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  1. Hello Hiroaka, I'd be interested in discussing this with you. I'm located in California so no working around time zone schedules.
  2. It doesn't take much more than a few minutes of playful banter to figure out if someone might be inclined.
  3. <iframe src="https://wheeldecide.com/e.php?c1=Wooden+Hair+brush&c2=Wooden+Bath+Brush&c3=Short+Tawse&c4=Long+Tawse&c5=Wooden+Spoon&c6=Teacher+Cane&c7=OTK+Cane&c8=Belt&c9=Hand&c10=Strap&c11=Wooden+Holed+Paddle&t=Which+implement+should+I+spank+you+with&time=5" width="500" height="500" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  4. Spanked by - Helen Mirren - This Woman has been sexy and imposing her entire career and I'd go over her royal lap anytime for a dose of the brush Spank: Halie Berry - Because I'm pretty sure she's a Switch and we could spend all night exchanging spankings with everything in my toy bag. 1577432005_DroptheMicwHelenMirren.mp4
  5. @wide_eyedIt is something that happens. And it is a valid complaint of spankee's who are not switches. Male seeking to turn Women who are 100% spankees into Tops for the sake of getting spanked. I listed it a Con because it is a perception that exits against Male Switches and a problem that Women spankees deal with.
  6. This is exactly right. And yes as was pointed out, the terms small minded and limited or limiting were used yesterday in the main chat. As were everyone of the points Pros and Cons I listed. But this post isn't about personally pointing anyone and their preferences out. It is an observation of my experiences and many Switches experiences dealing with how Switches are perceived as well as how there might be room for some of those perceptions to not be applied as absolutes. And also that yes indeed people including myself have been guilty of the specific item regarding manipulation. But this post while the genesis for bringing the topic up for discussion may have generated from the chat the beliefs that I have regarding the topic are born of my over 20 years of dealing with those perceptions. And I think it is worthy of reasoned discussion from all perspectives.
  7. My point about things evolving is based upon the fact that noting stands still everything moves forward as new ideas , information and players become active. And I totally agree a lot of that comes from having more access and that access is different than when I came in. It's not that there are more Switches than before but that more people are coming in without having to fall into one group or another. And I also agree with you that people should embrace who they are and how and whom they choose to play with. That is a basic tenet of life. My point is about perception becoming the absolute as to who and what Switches are and what they can be. What I did not say or posit is anything about being limited or small minded, although there are those that are both of those things. I also stated that there are truths to both the Pros and Cons that I posted. That all of the points are valid because someone had them or voiced them and I personally give them all weight. What I have always said is that those perceptions and experiences shouldn't become the absolute narrative. And as I stated from the beginning I'm stating my opinion based upon my experiences. It is personal only as that not an assignment to others personal experiences. I simply wanted open the discussion and I welcome the fact there are going to a lot of people who don't see my perspective and that is what makes good dialogue.
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