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  1. It varies quite a bit with us....Butt...hand spankings are almost always over his knee....and I feel very intimate with him like that. Belt whippins, paddlings, canings....either bent over something, often restrained, as I really struggle to hold a safe position, or...please do not condemn, but sometimes I am standing or kneeling at a post and restrained, or "strung up" with arms above my head... to something above.
  2. Hmm...I definitely try to avoid randomly hurting my butt...lol. Butt...lol...this cimes to mind for some reason...in response to your topic. We like to ride bikes together...the kind you gotta peddle, not a motorcycle...lol. Well...over the years there have been 3 or 4 times when he whipped my butt close to the time we started our ride...which are usually 50 miles or so...we have dine many centuries...that is 100 miles...in one day. Well..let me tell you, when your butt is burning from his belt and/or paddle...or BOTH....which has happened...and then you take out on a 50 or 60 mile bike ride...THAT makes one's butt hurt more....I can only peddle standing for so long...eventually sore butt and uncomfortable bike seat....meet!
  3. My thighs are often included. Not with the paddle, but certainly quite a bit with the belt, cane, or even to some extent his hand. And...not just the rear side, but sometimes on the front too. Yes...it does hurt...but...my spankings can be pretty intense. It is not an "always" thing...depending on the reason...but I would say fairly often. We do have a limit of him not whipping my thighs lower than a couple inches above my knees....and no wood paddling on my thighs. I sometimes have cane lines on my thighs, and sometimes on the front thighs as well. The belt will sometimes wrap as well. I know this to be controversial and viewed as abusive by some...which is ok. But...just saying it fits with us...and often brings yelps and pleas out of my mouth...lol. Not part of the topic, but now and then my husband may cane my calves as well...but once again...rarely for that. At times, the lower "marks" on my thighs will dictate the outer gar ents he has me wear, as it sometimes takes a few days for the weals to disappear...and they possibly could be noticed by eyes that just do not understand. But...most of my skirts and dresses are longer and modest anyway. The biggest clothing challenge sometimes is workout clothing when in the gym.
  4. OK...guess I will get blasted here, but decided to share another side to this coin. Certainly, my husband is the primary spanker of my behind...as an adult...ever since we were dating...although the dating spankings were much less intense than my marital ones...lol. But..here is the thing with us....his father has spanked my husband's mother the entire time they have been married...40 years now I think coming up. His mother was pregnant at 16 and my father in law was 17...and both sets of parents insisted they get married...and they lived with my husband's grandparents. His grandparents were huge believers in spanking not only their children, but his grandfather was known to take a razor strap to his wife as well. My husband's grandfather had a strap made and presented it to my father in law to use on his wife....which he did quite often in their early days. So...yes...would not in any way "fly" today...but then...it did. They actually grew as a couple and family....like I say...40 years and 4 children...grandchildren...all doing great actually. I know from family conversations....my husband's two sisters submit to spankings from their husbands, and his brother is single with a disability...lives with my in laws....NO spanking involving him now as an adult, btw. But...the "tradition" or practice of spanking the wife and a more submissive wife was carried on by my husband in his first marriage. She birthed him two wonderful children and was spanked on occasion by my husband...before her quick death caused by cancer and an aneurism. All that to say. my mother in law and I and husband's sisters and husbands are very close. We sometimes discuss our discipline among ourselves. And..there have been a few times over 15 years in which I have seen my mother in law spanked by her husband, and twice I saw one sister in law spanked by her husband. There have been a few times my husband has spanked me in front of my father and mother in law....and twice we both got spanked together for doing something worthy of discipline. In those instances, I was spanked first by my husband, then my father in law...and same with my mother in law...first her husband and then my husband. Now..,these were not sexual in any way...purely disciplinary. Not routine, but can happen in our dynamic if warranted and appropriate. No bare butts, but well warmed panties for us both...with a belt and paddle. So...condemn me if you like...but in our history and within how "spanking" and submission in our marriages...as an accepted and still sustained tradition...I do not feel it is really creepy or...wrong. Neither does anyone in our immediate family circle.And...btw...none of this is ever witnessed by our children or the grandkids...which are my nieces.
  5. When my husband takes of his shirt....he is in very good shape btw....and then takes of his belt and holds it in his hand doubled....I turn to submissive mush...lol.
  6. You capture your feelings and the things going thur your head and heart well...while doing corner time. I do a fair amount of corner time, and I also am pretty much a blend of the same experience you describe so well.
  7. Spanknutt....thank you for the song! lol...it was so cute. I too plat guitar and sing, but never with "original" content and...lol...neverva song about spanking....lol...very nice Sir.
  8. I "have" actually been spanked in "the office". My husband actually owns and runs several businesses. He has a separate building in which administrative employees and a team of engineering types work. I work in the fitness facility he owns...and he is actually my "boss" as well as my husband...lol. His office is isolated at the end of a long hall way...which I know he did intentionally when he built the facility 12 years ago. I have met with him for private "lunch" many times during the last 12 years. Sometimes we do "just" talk...but many of those times also involves romantic intimate times....aka sex....lol. And...sometimes....those "private sessions" have also wound up with me over his knee or bent over the back of a chair. None of these spankings in office are severe, as I know "severe" to be in our dynamic...but they do sting and are usually a precursor to more severe and prolonged spanking to come at home. Often, when he takes me sexually or when he spanks me in the office, he puts a muzzle type serious gag on my head and mouth....because he says...I am a screamer...lol.
