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    This is pretty much a test bed, actual images to follow!
  2. Ooh, I've seen the trailer for this one. If I remember, Melanie Lynsky's character is a historical tour guide with a penchant for dropping-bombs, so I'm assuming that this is a haunted house's resident spirits trying to break of the habit in the custom of her day. The real question, of course, is if the filmmakers were aware of the fetish appeal when they put this in...
  3. Detroit Pete hit the nail on the head here... I was trying to reconcile the fact that most of the erotica I enjoy involves uncertain consent (Which seems to be a trend here), but that's why. The spankee's desperate thinking "Did I want/need/ask for this" tends to be the central conflict in the stories I read.
  4. Music for corner time sounds like an idea... but as for the act itself, I'm not sure. A song can help set the beat (pun intended), but playing music during a spanking sounds about as effective as playing music while vacuuming, it's too noisy to hear it.
  5. I've heard the expression, but not outside of Regency dramas. It might just be an anachronism, but yeah - given how the term is used in vanilla conversation, I can see how "bully" might have fallen out of favour among the Safe, Sane and Consensual crowd as well.
  6. Hm, I think it would depend greatly on the ER's tone and intent - but if they were sincere in wanting a spanking of their very own, it's only proper that they get what they're accustomed to giving. You can show them what you've learned!
  7. Well then - welcome, Sandy!
  8. Welcome to the boards, BuZhiDao.
  9. I've designed one of these as well, but with a bit of a different purpose; my partner, while accommodating, isn't in to spanking, so the "request form" (more of a questionnaire) is intended to guide scenarios and establish limits without the typical shorthand that another spanko would recognize. I haven't actually had a chance to use this thing yet, so we'll see how it goes after I do.
  10. Is that a crack of some kind? My reaction is divided.
  11. Oh, I quite like this one. Patsy isn't enjoying this at all - no sir, not at all.
  12. They're an engrossing read, especially given the versimillitude of the relationship between the Jedi characters. Well done.
  13. This is not something that would have occurred to me when considering this kind of scene, so thank you for your insight.
  14. I treat the distinction in terms of the er's intent - a hard spanking is going to hurt, but it's in service of the lesson being imparted; the pain of a severe spanking is the lesson (Discipline versus punishment, if you will).
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