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  1. So your significant other or friend is a hard wired spanko. So are you. The more you spank them the more they want. And inflicting injury is out of the question. But how can you handle this ? -Punish by WITHOLDING spankings - Make sure the spanking hurts and is not fun (possibly require orgasm first) - Step it up and keep going when they feel they have had enough. -Reinforce with hourly spankings for a day or two. -require nudity or embarrassing . lilited clothing for the rest of the day before and after. -Other ideas?
  2. I wonder why a huge majority of the people here are males, way fewer females, and why there are so many submissive ee males? Theories?
  3. A few suggestions: Work him up to a little harder each time. Show him how the more and harder, the better you like it. Make it better and better for HIM when he does a god job. Reward him when he spanks harder: with oral or whatever pleases him. Make him his favorite dinner, or cookies, or dessert. Reach him the idea of a safe word so that he knows there is no chance you will be injured. Show him that the harder he spanks the more turned on you get.
  4. By percentage, tell me how much the sexual element plays into spankings for you and your partner. Does sex often follow a spanking? Or perhaps sexual activity is forbidden for a period of time after as part of punishment. or maybe it is not involving sex or arousal whatsoever for either partner.
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