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  1. lol....I am sure northeast Jersey has many folks from all over the world.
  2. WOW...that is a lot of guitars and stringed instruments....lol...and...cats.
  3. nicoleS39

    Hunt Paddle.jpg

    That paddle just looks like it would be very "stingy" while bare butt over a knee....is it?
  4. Well...starting to get back into the swing of my normal life after vacation...lol. It can be challenging. Today's work schedule for client sessions is very spread out.

    I thought I had us all set up at home for groceries and essentials until I can do major grocery shopping tomorrow on my day off from work...and "on" for home care, food prep, chores...etc.

    As I was putting together lunches for us....I suddenly realized I was short of a couple items...and also allowed some meat to spoil.  I follow a set plan every week for items packed for lunch. So...I had to substitute...and use something else my husband "tolerates", but does not really like. My daughter will be OK with it, and "I" will... but...I am my husband might be talking to me about it. I was not able to warn him because he was in a hurry earlier this morning. And...whenever food spoils...I am required to report it to him and had better have a good reason for it happening. So...I am putting that down in a text to send to him before Insee my first client...but yes...I think I am in trouble.

    Hopefully the will get better after my ragged start. I hope you all have a great day if by chance you read this.

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    2. nicoleS39


      @needanAuntie4f....Thank you for your concern. But...let me clarify. The meet referred to as "spoiled" was meatballs I make from ground beef and pork mixed with various spices and home canned salsa. I mix and then form the "balls", bake them, and then put them into the freezer for use and easy reheat when needed. They are "popular" with my husband and daughter and me...for packing in lunches and other uses. They can easily be warmed in a microwave. 

      What happened is...last Friday I mixed the meat and spices and formed the meatballs as usual... in our finished basement where we have an extra oven. I put them in the oven to bake, but had not set the oven...lol. Right when I slide 4 pans in the oven, my daughter yelled down the stairs in a panic over our cat, who was obviously in pain. So...I ran upstairs and we found the problem. Our beloved cat had a glass sliver from a broken light bulb in its paw. With some effort, we managed to get it out and eventually calm our cat.  I was also multi-tasking and also doing some laundry...because...there is "always" laundry...right?  

      Bottom line, I forgot all about the unbaked meatballs in the oven...and did not "discover" my "blunder" until this morning when I was looking for meatballs to pack into lunches.

      My husband and I are in agreement that "waste" is to be avoided as much as possible in all aspects of our lives...but especially food. So...per our agreement...I am to report "waste" when it occurs. That does not necessarily mean I get spanked. He reviews the circumstances and makes a "call" as to whether such was due to my negligence or poor planning or bad execution...or...was it caused by something else...such as poor packaging or perhaps defective from the store.

      So...my husband has not yet approached me on this matter. As always, he will do a fair review with me on the specifics of the situation....and only spank or discipline me if such is warranted by our agreed upon criteria qualifying as unnecessary waste.

      I know he will want to know the monetary "sunk cost"...as he calls it...from the spoiled meat. My best estimate...about 4 lbs total of organic pork and ground beef....near $40 plus a jar of salsa at about $5. 

      Please do not think my dear husband unfair. This is how we both want to live. He hates waste from his upbringing and his engineering mindset...lol. I also hate it from my Amish upbringing and work ethic. I totally abandoned those values in my early adult years, but have since regained my awareness regarding limiting waste when my husband took me as his wife 16 years ago.

      As for my reference to being off "work"...I mean I am purposely not scheduled to work at my job outside our home on Wednesdays. That gives me a whole day to "work" at all the tasks involved in keeping our household and family running smoothly. I do not mean in any way that such is "not" work....lol...we both know it is. My husband certainly recognizes I "work" at home as much or more than I "work" at the fitness center and the coffee shop. I am assigned certain tasks that are expected to be done. We communicate frequently about such details. Thank God....my husband and daughter also have tasks they take on....and adjustments among us in work load are made to accommodate those "crazy" weeks that come up now and then. When our son was home, he also took on assigned household tasks as asked. 

