrity the man who took me as his wife actually has. For the most part, after some professional therapy and time spent with my husband who gives loving hard discipline...I am past those days of guilt anxiety driven fits. For those in need of spanking but must ask...my heart goes out to you. I think maybe being honest in expressing your need to someone as soon as you think the relationship is going beyond simple friendship...is probably the best practice. I wish you best hope you will one day find a soulmate who will just "know" your need...and when and how fulfill it.
  8. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Yes...I would "try" my best if told by Husband to be plugged like this. But...I sincerely hope he does not demand that of me for very prolonged periods....and I trust him to be aware of any health issues which might be there...if such is the case.
  10. 24/7....wow. I cannot imagine. Is that actually healthy? Not judging....just wondering.
  11. Oh my...wearing one of those 24/7 is just something I can even imagine right now. Please do not give my husband any such miscievous ideas for me!....lol
  12. I do agree... though...I think anal play (sex) or butt plugs to foster the dominance of one partner over the submission of the other...but as I say...I am very new to these butt plug things...lol...Husband just surprised me with that a couple of mornings ago....wow.
  13. If by anal play, you mean anal sex...that is my husband taking me in my anus...yes...my husband does choose to take me in that way at his pleasure...like with my other two holes...lol. But, for us, anal sex or any sex is pretty much kept separate in timing from my disciplinary spankings. Very recently, Husband has introduced a metal anus plug into our sexual intimacy, but not really as a punishment or discipline. For us, sex is not punishment, but pure passionate sexual intimacy to be mutually enjoyed together, whereas my discipline is enjoyed in a strange way separately in terms of need fulfillment...mine being the need for submission to discipline and appropriate pain with that, and Husband the need to discipline and punish me. So...classic spanker and spankee with us. But in sex intimacy, we still have a dominant (him) submissive (me) relationship, but enjoy that together more...as sexual intimacy is about deep connection between us. The only time sexual intimacy and pure discipline kind of crosses over forvus is when inexperience the occasional out of nowhere orgasm while being spanked...and thus far that has only happened with what I feel are the more intimate but very intense and hard OTK hand spankings on my bare butt.
  14. To be fair...I will answer the questions too...since I am asking you to... What material is the cane? such as...bamboo, delrin, wood, hard rubber, fiber glass, rod of some kind, or something else....Husband says it is a delrin rod, which is some kind of plastic, with thin strips of rubber braided around it the entire length of the rod and then there is a leather encased wood handle. He made this himself about 5 years ago....and uses it on me now and then, but not on a routine basis. Approximately what length is the cane used?.... He says the rod itself is 30 inches long, and handle is 6 inches long. Is the cane applied to bare skin? Yes How is the spankee typically positioned?.... For caning, I am bent over. Where on the body are cane strokes applied? ...On my butt and the backs of my legs. A few time on the fronts of my legs...which really stings. Are the strokes applied with minimal tapping, moderate effort, or with the full ability of the spanker....I would say 3/4 to full strength. I can hear the woosh sound and the smack. Does the cane typically leave marks such as streaks, bruises, welts?...yes, when he canes me I have streaks, lines. They are usually very well spaced across my butt in parallel lines and up and down my legs the same way....kind of precise consistent with his engineering nature...lol. The marks from my canings last as long as 4 or 5 days before they disappear completely, depending on where they are, The ones on the fronts of my legs take the longest to disappear. He canes me for more intense disciplinary issues. Approximately how many cane strokes arevapplied in a more intense caning?...I have received as many as 75...Husband tells me. I do not count and have never been asked to. What is the rythm of cane stroke application? .... That is, slow and deliberate or fast and furious flurries of strokes, or something in between or mixed? A mix of deliberate interspersed with fast flutties of maybe 10:or so vert quick ones. Is some form of restraint for the spankee to limit their movement during the caning?...Yes....when I am caned I am strapped over a trestle he has made. If he does the fronts of my legs, I am restrained standing at attention, ankles and legs strapped together, my wrists in leather restraints attached above my head to the celing.
  15. My husband use a rod...or what might be considered, a cane on me now and then for discipline. I am just wondering how those of you who practice caning, either as receiver or giver...do it. If you want, you just copy and paste these questions into a response you may be so kind as to contribute. You can just answer each one from there....if you want. Here are the questions I am curious about.... What material is the cane? such as...bamboo, delrin, wood, hard rubber, fiber glass, rod of some kind, or something else Approximately what length is the cane used? Is the cane applied to bare skin? How is the spankee typically positioned? Where on the body are cane strokes applied? Are the strokes applied with minimal tapping, moderate effort, or with the full ability of the spanker. Does the cane typically leave marks such as streaks, bruises, welts? Approximately how many cane strokes arevapplied in a more intense caning? What is the rythm of cane stroke application? That is, slow and deliberate or fast and furious flurries of strokes, or something in between or mixed? Is some form of restraint for the spankee to limit their movement during the caning?
