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  1. enjoys them? i'm like 'food fight' but then couldn't find your original comment. and nonsensical? Hey, i resemble that remark? Hell, i sometimes think i AM that remark. so keep 'em coming!
  2. i hope no one will look too very much askance at me when i say that the dynamic, agreed upon by both of us and such as it was, was indeed a bit iNtense.
  3. well, its not like all us Whiteys are having meetings and shot. and even if we were its not like we could make certain people either want to spank our patsy-white butts - speaking only for myself here - or not. so if black ladies won't spank me then perhaps its because they just don't like me.
  4. when i am giving a spanking to a loved one, i always look for that moment when she first starts to move around a bit. it is then that you know she is starting to feel it, starting to wonder what is coming next, not really knowing yet but still fearing it, and the swats continue coming, getting stronger and stronger, butt starting to burn a bit, and then harder and harder the swats come, all over her rear area, she jumping and bouncing from side to side as the discipline is administered on all points, her mind getting a bit confused and worried more and more and she starting to lose the ability to maintain a conscious train of thought, more violent squirming, the hands reaching back in a futile effort to stop that paddle or belt or hand from striking her over and over, tears starting to well up in her in frustration, uncontrolled crying soon quite possible as she begins to reach a feeling of complete helplessness and he knowing all of this and knowing fully of the complete control he exerts over her, knowing that he has that control, knowing that due to his greater strength, he can do whatever he wants with her, do whatever with what is probably by now a very red and stinging behind, she also knowing all this and knowing he knows it but still with a bit of confidence that he will not take her too far...and he won't. there is no need for that now or ever, she has received her punishment and knows that there will be more on subsequent days unless she gets her act together. and this the entire point of the affair, he has shown once again that he is her master, that she is to please and obey him, that her main aim should be to be a good girl, for him, yes, but more importantly for herself and all of this being the thing which brings he and her both more satisfaction and calm than anything else they could either hope or ask or wish for. i'm curious if anyone has reached a utopia/nirvana such as this in their spanking life.
  5. i once spanked, for a couple of months, an extremely nice young - (gawd i hate referring to people using colors) - black lady who had an interesting proclivity that I shall not explicitly reveal. I will just say that i don't believe any of our interactions were racist in nature but perhaps only a way for us to try and deal with some of its societal implications.
  6. oh, that's damn near poetic! come to think of it, that's just about the most damn poetic thing that i ever did read!
  7. just to clarify a bit: i am not speaking of anyone in particular here as i don't know the parties involved nor anything about their interactions. i am just saying that in cyberspace, if someone upsets you, you really can just pretend like they don't exist. hey, i do that in 'real' all the time! lol...
  8. they are nothing more to us than light pixels dancing off of a computer screen and they do not exist. so you don't even NEED to ignore them!
  9. oh i do luvs me some of those snakey belts. thx for sharing, great production values, first appearance of butt unexpected but appreciated!
  10. Because I was bored. No spanking happening here at the Jesus H. Migillicuty School of Culinary Delights (my side job), you know. So I signed up at KinkD for variety's sake. I guess you can and I actually did meet quite a few ladies there, at least online. But the ones I happened across all seemed to, in essence, want to scam your pathetic butt into tributing them for basically non-efforts at our most favored activities. One pretend (?) dominant woman did not waste much time wending our convos that way and it sorta pissed me off. So I lead her on a bit, pretending like I was going to eventually donate after she sent me contact info over SnapChat. But I did not donate. Not money, anyway. Nope! I 'donated' her a pic of my mooning butt, that's what I did donate! And not to put too fine a point on it...but included in the 'donation' was a centered image of my....well, I have to tell you exactly what as it pertains to that which later followed...asshole. Point of order: perhaps I should have typed "not to put too fine a point IN it"? Hmmm...that would be a bit apropos for achieving full spanking 'glory' I am thinking so perhaps I must needs remember this for future reference, time will tell). As you may or may not be able to imagine, I soon began to feel not a small degree of consternation at my immature act and thus decided to give her a chance to get back at me, read "teach me a lessonthat I will NEVER soon forget" and also, of course, to obtain said lesson to boot! I then proceeded thusly via Snap messaging, no pic this time: Hi again. My name is Chris and I am not that person I was pretending to be today, that was just role play. Even so, it was wrong for me to treat you badly. Speaking now as a real person, I understand that i have a problem and I want to correct it. To get that started, i have a proposal: you and I meet for 15 to 30 minutes and during that time, you will be allowed to spank me in any manner you choose. Hopefully you will not take mercy on me but will really try to teach me a lesson in good manners and how to properly treat a lady. Make me cry real tears. In appreciation for this, I will give you $100. Please consider this offer, I make it in good faith and look forward to your decision. (not sure why that turned white right after I pasted it in but what they hey, let's go with it). I sent that at about 12:30 am last night, bait attached, line thrown in, but no response yet not even a single hit pull on it. End of story unless something good my way soon comes. In any case, I promise to keep everyone updated, especially if and when exciting results are obtained. PS: Re: the attached image...not the one I sent, not exactly! btw, if any ladies want to join in at the same time on any upcoming fun or any other damn time and you are in the New Jersey/New York City area, then let me know. If that KinkDer will not deign to teach me a lesson then I surely hope that you will. Staff Edit: Image edited out (nude bottom with genitals showing; no spanking present so nudity and exposer to this degree isn't allowed were no clear spanking is in the image)
  11. So I will make no attempt at discussing spanking. What I would like to discuss is, is it possible for a true spankee or spanker to ever truly concentrate on discussing anything other than spanking and would such a discussion most logically be concluded to BE ABOUT SPANKING??? Enquiring bozo wants to know! Ok, now head on over to that spanking warning forum for more about...hee hee...spanking! Yes. A warning about KinkD coming soon to a laptop screen or somesuch near you if you want it and if you go there.
  12. i'd like to glom onto this myself. lucky will be the man who meets and accepts your requirements...and firm, disciplining love...and pure love. good luck to you and to whomever he may be. i think you will find him, how could one who needs what you can give ever resist you?
  13. Did: - she cry? - she cry like a baby? - she have red belt marks afterwards? - she have red paddle marks afterwards in addition to red belt marks? - she have red cane marks afterwards in addition to red paddle marks in addition to red belt marks? - she say afterwards "kiss me, you fool!"? Just wondering.
  14. that time Lucy almost got an OTK from Schroeder after she banged on that piano of his a bit too forcefully...
  15. has anyone ever pretended to give a funishment spanking but then secretly ratcheted it up a notch or 10 in order to teach that smarmy wife of mi...oops. sorry, i have issues!
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