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  1. And yes...@Spankingmyhuby....the "semi public" swat or two has happened to me now and then...and I "hope" nobody saw or it was on security camera....geez...parking lots mostly...or in the aisle of a store. Lol...not an every day thing...but it has happened...lol...and it always...always...gets my attention!
  2. Yes....I guess by most standards, my husband is very strict with me...but...I honestly have found I need that. I can imagine you doing the swats with your husband as you described. I think you have a wonderful dynamic going there with you two. lol...I think there are a lot of men who might need that in their life. For us, it is not a "daddy" daughter thing....I am his servant-wife....so I get his spankings and discipline as "his woman"... which....I am actually. I surrender myself and place my trust in his authority over me. Not for everybody, I know...but it has worked well for us 15 years and counting...lol. My husband has never grabbed my ear and led me to an imminent spanking or corner...but he does on occasion grab my hair...and...please do not be offended, but just sharing here...he has on occasion also grabbed my hair "down their" or by my "mound" and led me while swatting me...to the place where the full force spanking would take place. I know this is kind of graphic maybe...but it does happen sometimes.
  3. I understand....lol...loved your comment about the ER.....yes...I suppose that person DOES need to be present...lol. But...I guess some folks do self-spanking. For them....the ER and the EE is themself...lol.
  4. I think this is a very valuable point. I think this describes the "sometimes" angry spankings my husband gives me. He is never out of control"....or never has "lost it"...but...he is urgent and swift at times...and the intensity is usually higher. He is...real. I mean...our dynamic is disciplinary, and sometimes the thing I did or did not do...is cause for anger in dealing with me. It would not be "real" to just calmly spank me...anger as described here... is totally appropriate.
  5. Interesting experiences in your teens. Do you think these triggered your spanking interest from there?
  6. lol...sounds like a fun connection and comradely. Mine was real discipline...lol...but not bare. My sister in law and her husband were spanko in their marriage....and still are. But we do not share spanking experiences in each other's company....that was a one and only time.
  7. Even in high school? I guess that surprises me a bit. Like you, growing up, I did witness a few of my friends get spanked when I was with them. In our Amish community, most parents were ardent believers in spanking, and such things were not unusual.
  8. An interesting experience....lol. I was paddled once, in front of my sister in law and her husband...early on in our marriage. 5 whacks with a wood school style paddle bent over in my dress.
  9. Lol...that walk back to that hard seat...after everybody just saw you spanked...oh yes, I remember that well.
  10. I can certainly relate to some of your school day experience here. I was raised Amish...not a one room school, but very small compared to most english schools....and sometimes 2+or 3 grades were combined. The wood paddle was used quite often to help us focus and behave...lol...and with full parental approval in that community. The only requirement was...a note home informing the parents of the discipline. So...for me...the standing rule in our family was...whatever you got at school with the paddle...momma would double, and after that, pappa would then follow by taking his strap to us. All the paddlings were administered by the teachers, and in front of the class. I was admittedly a strong-willed and unruly child...so I was regularly in front of the class bent over and getting whacks. But...I also saw others receive the same. I "noticed" some special feeling at a young age both when I was paddled and also in seeing others get it. I now realize those feelings were small initial indications of my spanko nature...lol....which was only recognized by me when Inwas 25!
  11. @Spank61....thank you for your kind comment. Aftercare is precious to me....and my husband is very good at it.
  12. Have you ever been spanked while another person or persons looked on? Inversely....have you ever witnessed another person or persons being spanked?
  13. Another naughty one here....lol. I did not do something agreed to...so 5 whacks with a wood school style paddle bent over...panties down....followed by 10 with the belt. It was not a severe spanking, but I did feel it. Nice hugs after as I sat in his lap and his arms were around me. It was also cool in the room...but the spanking and time in his arms on his lap... helped warm me body and soul...lol. Then...pulled my panties up and slipped my skirt back on...and continued my cooking.
  14. For sure...that is how it works for us. He cannot "reach me" for effective discipline or punishment...until I am uncomfortable with the sting and pain and realize I am in his hands now...taking me beyond a tolerable spanking and into submission to his strength and powerful loving care for my learning and correction.
  15. Each of you have given such thoughtful insights. Thank you. My biggest take away thus far...has been..."there is a difference between rage and anger." I understand "rage" to be uncontrolled anger...and totally agree "rage" should not drive a spanking...at least in my opinion. And...with regard to those averse to the concept of "punishment" in their dynamic....I can totally understand why anger is not a desired emotion in a spanking. Bottom line...however...it seems all of us see spanking as emotional experience...regardless of the type of spanking dynamic we might enjoy.
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