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  1. I'm an LMT, and massage therapist do a lot of work with piriformis. If the muscle is too tight, it can impinge the sciatic nerve. I would definitely suggest trying out massage. An experienced LMT can help determine the cause of the pain, and they can help develop an effective treatment plan. It would also be a good idea to exercise and stretch the hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings. Everything in the body is connected, and when one muscle is overly strained or tense, then the surrounding muscles need to be treated as well.
  2. I was spanked soundly this afternoon. The paddle really hurt, and it left some light bruising around my sit spot. I definitely feel motivated to make better decisions about my food choices. I've been promised another firm spanking if I don't follow through. Thank you for your responses 😊
  3. I will be receiving a discipline spanking tomorrow, and I was wondering if anyone on here has any advice about mentally preparing for a punishment spanking? I am being spanked for making bad choices with my diet, and I'm hoping that my punishment will motivate me to make better decisions. I've been spanked for fun before, but this will be my first real punishment spanking. I will be hand spanked otk, and then I will recieve swats with the paddle. I'm feeling a mixture of fear and excitement.
  4. Hello! I'm a 30 y/o f spankee. I'm mainly here just to chat about spanking.
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