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  1. I am made to do corner time now and then, but not on a regular basis. With us, how Husband has me do it varies, but I would say the purposebis usually for me to reflect on my infraction and on the upcoming consequence...or the consequence just experienced. I do not like corner time much because it usually replaces aftercare hugging and being held. Sometimes my corner time is lengthy, which I hate...but I guess it is to teach me patience...a definite need in my life. Always...my arms are folded behind my back and secured in a leather harness my husband had. I sometimes stand with nose pressed into the corner...and sometimes I am required to kneel. If i am kneeling a long time, he will put pads on my knees...a grace I appreciate. I always find corner time very humbling...not a favorite for me. I am sometimes bare naked, and when I am clothed my panties are always lowered. Most of my corner time comes afterba bare bottom otk hand spanking. I usually do not get corner time he gives me a belt whipping, but sometimes Indonget cornerntime before a belt whipping...with the belt to be used draped over my shoulders or fastened about my waist. Thats how corner time works with us.
  2. I hope it is OK to share my spankings here. That is what the description of this forum seems to mean. I do not mean to offend. I share because it helps me feel better....kind of like me being publicly punished like whores used to be. I am not a whore any longer...far in my past...I am my husband's wife and now only his whore, so to speak...but I feel the "whore" inside me still needs punished from time to time. I had once again been inappropriate in my conversation with someone here...and confessed such to my husband yesterday during our time together in his office. It is very private, and he had summoned me for his pleasure...which is my pleasure. Afterwards, I dropped to my knees and proactively confessed my inconsiderate act...asking him to please punish me. He calmed me...reminding me he determined when and for what to punish me...sending me back to finish my slate of massage clients. I left about 6 and was going home to fix dinner for us...got a call instructing me he had decided to issue punishment for my inconsiderate mouth, causing another hurt. He would make a special trip home to deal with me as our daughter would still be working at the fitness center and we would be alone. I got home...followed his instructions...to the letter. Went to the basement....stripped to my under things. That morning he had put me in red silky panties, a red garter belt, white hose, and a red silky camisole top to match my panties. My shoes were nice red flat, comfortable to work in as for my job as a licensed massage therapist at his fitness center. As instructed, I fetched the belt....got on my knees immediately, draped the belt about my neck....and folded my arms behind my back...and knelt at attention awaiting his arrival. It was not long after I was settled, I heard his truck pull up and listened as he made his way thru the house.... went to the bathroom I think...then apparently had a snack in the kitchen...and finally heard him open the door to the basement and walk down the steps to find me. He asked me to explain again what I had done...and why I wanted to be punished. I found myself in tears as I explained it again...I was having one of my emotional days I guess. He was silent...and after awhile just said ...OK. He told me to lay the belt on the ground and bare my breasts, so I did as told and took off my camisole top. He then launched into a very harsh rough lecture....used rough language and terms...but...I needed to hear those hard things. He then had me get up and walk to post...."as a whore should". He had me face it and fastened my wrists high above my head as he has many times before...and my ankles at the bottom, snugly fastened together and pulled tight to the post...same with my legs above my knees. It is a wood square post. He has the restraints positioned so I must stand on my tip toes. After he had me in full restraint, he came around to stand in front of me. He had taken his shirt off. He is a lean and strong man. He had the belt in hand....and was explaining to me why he was going to whip me, whispering almost and stroking my face gently with his hand, pulling my hair from my shoulders and back to fall in front of me. I lost it again...found myself sobbing and begging to be whipped very hard. I felt I needed that so bad. He went behind me...yanked down my panties to my knees...and the belt came down on my bared skin bottom...over and over..stinging...hard swats leaving a swath of hot sting...on my bottom from top cheek swell to where it joins my legs. Swat after swat on my upper legs...down to just above my panties bunched above my legs. I bawled like a baby...released all the self loathing and disgust I had with myself. Then...the single blade of his leather belt slashed across my back...across my shoulder blades. Again and again across my backs bare skin. The new pain bringing shreaks and yelps of pain. I had actually hoped he would whip my back this time...in a weird way I had craved it. I had hoped he would use his lash, but I knew better than to tell him how he should punish me. He knew best. I do not how many "lashes" I had received on my back and how many times he had taken that doubled belt to my butt and legs....butt by the time the flurry of his strokes had ended and the sound of leather smacking bare skin had ceased to echo off the concrete walls of the basement...I felt totally undone...and renewed...reset....fulfilled. I had managed to stop bawling like such a big baby and instead of bawling had resorted to yelps and yells of pain instead...but a few seconds after I caught my breath and husband had caught his...I just found myself sobbing...quietly...as I remained attached to the post. My skin was on fire, but my heart was so much lighter. He gently hugged me from behind as I cried it out....stroking my hair...whispering his love for me. He gave me all the time I needed. He is such a wonderful man for me. I love him....he does not think I am a nut case. He then drove all the way back to the fitness center to pickup our daughter. He had gone way out of his way in extra driving and giving me his precious time...just to take care of me. He is a special blessing to me. Of course, he released me to take a shower...while he put together a nice little meal from left over things we had. After we ate, he examined me to make sure I had no injuries or cuts. Yes...I have some marks on my bottom, legs, and my back, but nothing that I have not had many times before. Not the worst by far. I felt I deserved far more severe, but my husband knows best. These marks will disappear in a few days like always...but today I am a bit sore and as I write this...I am sitting on a pillow...lol. I am still a bit sore...probably will be most of this day. And...I am assigned to do 2 workouts at the fitness center this week. I may ask Husband ifbI can do those in our home gym. Otherwise, I will need to undress and dress in one of the bathroom stalls..and wear my longer leotards that go almost to my knees under my workout skirt...and of course wear a fully sleeved top...no spaghetti straps or anything showing my shoulders. Lol...my husband determines my clothing everyday...and I sometimes have to humbly remind him that marks will show if certain items are worn after he has tanned my hide....lol. pp
  3. I saw a funny placard in a yard the other daybwhich made me smile...and think. I hope my husband will continue spanking me when I am old and gray and probably fat...lol. I found the placard on the internet to show you here...lol. Butt...lol...I an wondering if or how many there may be here who have been the spanked or spanker with the same person...for a long period of time. For the sake of this discussion....lets say 15 years or more.
