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  1. I have not been spanked much. The few times I have I can say that I have been very wet during it, and that I feel is part of the punishment as I become embarassed. This is involuntary though, and when the punishments continue past the point of pleasure and I'm in tears, the arousal is the last thing on my mind. Since signing up here I've been asking for people to give me self spanking punishments as I'm not comfortable meeting with someone right now. As spanks have become a part of foreplay for me, I'm finding it difficult to find someone who is able to instruct me to be fair but give a hard enough punishment that I'm still at least on the verge of tears, as opposed to just spanking to get myself going. It's a fine line for people that's for sure but try not to fault him, or let him fault himself for the body's natural responses. Just keep going and when the tears start you'll both feel more comfortable!
  2. Hello just signed up here from ct. I'm a spanked, looking to meet local folk. I'm interested in getting to know people, possibly do online requests (self spanking punishments Adminstered by spakers), chat and go from there.
  3. Baseball catchers!!!🍑
  4. @SubDaisy1234 Work needs to remain a priority, so that cannot include lying or being late. Set a timer, lay on your bed with pillows under your pelvis raising your butt, then administer 2 minutes of solid spanks to your bottom in your panties with a hair brush. Then place the next implant (paddle, switch, or bath brush) on the bed, stand with your nose against the wall for 5 minutes. When the timer rings, bare you bottom and lay back over the bed. 50 hand spanks, alternating cheeks. Then two more minutes with the next implant. After your punishment lay in position over the bed for another two minutes to compose yourself and think of how lying could get you fired. Remember how that would hurt worse than a spanking. To cure the mess? You already spanked yourself so I reccomend right after your punishment, going to your car to clean without hesitation. When you come back inside, soap your mouth out for 2 minutes. a reminder to clean up. Rinse. Hand spank each soar cheek 20 times then get on that room! I live alone so I do not always feel the need to do house hold chores, therefore I procrastinate way too long. Also my drinking is excessive. I'd like to start spanking per drink, but need a good maintenance spank to get me there. I have a leather paddle (cheap, for btsm), plastic spoon, flip flop, and solid hair brush, as well as bar soap.
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