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  1. I can see full nudity adding to the humiliation/humbling/embarrassment if that/those are part of the goal either as punishment and submission or for erotic purposes or both. However, to a certain extent with a male, there isn't a lot to see above the waist anyhow. (It may increase vulnerability). So unless you are only going to have him bare his behind by lowering his underwear below his rear, and allowing him to leave his front covered, you are going to see both his rear-end and groin throughout the spanking. A white vest (BE)/undershirt(AE) might be a good compromise being more old-fashion, and covers less, might be a good compromise. Still, it seems like pants and underwear at his ankles with a shirt or undershirt left on which emphasizes the spanked buttocks (especially a white -undershirt as the behind terms increasingly crimson).
  2. If you are bending over something or grabbing your knees, you are sticking out your behind so that it can be punished. Surely more submissive than being restrained otk where your butt is just there and can't escape.
  3. Is it worse to have your clothes be taken off than ordered to bare your own behind?
  4. I was sure I said for the purpose of the question just assume that the three things are the same things and describe ways it is accomplished for you. It's descended into distinctions between them. Do I need to take half of you over my knee? LOL
  5. That is a truly beautiful bottom. Looks like it should be in a museum.
  6. I guess the point is the punishment isn't over. I'm really just looking for ideas and how they feel when they interact with a spanked behind.
  7. What kind of uncomfortable? How does it interact with the spanked flesh?
  8. Can't imagine those underpants are likely to make it any more comfortable to sit in the future.


    1. HurtsToSit


      Indeed not :)

  9. So, I've mentioned being forced to sit on my bare backside on a hard wooden chair after a spanking as additional punishment. Both Spanknutt and another person alluded to a chair, stool, or matt with upside-down bottle caps? Mr. Bottoms said something about a chair whose seat had essentially been reduced to sandpaper. I guess I have some questions about all of these. First, what type of bottle caps are we talking about? From Diet Coke or from beer, and wouldn't the latter, if turned upside down, cut into your skin to the point where you might bleed? Second, what sensation do they produce? For me, a wooden chair just makes my behind burn more. What happens to your bottom if you sit on a stool, matt with bottle-caps, and what kind are they and what way are they facing? Again, I'm wondering if Mr. Bottoms can give me details about this chair whose seat was reduced to sandpaper. Now, I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on what else a chastened, red, rear might be forced to sit on after a spanking? Prickly doormats, actual sandpaper, what tools could be used to prolong the sting in the behind, perhaps during a scolding afterward so that the connection between wrongdoing and the sore rear remains absolutely clear and tactile in the miscreant's mind? Can people imagine, brainstorm, mention experiences or stories they've heard from others. This is something I want to try during my next spanking.
  10. I use a dreaded special chair which I modified, a sudden cure for when cases of "stubborn-itis" arise. It is very low grit sandpaper-like & it makes quite a Literal Impression.
  11. Sounds like this would be a perfect "thinking chair" to be compelled to sit on my chastened bare behind by my er after the spanking. Can you tell us more about how it was made or is that proprietary information? Has anyone tried sitting on prickly welcome matt with a freshly spanked behind (or ordering someone else to do it). Are they effective/Do they hurt?
  12. Isn't a sore behind the whole purpose and point of a spanking? I would imagine the longer you have a sore rear-end, the more effective it was, and once back in normal life, pain when sitting on your behind serves as either, a chastening, or pleasant, reminder depending what the underlying reason you get spanked. Either way seems to prolong and enhance its purpose.
  13. Yeah, degradation can me another matter entirely, and that is why I didn't put it on the list.
  14. Not really interested in adjudicating the differences between these words, lets just pretend for this they are all synonymous. What do spankees find most humiliating during a spanking or spanking session
  15. I am generally ordered to sit on a hard wooden chair with my behind still bare, and I continue to be scolded and am expected to sit upright and pay attention. If I squirm around, I have to bend over the charge and push my rear-end out for more punishment.
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