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  1. Maybe I should clarify; these are only my personal thoughts, not objective truths. People are unique, and everyone has their own opinion. I, personally, do not equate my own nudity with imminent sexual interaction. Being required to remove clothing at the instruction of another person puts me in the right mindset to receive discipline. By asking me to do something that very few others can appropriately require, the disciplinarian reminds me that in that moment, I am under their authority. The embarrassment of nudity does not come from shame for me. It comes from the fact that I am the only one required to undress. Bare skin creates an obvious physical difference between myself and whoever else is present; it puts all eyes on me. And that is extremely humbling.
  2. This is a bit of a difficult topic to discuss for me, as I am sure it has been and will be for many others as well. It's something that I'm not entirely comfortable with in my own head, and putting it to text lends it an air of reality, which only makes it even more difficult to acknowledge. But I've been putting it off and talking myself in and out of it for far too long, and I've decided it's time to face it and reach out to the community. I need to find a discipline based relationship; a friendship, and a mentor when I need one. A close friend to confide in, to watch out for me, and to be an authority in my life. Someone who will tell me when I'm wrong, and correct me when I won't listen. Someone I can respect, because I know they will behave in a respectable way. Someone with whom I feel safe, so that I can be vulnerable. Someone who can and will discipline me firmly, but with love when I need it. A parent-figure, really. I have wonderful friends in my life, and I love them all dearly. My parents and I are very close, and I love them as well. But they can't fill this role in my life. I need a real authority figure with the power to discipline. I'm not just looking for a spanker, or a disciplinarian; I don't just want someone to spank me and send me on my way. I need someone to make and enforce rules, someone to provide structure. Someone with actual authority in my life. And that's the reason I didn't post this in personals; because I don't want a one and done, or a spanking hookup of sorts. If anyone feels they can fill this role in my life, please; send me a PM, and let's get to know each other!
  3. In the majority of places I am aware of, "polite" society dictates the wearing of clothes. There are exceptions, of course, but it is generally assumed that wherever you go there will be a pervasive, unspoken agreement to have at least the parts that count covered. In the majority of cases, that's a completely reasonable assumption. Clothing keeps us warm, protects us from harsh environments, and a brings with it a slew of other practical attributes. Clothing is useful. But today- while thinking about the function of clothing in society, as you do- I went off on a bit of a mental tangent and began thinking instead about the function of clothing in discipline. Who knows where any of these thoughts came from, but I'm going to take advantage of them! Psychological Likely the foremost purpose of clothing in normal life is to keep the wearer's body covered, and the enforced removal of clothing- often as a public spectacle- has been used throughout history both as a standalone punishment, and in conjunction with other techniques. While I am by no means advocating the kind of brutal punishments often employed in history, it is undeniable that- for the majority of people- being told to undress is embarrassing. And embarrassment is an effective disciplinary tool. Even when the misbehaved party is not willing to completely disrobe for discipline; clothing can still be utilized in a variety of extremely powerful ways. Bathing suits, pajamas, undergarments, and even specifically-selected outer-wear can all be excellent additions to an effective discipline process. Even corner time can become as dreaded a punishment as any other when used in conjunction with mandatory full or semi-nudity! Physical While the protection that clothing provides is great in everyday life, it's not exactly a great catalyst for administering or receiving physical discipline. It gets in the way; it obscures what should be at the center of attention. Physical discipline is exactly that; physical. It deals with- and centers on- the body of the person receiving it. Physical discipline is communication on the most basic level. It deals with actions and reactions; behaviors and consequences. It teaches valuable lessons in intuitively understandable ways, and brings the parties involved ever closer to each other. Nudity in discipline is not all about embarrassment; it's about removing very physical barriers to a very physical conversation. If you wouldn't try and talk to a person wearing sound-cancelling headphones, or write in a notebook with the binding shut, why would you cover the object of attention in a correction? Sure; there's a stigma. Yes, it will be embarrassing. Does it put you in a position of blatantly obvious vulnerability to allow another person to undress you and interact with your body in one of the most intimate physical activities possible while still maintaining a platonic relationship? Absolutely. But isn't that the point?
  4. I'm curious; has anyone here modelled for/been involved with the creation of a spanking video for one of the big "AAA" spanking producers? You know; Realspankings Network and the like. What was your experience? Would you do it again or recommend it to someone else? Big studios like that seem to have an endless supply of models, yet I have never heard anyone mention having firsthand experience with them. Models seem to appear for the shoot, and then just vanish into thin air afterwards. I suppose that's a good thing for their privacy if they really are just amateurs trying something out, but it leaves me wondering how they get involved to begin with. How mysterious...
  5. I was never threatened with mouth soaping when I was young. My parents were great at correction without being demeaning. Great in general really! As an adult, though, it's a worthy technique to consider. Like I said; that post-soaping corner time is one of the most fulfilling self-discipline rituals I've ever done.
  6. Hey all, This is my first official post here, and rather than an awkward introduction that doesn't really go anywhere; I thought I would ask a question and maybe spark a discussion! What's the general consensus around the practice of mouth soaping? As a self-spanking single guy, I find it really adds value to what can often be an extremely dissatisfying imitation of a discipline session. Any self-spankers out there know what I mean, I'm sure; it really doesn't scratch the itch giving yourself a spanking. It's hard to reach, makes your back hurt, and it's almost impossible to get a lasting shade of red, so the easy controllability of a punishment centered around your mouth is a breath of fresh air. Not to mention; the severity can also be easily controlled by how long and hard you scrub, how long you soak the bar beforehand, how long you have to hold it in, and so on. Plus, you can get a real nice picture with the timer on most smartphone cameras. It's strangely entertaining to see yourself, pants around your ankles, hands on your head, a bar of soap in your mouth. It's impossible not to drool!
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