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  1. not sure if this is the right forum board, apologies if I messed this up. So, I have been gone for a while due to real life circumstances becoming a hectic rollercoaster taking me from joyful highs to sad lows. as some of you know, I am married, submissive to my husband and he spanks me when deserved, needed or just because. Not really a label there. I thought to ask for input here as obviously TTWD is not easily shared with real life friends. I lost a beloved family member recently and had not really a chance to say goodbye to him. It is now 3 weeks ago and while my outbursts with sobbing have diminished some, I feel like I am walking around in a fog. My husband is great, gives me more space and grace than usual, yet he still gives consistency and is my safe space. He doesn’t hesitate to address things or spank me when deserved. my question is this: how do you guys deal with spanking in times of grief? Do they happen like normal, differently or not at all? I am fully aware that a spanking will not quickly fix my grief but I am also aware that spankings can be therapeutic, provide a release of emotions etc. I just feel very lethargic, no motivation to get things done and I have noticed that sometimes a quick session with stinging swats has helped me to get through the day and those sessions can be kind of motivational or helpful. I don’t know, obviously there is not one fits all solution but I am interested to read different perspectives.
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