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  1. The man I was deeply in love with is no more. he could not handle my spanking needs, so he broke up with me. I'm totally heartbroken, and not sure if I'll ever be the same. I'd still like to find someone to share my spanking world with, but not for a long time to come. SO PLEASE....don't offer any condolences, no invitations to get together, and NO offers of phoney 'no-strings' attached friendships in hopes of getting my panties down sometime down the line. NOT INTERESTED! I'm old school...love first and foremost, then spanking. 🙂
  2. I do enjoy this site, however there are some 'undesirables' I could do without. In chat for instance, I've been asked if I "self spank". My response is..."why would I do that?" Then it dawned on me...they just want to 'get-off' at my expense. Seriously?! NO! . To me it's silly and degrading, and can only imagine whats happening on the other side. *BARF* It would be a helpful if admin would rid the site of these creepers.
  3. The good news is, I finally got spanked. The bad news is, it was as weak as weak could get. I got about 20 of the lightest spanks ever. Worse yet, he never put me over his lap or bared my bottom...UGH! My butt wasn't even red. I broke down and finally told him my wants and needs, and sure enough, he looked at me like I had spiders coming out of my nose...lol Being the wonderful BF he is, he obliged me regardless of how uncomfortable it made him feel. So, where does this leave me now? Do I have to train him too??? I would assume getting a spanking from someone I consider a 'mans man' wouldn't be that difficult. Right? Wrong? Help please......
  4. I'm not gonna start a huge "to-do" with my honey, or do anything to ruin our relationship. I want him to be the man I dream of him being. if I have to sit him down and tell him what my needs and wants are...it's ruined. it's like a child telling a parent how to be a parent. Very awkward. There is some of my plan I still plan to implement minus the bratting. Such as leaving my computer on this site when he's nearby. Maybe watch the movie "Secretary" together..etc. I plan on using more subtle tactics. Wish me luck...
  5. OMG....thank you for ALL the replies. Fortunately I'm still safe, because I haven't implemented the plan yet! WHEW! I will tweek my plan so not to lose the one I love and still get what I want and definitely need. Remember, I'm only 19! LOL. Stay tuned...
  6. After some chat and advice from members on messenger, I think I have a plan to get my boyfriend to give me the spanking I want and need. I call it....Operation "no-sit". #1. I plan to be a total brat for the first few days. I will get on his last nerve just short of a fight. #.2. Day three and four, is the silent treatment. #3. Day five, I will be apologizing for being a brat. Every time he says I'm forgiven, I'll apologize more and more. #4. Day six, I will act as soft spoken and submissive as I can. Later that evening, I will tell him I'm going to get ready for bed. Before he leaves to go home, (we don't live together) I will ask him to come in my bedroom for a second in a soft voice where he will find me sitting half naked with my pj bottoms and panties pulled down to my knees and sitting bare and nervous on two bed pillows with a hairbrush in my folded hands on my lap. From there, I will tell him I love him so very much and that I really need him to spank me good for the way I been behaving. Think it'll work?
  7. Wrongo…buddy-boy! You are NOT a Dr. of spankology, and you don’t know me like that, so don’t even go there!!😡 You got some nerve!🖕🖕
  8. I must admit, I’m disappointed with some members here. Especially in chat. While I appreciate the responses to my last post, there have been suggestions and offers that I seek out a disciplinarian/spanker discreetly behind my boyfriends back. They claim it’s not actually cheating, it’s just a need that needs to be fulfilled. Let me make it clear….THAT’S CHEATING, no matter how you slice it. Cheaters are low life trash…PERIOD! Anyway, I love my bf and plan to stick with even if I never get spanked. My love for him is stronger than my desire.
  9. Thank for the advice, everyone.😊. I’ll make a post when and if I get a spanking.
  10. First and foremost, I’m not interested in a get together, so please don’t bother. I have a boyfriend who is quite older than me. I fell for him the day we met. He’s all business, no nonsense, and the sweetest daddy type man I ever met. I would love it if he would just lower my panties, take me over his knee, and spank me GOOD! Any advice on how to get him to do so without asking??
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