    3. needanAuntief4F


      With your further explanation, Nicole, all the more reason that it would seem to be unjustified for you to be in the kind of trouble you expressed concern about in your original post. It wasn't something you allowed to happen. There were certainly extenuating circumstances which should matter. I think the majority of us try not to be wasteful but sometimes things happen, as they did to you, that can't always be prevented. Maybe you "sunk" about $45, but you also saved a Vet bill so maybe you came out ahead.

    4. nicoleS39


      My husband reviewed this, and exercised his right as the husband I have willingly submitted myself to...to discipline me this morning (the cane across my panty covered bottom)...and then running my errands and doing chores all day...and being summoned for the completion of my discipline after dinner and dishes...bent and restrained over the stool, panties down, for his belt over the cane streaks and across the backs of my thighs.

      Life happens, our mutually agreed upon goal for me is that I maintain focus even when distracted by "things" that just happen sometimes. In this instance, my failure to maintain focus resulted in the unnecessary waste of food. It was not just about the money, but about falling short "again" in an area we mutually agreed upon as a spankable offense.

      Perhaps some may feel my discipline justified. Although this spanking did indeed sting and I had hoped he might give me a warning...I "do" feel I deserved every stinging streak of that cane and every burning smack of that belt. He dealt with me in sync with our agreed upon expectations for me and him. I think next time I get "distracted" unexpectedly I will do better....and pause to consider what I was doing "before" the distraction.

      I wasted a much larger amount of groceries about 4 years ago and paid a much more severe price than this time. I have not been spanked for this kind of food waste in maybe three years....so I have been doing pretty good in this area. Neither he nor myself want to see me regress in my growth in this area.

      This spanking "reached" me, and I sincerely have thanked him just a few minutes ago for his consistency in helping me thru his discipline and authority.


