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  1. I do scold her when she comes out of the corner and before the spanking itself, this is usually more like a speech and why I am disappointed with a few questions about what she did and why. I also give her something specific to think about during the spanking. Her last spanking was for disrespect, so I wrapped it up with " when this hairbrush is landing on your bottom like a hot iron, and you dont think you can take anymore, I want you to reflect that this is what being disrespectful to my husband feels like...." During the spanking I will ask her questions intermittently. Sound is not an issue. Daughter is upstairs, spanking is downstairs.
  2. That’s happened a few times. When that happens I have to acknowledge that she is right, apologize and relent. Once she was flat out right and the other time it was a technicality, but her bottom escaped both times unscathed. I don’t think DD is sustainable if it’s too much of a cat and mouse game or the HoH isn’t genuinely fair and concerned about the EE.
  3. She does corner time before and after her spanking. On the front end its with her pants up, after the spanking I put her in the corner with her red bottom on display. I have a pic of her in the corner in my profile for an example.
  4. Those of you that are in DD type relationships, how is the sentence to a spanking announced, and what is the ritual right up until the spanking begins? For us, I usually will just say "that earned you a spanking"...., or something like "we will discuss it later over my knee". Sometimes she knows, and sometimes she will argue/make her case, but once its been announced its happening. We have to wait until our daughter is a sleep, I will then say " time to take care of our unfinished business, go get the leather paddle and hairbrush or X and Y (its always 2), and then put your nose in the corner and think about what is going to happen and how you can avoid it in the future. After 10 minutes in the corner, I ask her some questions about what is going to happen, why its happening and what I expect going fwd. I take the implements and tell her to bare her bottom and then guide her over my knee. Then, off we go 🙂
  5. Our relationship is very “normal” in that the DD/Spanking part of our relationship is a small, but important dimension. It’s more of a well understood undercurrent that if my wife disappoints me she is subject to a spanking. She is so dang good that I few opportunities to actually punish her…sometimes I wish she were more of a rogue 🙂. My wife’s happiness, opinions, needs and desires are on equal footing with my mine, but I have final say (we are rarely not aligned) on all big decisions. I am not interested in micromanaging her and trust her entirely. This doesn’t mean there aren’t disagreements about some of my decisions or rules, and occasionally she will wind up over my knee and feel as though I am making a big deal out of something ridiculous. Her most recent spanking was because I asked her repeatedly to be home by 6 from our daughters activities/play dates on weeknights (for good reason)?She took that to mean “6ish” and would come home 6:10, 6:20. I made a point after a short time to inform her that 6, meant no later than 6 and she should consider more of a deadline than a guideline. Few days later she saunters in at 6:15 with the excuse that she couldn’t get our daughter out of the pool. I tell her that results matter and we would be discussing it later before her spanking. She didn’t agree and felt as if I didn’t understand her day and what she has to juggle. I listened to her perspective, acknowledged a few points, but reminded her that I was very specific, and the spanking she was about to get will remind her that there are consequences for not executing on what I ask of her. She hasn’t been close to late since that spanking 3 weeks ago. So even though she perceived that punishment as “not fair”, it worked as intended: cleared the air and made my expectations very clear….and then we go fwd. I think people can get in trouble making DD too much of a game. In a marriage with children, especially, I think that can be really challenging. Finding the right equilibrium for both partners day to day is key, the HoH can’t just drive the dynamic to fit their needs and desires.
  6. I have shared a few photos of my wife’s freshly spanked bottom. For whatever reason, I get a little charge out of it….it’s anonymous as there is nothing identifying in the pic, besides, anyone who would see it is cut from the same cloth as us. Thanks
  7. We don’t have specific rules. If my wife disappoints me, she gets a spanking. There is an implicit understanding about what is expected. On the smaller day to day issues that pop up, I don’t just spank her, I tell her my expectations and expect her to toe the line. For example, she was coming home late recently from activities with our daughter. I told her I expect her to be home by 5:30 on weeknights, no exceptions. She has respected that and there hasn’t been any issue….a few weeks ago with a few glasses of wine in her, we had a disagreement at a friends house and she called me a name. I wore her butt out with the hairbrush the next day. She expected it and accepted it. For us, this approach works.
  8. In a DD relationship it’s important that the EE is tuned into the emotions and mental state of the ER. A punishment spanking for my wife is painful and emotional, and occasionally she is not right mindset to accept it right then and there. If I determine she has earned a spanking, she is getting a spanking, however, she sometimes asks for a days reprieve to get in a better place mentally to accept it. I am usually fine with this, unless I think she is just stalling.
  9. Life long spanko, married to a wonderful wife that receives real bare bottom spankings as required. Not a lot of rules, just an understanding that when she disappoints me (which is infrequent), she will have a very red and sore bottom. Punishment spanking are almost always bare otk with a stiff wooden hairbrush. I love to chat about spanking and meet others who share the DD lifestyle. I attached a pic of us after a recent spanking to start with some contribution 🙂 If anyone can guide me on how to get the file small enough for a profile photo so its not just showing a small portion, I am all ears.
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