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  1. I really enjoyed reading these stories and testimonies! I hope to be able to experience this in my own life some day!
  2. Hello! I've experienced much of the same, but since starting/becoming new to the community and beginning to explore, I have learned that self-spanking is often a form of punishment that occurs between mentors/mentees who have relationships that make it geographically impossible for the disciplinarian to spank their mentee directly. In these cases, I've learned that "guided spankings" serve as disciplinary experiences for their mentee and if that's not your cup of tea, then that's okay! That being said, I have also been on the receiving end of that kind of conversation in which the person asking has a vested interest. In that case, I just exit from the conversation as politely as possible and block them from chatting with me in the future. As much as the admin do their best, I'm also sure that outside of this site they all have full-time jobs and families and things to attend to, etc. so having them vet every person or profile would be impossible! We, however, can be vigilant with our own conversations and interactions and that has helped my experience immensely!
  3. Hello! Loved your "About Me" and wanted to message you, but it wouldn't let me! Definitely interested in hearing more about your experience and view and maybe experiencing some of that myself! 

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