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About Me

Hi there.

From a very early age, I was always fascinated by my stern female teachers, authoritative babysitters, and strict moms of my friends. I was a big Spanko before anything else. Unfortunately, I was never spanked growing up, as my mom was definitely not a disciplinarian.

While I never got to experience a real childhood spanking, I did experience my fair share of female authority, especially going to a catholic school with all kinds of strict teachers.  Yet, the closest thing to a spanking there was having to write lines or stand in the corner.

It's interesting because, on the one hand, I absolutely hated those types of punishments. It was very embarrassing to be scolded, lectured, and punished in front of the entire class.  I hated the idea of being subject to a teacher's authority. I hated that I was required to obey, and to essentially submit. Yet, on the other hand, there was a part of me that secretly LOVED the idea of a strict female teacher ordering me around and telling me what to do. I'd often fantasize about what it would be like to receive a spanking from one of these teachers.

This is a paradox that I've pondered for such a long time. How could I despise something so much and also desire it so much at the same time? I've gone through life carefully guarding my pride and trying my best to avoid embarrassment in any type of situation. I'm such a modest person that I still blush at the thought of a woman seeing me in my underwear.  How can I reconcile all this with the idea of creating a profile on a site like this?

Well, I still can't say I've totally figured it all out. I've mainly just accepted the fact that I have these guilty-pleasures and I like the thought of being pulled in two different directions. It actually seems like these polarizing forces feed each other in some way, i.e. the fact that I find something embarrassing seems to make it more appealing to me, for some strange reason. I'm sure a psychologist might be able to help me figure this out further, but I'd probably be too shy to talk about it, lol.

Anyways, as I grew older and began discovering more about myself, I realized that I just genuinely love the thought of a Woman in a position of power.  For whatever reason, I am just drawn to female authority figures who can be stern when they need to be.  I respond very well to strong, feminine, authoritative energy.  I absolutely love when a woman takes control and tells me what to do.  This is the type of female authority I've been missing in my life, and the authority I have secretly fantasized about from a young age.  I also feel like I truly have a need for this type of authority and that there are many different types of benefits.  

I cannot think of many things more humbling for a man to experience than having his pants pulled down and having to stick his butt out high in the air where everything is on full display, ready to be spanked at the mercy of a woman who is intent on teaching him a good lesson.  I very much value the idea of learning a lesson like this and being shown what it is like to experience vulnerability at the hands of a woman.  

Spanking preferences:

  • I’m mainly more into disciplinary/punishment spankings.  I’d probably prefer a spanking to address a real-life problem or behavior, as opposed to pretend.  However, I am open to role-playing and having some fun if that would be fun for you (I’ve honestly never tried).

Spanker preferences:

  • I am only interested in Women.
  • Your looks do not really matter much to me, as this is not about sex.
  • I definitely admire older women more than anything, however, that’s definitely not a requirement.  I value maturity above anything else.
  • I love women who get a kick out of making a man blush.

About me, in general:  I’d describe myself as a very happy person with a wide variety of interests. I'm a mature, intelligent, educated person with a doctorate degree. I love to read and I'm knowledgeable about all different kinds of things. I'm constantly trying to better myself and sharpen my mind.  My personality is rather laid-back, sane, and down-to-earth. I have a great, sarcastic sense of humor.. I love to laugh and smile. If we met in person, you'd find me to be very respectful, polite, and well-mannered. I'm quite sociable and able to hold a conversation very easily.  I am also very well-mannered, respectful, open-minded and not judgmental.

I'll try to add more as time progresses, but if there's anything else you'd like to know, please don't hesitate to ask.  Thanks for reading.  




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