  5. In the rare but treasured erotic spankings I am occasionally given by my husband...usually as a reward...or just when he feels like it...I absolutely explode orgasm every time when he immediately takes me with hard thrusts in and out between long "holds in place" fulky inside of me as he swells and pulsates inside me....OMG !
  6. When I am being disciplined, any response I give to questions posed by my husband, or anything I might respectfully choosevto say...must begin with "Husband Sir"....and after I am finished...end with "Husband Sir." This includes any time spent being verbally reprimanded before, during, or after the spanking. This has been the strictly enforced protocol for us since the very first day of being his wife. Failure to do so is immediately "called out" by my husband, and he immediately declares then"additional" add on penalty that will be imposed immediately "after";the current spanking has been completed. So, for instance, lets say I failed to address my husband properly when responding to his question or instruction. He might say..."OK, nicole...you know better, that's 10 extra on your bare butt after I'm finished...so... forget again and I will add 20 with the cane onto that!" The specific add ons have varied over the years per his whim and mood...and I would say pleasure. But...that's the type of thing he does if I do not follow this rigidly required protocol for addressing him. To be honest, I have not forgotten to follow this protocol very often. Those "add ons" really hurt...and...are particularly unpleasant to me because I know if I had just stayed focused, I could have avoided the add ons. Sometimes, if the punishment has been more severe, an add on has been additional punitive exercise or an uncomfortably restrained position for a prescribed time length. When we are alone but not in a discipline protocol, I voluntarily have chosen to address my husband as "Husband Sir" at the beginning of saying something to him, but not the end. He does not punish me if I forget or for some reason do not do so. It is not required...itbis just what I want to do to show my respect and willing recognition of his authority over me. Honestly, I would love to address him as Husband Sir in our every day public situations, but my husband forbids it. He says it would raise too many questions, and I suppose he is right. Imam allowed, however, to refer to him playfully as Mr. Man in regular daily living, which I do often.
  7. Yes...I think it more normal...for most...to experience this "confrontation" with authority and being "told what to do" during the teens years. I know it was for me....and for some such as myself....we really struggled to find our way and how to relate to expectations and still find our own way. In my case...this "inner teenager" concept really spoke to me, as I can see I have still carried some of my "teenage" struggles into adulthood...but now....I am thankful I have "loving" and consistent disciplinary authority in my life. Our daughter is obviously her biological mother's child...lol...not mine. We have seen very very little "rebellion" or "acting out" with her. We have not had to discipline her much at all. She just has such a sweet nature.....lol...NOTHING like me at that age and....I am just so blessed to have her as the daughter I do not deserve, but yet am blessed with anyway. So...not bragging at all....but I do think the degree to which teenagers struggle with conflict against authority figures and concepts...varies....per the teenager. That is, their personality, their environment, their family and parent. situation. Our son was pretty much the same as our daughter. He didchave a couple of "phases" in which he got into some trouble, but his father and I were there for him. I dunno....with our daughter...we almost worry she is "too" compliant....lol. I personally think there can be some healthy and helpful things coming out of a positive confrontation with authority...I dunno....just me. Lol...but in my case growing up...I went way beyond a positive "questioning" of the the authority of my parents and the Amish community and lifestyle. lol...way over the top....
  8. Interesting...you sure have a lot of interesting knowledge about many cultures. When my husband and me are not around others, I always refer to my husband as...Husband Sir. I guess it is a respectful continuing confirmation of my submission to his conceded authority over me...which does also include "power to discipline" me 🙂.
  9. I meant to also mention....the "separation" of sex from my disciplinary spankings not only includes sex "with" him....but also...any self pleasuring or masturbation of any kind. If I do such, it means further punishment and a longer "delay" before I can continue to have sex with my man. I admit...I have "slipped" now and then on this over our 16 years of marriage....and paid the consequences. In general regarding self pleasuring, I am only allowed to do so with his permission. He is understanding and usually grants such and instructs me to do such for certain conditions or needs...such as while he might be on a business trip illness or whatever he feels is appropriate. Sometimes over zoom or face time, In think it called...he will watch as I do so.
  10. lol...my "inner teenager" still raises her voice now and then. It was very rebellious to any kind of authority, and very smart mouthed and purposely ignoring of advise from anybody...good or bad. I was pretty angry most the time...well beyond normal adolescent mischief. I "mostly" put her to bed when she raises her ugly head...but now and then I allow her back into my life to some degree. When that happens...my husband and his belt have lots to say to her!