  4. I got it last evening. To make a long story short, I had procrastinated in getting gas in our SUV, thinking I would do it the next day, However, Husband needed the SUV instead of his truck the next day to take some clients to lunch. So, he got in the car next morning to to take our daughter to school and was late because he had to stop and get gas. He informed me by phone I would be disciplined later. I was. We did a planned 5 mile evening run on our property...weather was perfect and then finished with 2 weight training and calisthenics circuits Husband designed. We were in our gym out building and alone. At the finish of our workout, he told me fetch his paddle. He had me bend over and gave 5 hard swats...over my clothing, I was wearing a workout skirt and tank top with full brief panties. He had pulled down my skirt and the swats were over my pantied bottom. He then told me to strip except for my gym shoes and socks....and gave me a pair of workout gloves to put on. He had me bend over again like before...elbows on the weight bench...and gave me 5 more hard swats on my bare bottom. Then he had me fetch the belt he keeps out there. He fastened it around my waist. It has extra holes he put in it so it will fit my smaller waist. He then led me out behind the building by grabbing one of my nipples...and had me do 3 sets of bear crawls, a punitive punishment. I hate bear crawls. You have to walk, so to speak, with just your hands and feet touching the ground. I knew the drill. If you rise up out of position or let your knees touch the ground...or do not start at the whistle afterba 10:second rest at each 30 yard leg of the 3 sets...you earn 3 swats with the belt. They are very strenuous, especially at the end of a decent workout....you breathe hard and your shoulders and arms really get a workout. And...doing them is humbling...especially naked your red stinging sticking up in the air. Husband used them with his football players and in training exercises in the marines....minus the spanking of course...lol. i struggled thru them, but had 6 infractions. That earned 18 belt strokes. He took me to a post in the building and tied me to it standing...my wrists in leather cuffs above my head....my ankles in leather cuffs to the post at the bottom. He then took off the belt from my waist...gave me one of his famous lectures....and laid the 18 strokes hard on my bare butt and upper legs. I was tearing up, and it stung like fire...but I managed to not bawl like I sometimes do. I felt bad to have caused our daughter to be late because of my procrastination....and actually thought a I deserved more...but such was not the case. He released me and held me in his arms for some time. After the warmth of being in his arms and held against his strong bare chest...he sternly warned me to be more prudent next time...or I would really get my hide tanned. He then told me to slip on my clothes and we walked in the night to the walkout entrance into our basement. We have a rustic shower there of sorts in one corner with a drain. We had a shower together....and he took me with his manhood. I slept very well as we made our way to bed after showering....still feeling remnants of the burning sting from my discipline, but naked and loved next to him...my head on his firm abs, one leg draped over his upper leg...his hand resting on onebof my sore bottom cheeks.
  5. I get "blips" on my screen once in awhile...lol...but nothing definite. Although I often wonder if people around me are so inclined, it is really just more of a fun thing to imagine and think about....for me.
  6. I meant to say..."without" actually having sexual intercourse or sexual penetration? I am a terrible typist on this ipad!
  7. Physical fitness is a big part of our lifestyle with or without spanking involved. From time to time, my husband will combine "added" challenging and intentionally "punitive" exercises with a spanking given me either before, during, or after the spanking. I refer to things such as wind sprint drills added after a regular workout...add on calistentics..added circuits...added rope climbing....bear crawls...running additional distances....running with wrists tied in front. He has a huge reperotoir he draws on. He was a football coach for years, and is a certified personal trainer still...and for a while was a marine training officer...somhe does this with me well and effectively.
