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  1. I'm glad you got out safe and nothing (as far as I know) terrible happened other than the experience. It's a risky lifestyle so I know it's important to try to get to know people 1st and if down the line they show signs of changing, without hesitation I'm out 💨
  2. Butts Up To Take Soon CRIES
  3. Oh my! I HATE ivory soap. Hated it as a kid. It made my skin itchy and dry and I definitely don't like smell. I'm new to all of this but I'd venture to say (if I had a choice) I would prefer a spanking over ivory soap in my mouth 😖
  4. I like these guidelines. I've never EVER been spanked so meeting a spanker who had the same guidelines as the ones stated would be ideal for me. I can understand to some people like Gator mentioned above that a minor spankings are not spankings. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm guessing because of the higher lever of pain tolerance. Myself, I'd definitely want a minor initially and gradually work my way up. I also understand the levels (the 3 M's) would be based on how the ER perceives minor, moderate, and major to feel so the ERs minor may feel like a moderate to me. Good post! A lot to take into consideration.
  5. Thank you, it's already a big decision to move forward with especially when I have to factor in the fact if and when I meet someone, the person could say and do all the right things I public until we get behind closed doors. It's honestly a risk. I'm typically good at reading vibes so hopefully my intuition doesn't fail me when I meet someone for my 1st time.
  6. Thank you 😊 I don't think I mind either way if it's a male or female as long as they are safe, sane and know what they are doing. I haven't experienced a spanking ever so I'm pretty much open to trying until I determine my preference.
  7. Ohhh... ok thanks. I was thinking HoH was some sort of implement since it was used alongside the belt 😂 I'm still learning. I guess technically the HoH is a type of implement.
  8. It really does though. I'm nervous anyway but I'd be even more nervous knowing my spanker was in route. The anticipation 😰😅
  9. Hi, just wondering whats an HoH? Thanks 😊
  10. The traveling spanko 😂 has a ring to it.
  11. Geez! Stand in the corner till bedtime 😅. Oh you're strict, strict! I'm new to all of this, haven't even had my 1st spanking yet (and was never spanked as a child) but I would be a sad something if I were made to stand in the corner till bedtime especially depending on the start time I had to stand there. Although I haven't had one (yet) I fear discipline spankings already.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm super new to this and just learned about spankings about 4 months ago while searching for an accountability coach. Eventually I found professional disciplinarian and was like 🤔 I read more about it and Google searched EVERYTHING! 😅 I had no idea this was a "thing" but obviously became curious especially since I wasn't spanked as a child 😏. Over time my curiosity grew and well... here I am. The urge has not gone away only grew so just nervously anticipating my 1st spanking. How did you do, find or go about receiving your 1st spanking?
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