  11. Leave it to me to be oddball...lol...a position I have become very accustomed to. Our dynamic is mostly disciplinary in which me being spanked is a big component in his disciplinary care of me. As such...disciplinary spankings are punitive...they really sting, and sometimes more so than others. And...with us....although both my husband and I do both often feel a degree of arousal during disciplinary spankings, my husband has held the line of "separating" my disciplinary spankings him taking me in any sexual intimacy involving penetration. I still sometimes beg....and forget "in the moment" that such begging only gets my butt redder...lol. So...regarding the way our disciplinary dynamic works...I would MUCH MORE want sex "instead" of a disciplinary spanking. Plus...I openly admit...I "love" sex...and in my mind...need it. And...I am blessed to be the wife of very sexy man..,who is also very "sexual" and also...very good at it. He would never say that about himself...but...lol...I know the truth....lol. I dunno...this is the way we both feel about sex right now...but maybe we will change with time, maturity, or aging, health...etc. Now, in the last couple years or so, my husband has initiated non-punitive erotic spankings now and then. They have indeed intentionally included spanking....and...those love making sessions have been amazing too...but...the best "part" of that kind of "erotic sexual spankings...is inclusion of sex. So...the spanking is like an "enhancement" for the sex. So....it is not "spanking instead of" sex...but "spanking with sex." I dunno...maybe I am just babbling....lol.
  12. Politics aside...if I dared to act like that...my butt would get tanned and worn out so hard...oh my gosh. I would not want to sit for a week...for sure.
  13. My husband is very much into putting me in a variety of "costumes". In fact, we have a fairly large cedar lined closet in our basement with nothing but various costumes he has purchased for me over the years. We do not really role play when I wear them, but he will not hesitate to spank me "in them"....or tear or rip them off me... for the purpose of doing so or for the purpose of "taking me" sexually...lol. Of course, usually he puts me in costumes when we are private... but there are a few exceptions. For instance, he will put me in a cheerleader outfit for football games we watch in our home with guests joining us...or sometimes when we go to a game viewing party at another couple's home. Lol...I even do some cheers...lol...and...serve food, etc....He has put me in a few costumes for Halloween parties also. Gosh...he has many costumes for me. His favorite of late seems to be a Princess Leia from Star Wars costume. Yes...very revealing. A few that come to mind...a native American Indian...a Harem Girl...a Peasant Woman....a French Maid...a Nurse....a Slave costume, I guess...it is just a loin cloth and very meager breast covering....a Wench outfit, which is full of tears and such....a Burlap sack home made "dress" with a hole for my head to go thru and holes for each of my arms to fit thru....a weird costumes which is just leather straps covers nothing...lol....several loin cloths....and then...he has a few "costumes" he has just made up....from "remnants" of every day clothing he has torn or ripped or cut off me at some point...when he puts me in some of those concoctions, I am literally dressed in rags. Lol...there are others. And..,sometimes...when we have assured privacy, he will make me do chores and cooking in these costumes...lol.
  14. This is very interesting to me...that your amazing wife prefers getting her titties slapped over her bottom spanked. However, I do understand how she finds it arousing. I do as well. For us, when my husband occasionally reddens my breasts, it is usually erotic foreplay followed by his sexual dominance over me. I sometimes wind up literally begging him to take me when he reddens and stings my breasts...lol..,I am a mess 🙂. But...he has "also" administered a smacking of my breasts for the sole purpose of punitive discipline. In those cases, he strikes much harder and it stings much more than the erotic ones. Yet...I find I still get aroused...in fact, much more... the harsher it is. But, the difference between my breasts being "spanked as foreplay" and "spanked as punishment"...is regrettably...even though I may still beg to be taken...he absolutely will not take me sexually until usually many hours following the pure discipline.
  15. I think you are right in saying that most would put this more in the realm of BDSM than "spanking" per se. Hmm...the martinet? I assume the same one we both have? Wow...I am wondering how "that" felt..if you care to share? 🙂
  16. I am just curious. I am sure many consider such as something well beyond the realm of spanking...which I think is quite understandable. However, I guess I was personally surprised a bit to discover that several here have mentioned in previous posts that they are sometimes spanked in their pelvic/pussy or genital regions "down there"...or have administered such to a spankee. Likewise...I was kind of surprised that several include front, rear, and even inner thigh areas in their "spanko." So...just curious...lol...as I truly am curious....and perhaps some of you "might" be as well...how many here may experience at times...inclusion of breasts in their spanking experiences?
  17. Just an update...I dunno why but I guess just got the urge to post....for what it is worth...lol...which is not much.

