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  1. About three weeks ago. Today is our anniversary so I was told I’m getting another one!
  2. That is amazing! Sounds like you 2 are on your way to spanking bliss. I am looking forward to see how this story progresses. Sounds like my dynamic. My wife will find a reason to take me OTK for a blistering when it’s play time. She takes something and runs with it. Like i didn’t empty the trash she we will start scolding me about that and keep it going until I’m in the corner sobbing with a bright shiny red backside.
  3. I remember reading CF publications during the early 00’s. WHAP magazine was a good one too.
  4. I’m late to this party. I have never reached out to a professional, I have been lucky that luckiest guy on the planet to have a wife that enjoys putting me over her knee. With that said I am a spanko and follow certain Tops on Twitter. Miss Chris would be be a good one to see. She gives off that maternal vibe, and she is a expert at putting naughty boys and girls in there place. Ms Lydia is another that has a degree in scolding and spanking naughty boys. They are from PA. If your willing to go overseas Ms Icenti is high recommend.
  5. Did your father in law spank you? Does that happen often on your farm?
  6. That’s great! You helped open the door! Maybe she liked doing that to you.
  7. I have bratted like that many times to see how I could push my luck. One time I got a speeding ticket and I told her in front of my in-laws. She said that’s the 2nd one in thirty days. My father in law said to my wife here you want my belt? She said no he has one I will use later!
  8. It’s not a shirt but my wife has a tumbler that’s white and with black lettering says “I spank naughty boys” I ordered it a few years ago cafe press item.
  9. I understand that. Mine usually ends up on the floor from being kicked off during a spanking
  10. As an ee I would love to over the laps of Michelle Obama, Nikki Minaj, Madonna, Bailey from Greys Anatomy. implements used hopefully a good solid Leda style hairbrush
  11. Yes I was the same. In the 90’s in high school confused because I wanted a girl to spank me and make me feel like a naughty boy. That was awkward I mean don’t get me wrong I chased the girls but a normal guy that would get off on a girl asking if he want a blow job I was thinking if a girl called me young man, do I need to blister your bottom that would get me off. But aver the years I have found that a male bottom is at the bottom of the totem pole so to speak. But in the mid 2000’s I found my spanko partner and now I’m her bottom. It was rough in the beginning but it’s heavenly know.
  12. I got paddled by Ma’am! It was intense, I cried a little bit. It was so amazing I had to share my cornertime photo.
  13. Been married to my Top for 15 years. She paddles my inner naughty boy and has since before we were married so I think the spanking will continue for years. We are in our 49’s I’m 43 and she is 40
  14. After a year and half my wife grabbed me by the ear and paddled my bare bottom. It was such a rush. She was so wet afterwards and I was a leaky mess. My days of be spanked have returned.
  15. Sounds like you got one hell of a man to correct you, give you what you need and be caring enough to punish you. Thanks fo sharing and enjoy that afterglow young lady!
  16. After a year and half my wife grabbed me by the ear and paddled my bare bottom. It was such a rush. She was so wet afterwards and I was a leaky mess. My days of be spanked have returned.
  17. I got spanked for having a dirty truck. I wrote a story about. So now I keep a super clean truck.
  18. Yes same her when I met my second wife. She was a spanko. I was 25 and she was 23. We were both switches but eventually she took the role as Top and me her bottom. I have been in heaven ever since.
  19. One of my sister in laws knows that her sister spanks me. And most of her cousins do too. Her side is really kinky as well. It wouldn’t surprise if my wife’s cousins husband is spanko’s regularly too. -that was a mouthful 😂
  20. Agreed like many of you spanko is my sexuality. Has been for years. And yes and it seems that male bottoms do t get their fair share. It’s tough to find a partner or even worse if you have to use a pro spanker/Top to get your needs met. Which I have never sought out a pro by the way.
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