  16. Has anyone ever threatened to wet your bottom, before taking a hairbrush to you?....nope....but I have been hosed down with a garden hose after a good spanking...lol...i guess to cool my bottom off...lol....but i never saw steam rising Has a anyone ever threatened to put you in wet underwear? Then spanked them dry?...hmm...no...but a very practical concept imthink Has a anyone ever yanked you out of the shower and given you a spanking with a bath brush?...not with a bath brush...but with his hand...and his belt...a number of times....ouch! Have you ever screamed your lungs out during a bare bottom hair/Bath brush spanking? ..no.....but sometimes during a hard long otk hand spanking on bare skin...or the belt Has a anyone ever threatened to take you to outside pull down your pants and redden your butt?...yes...been there, done that...often actually...but always private While being spanked. Have you ever screamed out a naughty word? ...yes I have...which gets me even more spanking....somi try not to...but old habits....
  17. I realize the word "typically" is often not applicable among us...lol...and those who are "both" spanker and spankee at times...well...they will add much to this discussion. Also, many of you do not know spanking as disciplinary in nature, but rather as fun sexual expression. So...you may actually hate this question, or see it as totally irrelevant. I understand...please know there is no intent on my part to offend you or diminish your experience and enjoyment. As for my husband and me....I do know it is true for us. I as his spanked wife am also,submissive in all other areas of our life...to him and him only...with the exception of God of course. Our sex life is me...willingly....submitting to him, as that also pleases me. I am "typically" submissive in tone to others...men and women...at least to a point....but certainly not sex! Husband...and my understanding of God...do come first and foremost over the imposed will of others. And...I will become all mama bear if need be. Just ask my parole officer of the past...lol. Husband....he is just this strong naturally calm but commanding personality and presence....and i think he is just more dominating in his spirit and presence...without even trying...albeit he is still loving...and has a soft heart for me, family, and others. His weakness...ice cream. Just ask Ben...and....Jerry....lol.
  18. Hi...thank you for your kind comments. Growing up...Indid on a number of occasions get paddled in front of other students at school. I was raised Amish and we had on our own school system. Then...I was also paddled now and then at home in front of other siblings. As an adult, I have been paddled and belt whipped a few times in front of my motherbin law and father in law, but not on a regular basis.
  19. This is such a great topic. I do not know where to begin on this, but this is something we have worked hard to sustain in our more intense disciplinary and me submissive dynamic as a married couple. We are far from perfect on this, but so far we feel it is working very well for us in the 14 years we have been married. Consistency in both of us keeping sight of the goals of the relationship....consistency in continuous on going communication with each other are huge factors. It is essential to find ways to adjust and blend to constantly changing conditions in just living life...like children...careers...health...values...changing priorities. All those things and more drive the need for continuous focus on goals, communication...and the dynamics of life situations. But...we both still recognize our need to fulfill one another's mutually beneficial unique "needs" in this realm of spanking, dominance, submission, and marriage. That is the core consistency we never seem to lose track of as a vital core of our marriage and intimacy and passion...regardless of life's unexpected twists and turns.
  20. This is such a great topic. I do not know where to begin on this, but this is something we have worked hard to sustain in our more intense disciplinary and me submissive dynamic as a married couple. We are far from perfect on this, but so far we feel it is working very well for us in the 14 years we have been married. Consistency in both of us keeping sight of the goals of the relationship....consistency in continuous on going communication with each other are huge factors. It is essential to find ways to adjust and blend to constantly changing conditions in just living life...like children...careers...health...values...changing priorities. All those things and more drive the need for continuous focus on goals, communication...and the dynamics of life situations. But...we both still recognize our need to fulfill one another's mutually beneficial unique "needs" in this realm of spanking, dominance, submission, and marriage. That is the core consistency we never seem to lose track of as a vital core of our marriage and intimacy and passion...regardless of life's unexpected twists and turns.
  21. lol...there IS a part of me that would actually like to do that...lol. lol...not sure "which" part...but certainly enjoying the speculation of doing it...lol.
  22. Lol....I get my fair share of spankings from my husband....I suppose....as often as my behavior or attitude or performance warrants. The opening seems a bit inadequate to me...might need to go a bit lower. Still...very funny dress. And no...if my husband would get one of these to wear in public...I would absolutely not.....lol. He could spank me to kingdom come...I would not wear that in public. Now in private...for his eyes only...I would wear this...or anything he desires me to wear or not wear.
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