  9. I feel I am a 100% submissive to my husband...in terms of my desire to be so...but there remains within me the challenge of resisting pushing back against authority and rules and such, and THAT is why I also need absolutely discipline and training on going. So...my submissive desire and I think "nature"....is able to be fulfilled by his strength of authority in a very firm but loving way. I guess another way of putting it...is...I would never surrender to his discipline and training if there was not a "natural" craving and need to do so. All that to say...I never acknowledged or recognized this within me until I was 25 and had experienced the results of me living totally without submission and discipline. For me, submission and discipline go hand in hand Fo
  10. Very interesting....so your mother sounds so amazing and understanding of your needs. Did she give you the strap often after you had that conversation. I think 50 is pretty heavy....I know it is for me! And...I admit I am curious who "still spanks" your sister. I am just wondering if the so-called "spanko gene" I have heard some people here and there...is in fact in your family lineage. I believe such "might" be the case in my husband's family. Thank you for sharing this...by the way.
  11. I understand what you are saying. My "need" to be spanked does not make sense to me at all. I hated the spankings I got growing up, and my will is strong. I have no idea why I also crave submission to my man. I did not realize how much I needed spanking and dominance until I was 25. At that point, my husband (dating before we got married) "triggered" the need...made me aware...like flipping a switch. I dunno...maybe with me it is a survival mechanism, as I found I am not so good at self discipline and controlling myself...evidenced by my early adult days as a prostitute, stripper, drug and alcohol addict, and violence from bad temper and pent up anger unleashed....3 years in state prison. All I know...is this now works for me and us....and my life is so much better...even if not always "easy"...because of the Lord, my husband, my church, my healthy and fit lifestyle guided by my husband, hard work, my "career" as an LMT and soon to be personal trainer....and of course...my husband's belt.
  12. I was a foul mouthed vulgar cursing person.....used MF lots....before meeting my husband. I had lots of pent up anger after I ran away from home and got involved in my early adult life of prostitution, drugs, alcohol, stripping, and eventual prison. I guess I came to think of cursing and vulgarity as a way fit in with the world I was in. After meeting my husband and being in a church and such, I still struggled with bad language because...it had become a habit and pattern of behavior for me. My husband made it very clear such was not acceptable....and I got many tannings when I blurted things out. We discovered, as I grew less angry inside and gradually more given over to my husband as his servant wife, my cursing and vulgarity lessened....but the habit side still raised its ugly head now and then. To this day, I still have setbacks, but I am 100 times better with my language than 15 years ago...for sure! Besides spankings...administered as close to the time of infraction as possible for privacy...and there have been many....my husband has washed my mouth with soap multiple times....placed me in a muzzle for set periods of time, the longest I remember being 12 hours....placed clothes pins on my tongue and have me kneel at attention with my arms folded behind my back....drooling for 2 hours or so.... and made me apologize to various people on multiple occasions.
  13. With us...it varies. Sometimes I do...sometimes he does. I never know...and sometimes my spankings are just over my skirt or dress....or just over my panties. Those times are more along the lines of...I will give you something now while I do not have much time....but later when we have more time and privacy can be maintained....I will finish this with you. lol...all of those are bare skinned....but varies how it gets there. The final outcome, however...is the same....bare bottom for his hand or paddle or belt or rod...whatever. As I think more on this, he delights in having me stand or kneel at attention for my scolding lecture before or after a spanking...a Marine drill sargeant type lecture which he is very good at...and as I am in that position before him, he often will tell me to bare my bush....by pulling down my panties...and bare my breasts, by pulling up my top and bra if wearing one....it is very humbling and reinforces my overall submission to his strength and discipline to which I am under.
  14. My husband does look me straight in the eyes often in the course of our exchange during spankings. It is not a constant thing throughout the course of the entire spanking, as usually I am not positioned such to make it feasible during the actual spanking But...certainly during his lecture and reprimanding of me, which can take place before, during, or after...he looks me straight in the eye and it certainly adds to our intensity, intimacy, and personal meaning.
  15. Interesting topic...thank you. With us, our dynamic is definitely bent toward the disciplinary aspect of my spankings. So, the "intent" or goal in spanking me is not to bring about an orgasm. However, I DO experience some pretty WONDERFUL orgasms now and then while just being spanked hard on my bare skinned bottom with his hand, while being over his leg or lap. When that happens, it is of course amazing, but thus far he does not decrease the intensity of the spanking, but actually increases it. So...the spanking is even harder, but my tolerance for pain is higher too. It is kind of a weird experience...and I DO LIKE IT...but it is unpredictable with us. I have asked my husband to just spank me like that as a sexual intimacy for us..but...we cannot seem to bring me to that kind of orgasm when we approach the "foreplay outside the context of real discipline being given me. I am a strange person....fully acknowledged....lol. I guess my husband does "force" orgasms from me outside of spankings...with his more aggressive sexual "use" of me, if you will....but that is just a part of my submission to him and my appreciation for his dominance and strength.....probably outside the scope of your topic here.
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