  8. A recent discussion has brought this to my mind for asking you. Do any of you actually reach orgasm while being spanked...paddled...whipped with a belt, cane, or hand OTK? I mean...no actual groping, fingering, penetration, oral stimulation...whatever. I mean that at some point preceding, during, or right after a spanking....you become aroused to the point of orgasm without actually having sexual intercourse or sexual penetration? Although our dynamic in our marriage is all discipline and training....I do occasionally orgasm just from being spanked...so in that sense our spanking dynamic becomes very sexual as well. Am I alone in this?
  9. Thank you for your work and efforts....much appreciated.
  10. Thank you all for such thoughtful responses. I am reading you all to say that achieving tears either as spanker or spankee should never be an intentional goal...and I guess that is the case with my husband and I. If that happens...well then it does. I just know that the "release", or the more fancy word you much smarter ones use..." catharsis"...is something special to me...to "us" really. My husband tells me when I have those times of free flowing tears and sobbing...he feels very very close to me and feels like he shares the emotions I am expressing thru my crying. Often he cries with me. And I feel especially very very close to him as I cry into his chest or onto his shoulder or lap... or he kisses me while I cry things out and strokes my hair...cups my sore bottom in his hands. I know we all have concerns that perhaps crying is an indication of abuse, but we all cry for various reasons...not just physical or emotional pain...many of which you have mentioned in your insightful comments. We can cry for joy...for hurt...for love...for regret...for loss...for healing and release from guilt. I think when I find myself caught up in the emotions of our disciplinary relationship...for me my crying is perhaps a mix of all those emotions...and maybe some others I do not consciously even recognize. So...for me crying is not an indication of abuse brought on me. But...I realize this is largely due to the fact I trust my husband completely to understand my needs....avtrust he has earned and proven out. When I first started crying in after spankings....and for a couple years after that, Husband would always stop the spanking shortly after I started crying. I began to feel kind of cheated that he stopped....like I was on the verge of something important, and then never got there. Kind of like when one is brought close to orgasm, and then never actually explodes into one. I know...as I already told you...I am a nut case! So...after many experiences of crying being the end of the spanking....I asked...no...begged for him to continue spanking me "while" I cried...for as long as he deemed necessary for the discipline.....not to be deterred by my tears as as a signal the punishment was sufficient. He was reluctant I think because he thought it was abuse on me....harmful instead of loving. Well...I can tell,you...when he finally did start actually spanking me "while" I was crying...to the full culmination of the discipline earned and deserved.....we reached a whole new level of intimacy and healing. I cannot really describe it. And...maybe should not really say this here....but I have had many actual sexual orgasms actually while bawling my eyes out....sobbing....heaving sobs....my hind end still being scorched and stinging from continued belt or paddle or whip strokes...or his hand. Like the tears, the orgasms are not the "goal", but a gift of the intimate relationship we have grown together in our dynamic. I become a real, blubbering mess, but I guess a perfect mess... lol. Yes...I am a crazy person. I wonder if maybe I am a pain slut, as I have heard the term. I know this type of thing is not for everybody...and rightfully so. Our dynamic is admittedly intense albeit agreed upon by me and my husband. We have actually tried to back off intensity...mostly at my husband's request....but thus far we both have always found the lesser intensity...is just not fulfilling....for us...at least not at this point in our journey together. I think the last few years I maybe have cried 40 percent or so of the spankings I get. Just a guess. I honestly benefit every time Husband disciplines me, but...for me...I think when my tears flow I not only benefit to grow and improve my future...I also experience some healing of my past...which I admit was a real mess.
  11. How important is it to reach or bring genuine tears or even heaving sobs from a spanking...from the spanker or spankee perspective? This has probably been discussed in abundance here, so please forgive me if you find this redundant or boring. I have been wondering about this recently as I have joined in recent discussions and relating to it with my own experience. Personally, when I began this lifestyle 14 years ago, it honestly took a lot to bring me to full blown crying or bawling or prolonged sobs. I definitely felt the pain and submission, but not such deep "release" as I have come to know now, if you will...so that tears flowed abundantly. It was more like cries of anger and frustration..of just me kind of paying my dues for the bed I made myself to lie in. I hope that makes some kind of sense to you. I think it does to me...lol....maybe. I mean I would often screech...scream...curse...lol...even get watery eyes...but actually uncontrolled crying...not really. I guess it was maybe 4 years into our marriage before I truly began to experience some kind of special emotional...spiritual...physical...psychological ..."release"...and found myself often becoming a real blubbering bawl baby mess...lol...seriously. And..sometimes it had nothing to do with how hard or more lenient the discipline or training applied. I am still that way today. So...to help me better understand me and us....I ask this. What is your experience? Is "coming to genuine tears" the ultimate goal of a disciplinary or sexual/funishment spanking kind of the ultimate "goal"....or just a nicety? As a spanker...is this a part your expectation in order to consider the spanking valid or effective? I think with my husband it varies...as it does with me. I just go with what he brings to me...lol. Or...for you spankees...are you kind of let down if your spanker does not take you there...or disappointed if you have not reached the point of release..whatever that may mean...into free flowing tears.
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