    We are back home from a nice vacation of 7 days in Florida. It was a real blessing for us. My husband took me dancing into the wee hours at a club we went to a few years ago down there...better than ever. We literally spent 3 days just on the beach...wonderful. Took a dolphin boat tour and actually saw many...went to a movie together...just relaxed...made lots of love...lol.

    Just got my traditional post-vacation review kneeling before my husband earlier this morning. My husband has a policy to never spank me for discipline on a vacation or trip he takes me on...but...I am expected to be on my best behavior and fully know...that if I am not...there will be spanking consequences. The review is to identify if any disciplinary action is warranted by how I behaved during vacation.

    I was...very good. I behaved and did not do anything or behave in any manner worthy of disciplinary attention. In"thought" I was ok, but sometimes I am blind to my own misdeeds while being fully absorbed in the different environment of a vacation. But...not this time...lol.

    We spent this first day back...getting caught up with things on our property...and of course laundry...but our wonderful daughter kept things under control pretty much in our absence. My husband and I spent about 3 hours earlier using a two person buck saw (?) to cut down some wood branches for fireplace log....a really good workout...but also actual productive work. We finished with a nice 5 mile jog...and then a shower....together....niiice.

    We both go back to work and our busy life Monday....but I am glad we have today and Saturday and Sunday to just do things together around here and get reset for our "normal" life....lol.

  18. You are awesome and...highly smart! Thank you.
  19. nicoleS39

    Acronym Fun

  20. Ok...so I opened my big mouth this far...lol...so I guess I will share a way this type of spanking works so well for us...for your consideration if not tried before. He will have me lay down tummy up on the bed with my head at the foot of the bed so my head can dangle over the edge. He will then restrain my ankles spread to each post of the head of the bed. Then...he works me "down there" and then the belt....With my head tilted back like that. he can go very deep in my mouth and "deep throat" me as he "spanks" me "down there.". Sorry if I might offend...but to me it is such an incredible experience...as my husband loves it too...and I just thought it would be helpful to share while on this topic. I did this a number of times with "clients" during my days as a prostitute....but minus the spanking....It was a very popular service....lol.
  21. Guess I will weigh in on this...for what it is worth. WIth us, my husband only spanks me in that area for more of a sexual erotic intimacy between us. It is not "punitive" or "disciplinary" spanking for us. Oh...trust me...it does have a definite element of sting or pain, but it is not about a "more pain for more punishment" strategy. He spanks me "down there" to freaking arouse me and send me into a state of orgasm or "expanded" orgasm when he enters me and/or enjoys himself with his fingers working me or..his mouth....wheww!! So...he either uses a lighter leather strap, or a single layer of a belt, or....a shorter version of his rubber whip. With me...it is more arousing if he first gets my juices going a bit....lol...in other words...has me wet at least to some degree...and "then" spanks me down there. He has never used anything more "solid"....like a paddle or hair brush, spoon...etc... Of course, I would accept if he wanted tp try such...but am glad he has thus far not chosen to do so. He once told he he does not want to "bruise" me down there. I have heard some people here mention the use of a cane down there. Personally, that would terrify me and I would probably invoke a "limit" if he wanted to do that. I dunno...it just seems making my lady parts down there "tender" and sensitive is one thing...but making me bruised and cut up down there would hinder our full enjoyment of sexual intimacy together. Sorry for being so wordy....but I really do feel a hard paddle like implement may not be a good idea. I dunno...perhaps a ruler with no medal edge...might work and achieve the sting safely...I dunno.
  22. I really struggled to create this poll. I am not very tech savy or good with computers and such. I "guess" this poll is "closed"....but I sure did not do anything that I "know" to close it. I dunno if there is a setting or something to determine length of time it is active? I dunno...but thank you for responding.
  23. Interesting post. I cannot personally imagine myself having the strength of resolve and self discipline to spank myself as you have described...or as many others have described here as well. After my then "boyfriend" first spanked me one evening after I was being very "naughty" in trying to seduce him...I was totally shocked to discover I actually "liked" it in the sense of how it made me feel to have a strong man actually do that to me. We talked a couple days after that and he let me know I could expect much, much more of that if we were to continue our relationship. Well....the rest is history...married 16 spanking years and counting! So...a couple days later after that I "experimented" on myself...with a bath brush. Wanted a better idea what I night be getting myself into. I had trouble doing it to any degree of satisfaction...and definitely did not have the willpower to really smack myself hard and long like you describe here. So...I did not try it anymore. I applaud you... for your obviously very strong willpower.
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