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  1. I am an online disciplinarian and i could guide you by audio or video on how to properly spank yourself and i could hold you accountaable
  2. As a person who runs a self spanking site. One thing you can do is make a recording giving yourself a very long hard painful spanking along with a scolding. You be just follow the recording
  3. Sitting on 60 grit sandpaper or drywall sanding mesh is good also a milk crate turned upside down is really effective
  4. Have you tried using baby oil? Start out with a spanking, then apply baby oil, wait about 2 minutes ( with your nose in the corner) then resume the spanking
  5. I have a discipline school for bad behavior on discord. It's a totally self-spanking environment. Very strict
  6. If you are willing to self spank even with guidance I can be strict,firm and committed. I can provide you with accountability and structure. I have a discipline school on discord. If interested Friend me on discord at TheHeadmaster#3321
  7. iam a discplinarian I have virtual school where everyone self spanks reply if you'd like to join, i use teh discord app for me school
  8. I am headmaster of an online virtual discipline school on the discord app. I'm looking to increase enrollment some. This is a self spanking environment with instructions or guidance. This is for people who really desire behavior modification. I'm looking to enroll 5 more people il take 3 females and 2 males. You will be interviewed via chat prior to enrollment to see if you will be a good fit.
  9. I actually wrote an entire book on wattpad dealing with this very issue. A fictional story about a new American law where corporal punishment was mandatory for all US citizens between the age of 5 and 65. [EDITED by Admin @Child of Light for referencing opinions on non-fictional minors]
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