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  1. I also was spanked this way once and it was definitely one of the most embarrassing positions for me. It's bad enough that the disciplinarian can see everything down there during a regular spanking. But in the legs-up position, the fact that she could see my face at the same time made it so much worse. I always have a hard time looking the disciplinarian in the eye at any point before, during, or after the spanking. I usually spend most of the time just staring at the ground. When I was put in this position, I had no idea where to focus my attention. I just tried my best not to make eye contact, which was damn near impossible. I just wanted to hide my face in shame.
  2. I'm kind of the same way, so perhaps my advice might help. I'm normally dominant in my everyday life and I hate not being in control. Also, as a man, there are certain societal pressures that make me feel as though I'm "supposed" to be dominant or in control. It's something that has been ingrained in me by my peers growing up. I feel like these types of things cause me to be totally embarrassed about being spanked or being submissive. Here I am, this guy who feels all this outside pressure to be in charge, to act macho, to not appear weak or vulnerable, etc... And wow, how the tables have turned when I find myself draped across a Woman's knee with my pants down being spanked like a child. Complete 180. The idea of having this being done to me is very taboo for me and so outside of my normal everyday comfort zone. But in my opinion, this embarrasment and shame I feel is, paradoxically, the very thing that fuels the desires to be spanked, albeit in somewhat of a convoluted way. It feels so wrong and that's part of what makes it exciting for me. Being spanked is just like a guilty pleasure or a song that you hate so much, but you can't stop singing it in your head. It doesn't necessarily have to make logical sense as to why it arouses you. It just does. You like it. So accept that and just have fun and embrace it, as others have said. You can be discreet about it if you want. It's not like you have to tell the whole world that you want a spanking lol.
  3. I agree with @OhRedhead. From a disciplinary perspective, while an instant intensity spanking can be extremely scary and very painful/undesirable, I can definitely be taken to that same place after a good warmup is given.
  4. One of my biggest fears! I'm shy about shopping for underwear in public, so I'd just die. But, I generally don't like the thought of making innocent members of the public, who haven't consented, to be part of any sort of a spanking play/game. I'd be too worried about making someone feel uncomfortable. When doing public play that involves embarrassment, I think it's best to do things that are a bit more innocent in nature. Perhaps being threatened with a spanking, or a few playful taps on the butt might be the furthest I'd like things to be taken. However, I must admit, I have fantasized about what it would be like to be taken to a dressing room for other people to hear a few smacks being delivered. I'd probably cry from the embarrassment alone, lol.
  5. I usually love the idea of the spanker prolonging the anticipation with various pre-spanking rituals, and drawing it out as long as possible beforehand, but the scenario you described is quite fun to think about, as well. That type of swift correction would be very effective in keeping me on my toes and watching my behavior in the future. I feel like I'd be walking on eggshells even more. Much less chance of trying to talk/charm your way out of one of those punishments, lol. And I can't imagine the embarrassment of a witness present. I'd be mortified if a woman merely threatened to give me a spanking and someone else heard it.
  6. It definitely depends on your limits and what you're looking for, which can be difficult to figure out if you don't have much experience. That's why it's important to be spanked by someone you trust who won't take things too far and who knows how to read your body language well, as people react to pain differently. For some, such as masochists, the pain can be pleasureable. For others, like me, the pain feels very undesireable. But, similar to what @Bramblewinesaid, there are enjoyable byproducts of that pain that can be exciting. Nevertheless, try giving yourself a few sharp smacks with a hairbrush on the bare and you'll get a good idea of what it might feel like. For me, if I deliver the smack hard enough, it makes me almost lose my breath. Now imagine what it's like to have someone else delivering about 30 of those sharp smacks successively in a row. That should at least give you a decent idea. In my opinion, it doesn't hurt any less because it's on the bum and it might even hurt a bit more there than other parts of the body.
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