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  1. Yes...my sister and I growing up...several times. And...as an adult me and my mother in law were spanked in the same room at the same time by our respective husbands a couple of times.
  2. I have never experienced this. I am fairly new to anal insertions...except of course my husband's manhood and fingering. Just a few weeks ago husband did put a plug in my bottom hole. That I found more sexual...than punitive. I imagine using ginger fig might be similar.
  3. I have experienced both of these as punitive exercise. They are hard and get the message across to me...definitely want to avoid these if at all possible. My husband has also, now and then, accompanied these straining positions with his belt on my bottom, or on my front thighs with the wall sit...while still holding position!
  4. Chicago Lady...those are acts of submission..or service...I also regularly do for my man. I am sure your man loves it... and you...more for it. I know my man loves when i give him personal service like this well....associated with a spanking or not.
  5. I know how you feel...when the school,paddle,is shown...it stings like fire...especially on bare bottom skin!
  6. For us...after the spanking is time for after care. Aftercare varies for us, but it is not a time to verbally rehash what I just got punished for. All that was thoroughly communicated before and during the punishment. When the last stroke is laid down...it is time to now reassure me of his love and commitment to helping me learn and grow. Aftercare might be...me crying in his arms, or resting in his lap, or laying my head in his lap or on his shoulder...with him comforting me and running his hand thru my hair, or hugging me. He usually does not permit sex immediately after a spanking, but waits awhile after the spanking has ended. However, now and then...lol...he does make exceptions. I love aftercare...it seems to bring full resolution...especially to our more and emotional experience...That is why I hate corner time or punitive restraint after a spanking...because it usually robs me of the after are in his arms.
  7. I have been spanked in this position...and actually had an orgasm while being spanked hard like this. So...yes...I like it! I guess I feel very controlled...not going anywhere...and of course, I feel his leg on my pussy.....Perhaps spankings' best kept secret...lol?
  8. As a submissive wife who serves my husband and family well, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with my daily assignments. I guess I have mastered the art if multi-tasking when it comes to household chores...lol. This...is a skill for people who have a dominant spouse they submit to and serve. Mastering this skill...will save your poor bottom lots of spankings and paddling....spoken by someone who knows!
  9. I read where this cooking show host said...."I spank my dough". No idea who she is...perhaps you may know? But...I like her cooking perspective regarding dough...think I will adopt the same next time I make a patch. Lol...could this be the first step on my journey to becoming a spanker? lol...probably not....
  10. Yes...I do not fly much, but when someone has to take their belt off for going thru the security thing...yes...lol....and I have seen some swimming suits on the beach with bottoms red from the sun...or...was that really the reason?
  11. Oh Chawsee...I must admit I too love seeing a strong man's butt in wrangler jeans..and even more so if they are bare chested...with a heavy belt on....OR...with his hands on his belt buckle. For me...it triggers my submissive spankee trigger...lol...butt...it also triggers my ...hmm.....sexual arousal too! I am thinking for you it triggers your spanker desires, but I bet it triggers you in "other" ways too....lol...whewww!
  12. Sex is notbthe end game for my husband and me at all...but...when we have see it is so much better because of the intimate groundwork established in our intense disciplinary dynamic....we feed each other's sexual intensity and hunger from the dominant submissive roles so firmly experienced in the real life disciplinary relationship.
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