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  1. I assure you my age has nothing to do with how many women I’ve spanked. The number I say is 8. That’s how many women I’ve met up with to spank, whether it happened spontaneously when we were in the moment, or I actually scheduled to meet up with them and spank them. I’m still learning and I have learned even more from this website, but don’t underestimate me just because I’m young.
  2. I don’t think I can really detect anything, but the women I have spanked all told me that they had desires to be spanked, but never had been spanked. Guess spankos just have invisible magnets inside of them sometimes.
  3. Haven’t been spanked, but I will say that I’m oddly attracted to white panties with flower patterns on them.
  4. I believe after care is very important especially when creating trust. I always make sure to calm my spankee down by getting her a glass of water and stroking her hair then talking everything through afterwards.
  5. I consider myself a switch, but I identify more with the spanker side of me. People have often come to me with problems that they’re having in their lives, and people have told me they look up to me before and that they feel like I care about them. I think this has overall made me want to be a leader in life, and thus, a spanker in a spanking relationship. The spankee part of me comes in when I feel like I care for so many people, but don’t have people to listen and care for me and I need to be taken care of.
  6. Nice to meet you as well, hope to see you around too.
  7. I once spanked a woman with my hand for a good while one time, I thought I had gone a little too far as I was inexperienced. When I asked her if she was okay she responded “that’s all you got?” So naturally I had to up my game a little bit and bring out my brush. I guess she didn’t really ask for more spankings, but definitely implied she wanted more.
  8. I appreciate that, Chawsee! Thank you for the kind words, I’m sure I’ll fit right in here.
  9. After much time lurking on here I finally decided to make an account. I have experience as a spanker. I’ve spanked about 8 women. I do not have any experience as a spankee, but I’m working on changing that. Looking forward to getting to know you all and you’re welcome to message me if you would like.
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