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  1. What is your favorite section in any of the books
  2. I really enjoyed cat and mouse. Its so fun and playful.
  3. I missed that episode I love her books!
  4. I agree, a male spankees, and perhaps some queer guests perhaps.
  5. Yeah anyone want to talk about different ep.
  6. Hello All, I discover a podcast by Spankos and the talk about this site quite a bit. Any other listeners looking to chat. I really enjoy the advice they give newbies as one myself.
  7. Yes, it is step for me. I'm going to make sure I pay that bill so don't give me self ten next time. It was warning swats. Told myself before I went to bed I was getting them.
  8. Hey all, I'm working on my accountability. So I spanked myself this morning for putting off a bill. I am working on making sure I am getting my to do list. Atm I'm only 5 smacks for each missed item. I only got 5 this morning. I will update this thread every time I miss step
  9. Hey yall my birthday was last week and I didn't get a bday spanking. Sad
  10. Hey, I'm in your area and are cool with chatting for a while. I will admit I have never spanked someone in person before but we can chat and see where it goes. May I ask what kind of spanking are you looking for? Relief have you been naughty?
  11. Yes, I love this experience, having that sticking out of my bottom is so embarrassing. It falls extra smacks. Its the longest minute of my life.
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