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  1. Sometimes the ee is ordered to sit on their bare behind on a hard word chair or a bristled mattress to re-enforce, prolong, intensify, and drive home the message just delivered to their rear-end. That it is painful is precisely the point, like a spanking: but I always do my best to keep my rear-end out for the next swat anyway.
  2. I can't imagine trying to cover, certainly not rub my behind during a spanking. If I wanted it rubbed, I would beg the ER to do it in exchange for extra or longer punishment. If I were to try to protect or rub my backside in anyway, I would expect him to respond without mercy. If you are only using a hair brush, order the EE to fetch a paddle or strap and have the EE buy some baby oil for next time. If she/he tries to rub her bottom to get the sting out, you'll have to inflict even more. Tell them to get their hands of their butt immediately in your sternest voice, soak a wash cloth in baby oil or water and rub it all over their own rear until it is sopping wet with either the oil or the water and give them 15 to 20 extra stokes on their wet rear-end with the paddle or strap. Warn them that this is what will happen. I strive to push my backside into each punishing blow as a signal of my submission to my punishment. If I involuntarly grabbed my behind that would be one thing, though I'd expect to be punished, but rubbing your bottom. That would be like calling him a curse word instead of "Sir"
  3. I think this topic has a lot more room for exploration. I like a non-verbal cue. (Like I hard swat on my fully clothed butt that it's time to move to the spanking area). I think it's submissive. He does not tell me what he wants with language, he just smacks my butt like I'm to young to speak or semi-chattel, and I obey right away and take the first steps in preparing for punishment. Going over the lap, especially initially, can add to the humiliation, especially if I am told sternly "stick your rear-end out higher and keep it there!" Then his hand goes to work on my behind. I am then ordered to stand up, drop my pants, and get back over his knee. The pain as he warms my bum is humiliating itself and then he stops to rub it, so that he is able to spank it more, but I saw it my most humble, contrite, and obsequent voice "thank you for rubbing my behind sir" and he just says "Say it louder!" even though I volunteered. I love to be made to do naked jumping jacks and squats. I love being put it lots of different positions each more ignoble than the next in which he positions, or better yet, instructs me how to position my butt so it can be the most effectively spanked. The diaper position is amazing, but I like ones that emphasize to rear-end at the expense of my visage. "Kneel, nose in the dirt, butt in the air." I say "Yes sir" to every order, never neglecting the honorific. I've been cavitied searched once which the spanker made really intense. Positions before, after, and in between can work wonders as well. Being order to fetch an implement, or to soak a rag in water or baby oil and rub it on my own behind to increase the sting. Some positions before: corner time, I like to be forced to prostrate--so I am kneeling with nose in the corner and my butt prominently displayed. In between, I've been made to keep the wooden spoon I've fetched for the next part of the spanking between my butt-cheeks. Kneeling to ask for the spanking. Also if a paddle or spoon is used, it should start by ordering me to bend over, grab knees/shins/ankles, and have the paddle or spoon presented through my legs for me to kiss or lick before it's to wallop my wayward rear-end. Being asked what's going to happen "spanked sir," where, "my naughty naked rear-end sir," why "because that's what happens to bad boys they get their naughty rear-ends spanked. For the final corner time after I like to be in a spanking position, grabbing my knees and love it if the post-spanking scolding is punctuated by some hard swats to my behind for emphasis. There is so much more, someone mentioned syntax and diction--that truly has the power to humiliate.
  4. Not really interested in adjudicating the differences between these words, lets just pretend for this they are all synonymous. What do spankees find most humiliating during a spanking or spanking session
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