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  1. It is certainly a wicked little thing! And yes, over his knee. Moments later I got to also learn what a few other implements and positions felt like, and then got his belt for my first ever birthday spanking. I was a well-spanked girlie after all that! Definitely a memorable first spanking <3 thanks for the compliment Ms. L
  2. Well, for me the first was a hand. But first implement implement would be a small wooden paddle with holes in it. 6 hard swats just so I could have a taste of what to expect if I screw around. Heheheh, me and that paddle have certainly met on a number of occasions
  3. Summer is banned for not better explaining herself
  4. Ill tempered brat is banned for sticking her tongue out
  5. Literally same right now. I SHOULD be doing homework buuuuutttttt. Spanking. Think about it too many times a day to count.
  6. I'm too skeert to be caned and if I never meet another bath brush again it will be too soon!
  7. Lol I did this at the gym the other day! Don’t think anyone noticed 😆
  8. For what it’s worth from someone who has both experienced intense parental trauma and is actually in the mental health field, I wouldn’t say you’re broken. It sounds like your dynamic with your wife is clear, she’s the top. I can see how it would feel good and comforting to hear those words in a relationship where you are seen and loved and your needs are met. Especially if you didn’t receive healthy attention from your parents. 💜
  9. For me, the punishment spanking is all about getting yourself in the right place emotionally for wanting your behavior to actually change. For me, I like the pain of a spanking and can take a hard one, even if it's a "funishment." The difference with punishment though, is the emotional part of feeling badly for what I've done, and also my spanker won't use implements that I like and he'll spank me in positions I don't like as much, or there will be other elements to the punishment like corner time, which I hate! The combination of me wanting to change and punishment I don't like, definitely helps motivate me! Good luck!
  10. Thought I was gonna get a spankin’ today and now I’m all bummed out my buddy had to cancel 😒 #badattitudegotworse

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    2. Geoffreaux


      I think you will be all right. I have been waiting for 40+ years. Someone will spank you shortly. LOL 😎

    3. JoJo513


      Thanks for the perspective! 😜

    4. Geoffreaux


      You are welcome.😁

  11. I think this is a great idea too! I'm into crossfit and I could definitely use some motivation to workout more consistently!
  12. Really there are SO many games that can include a spanking component! I'm sure we can come up with some... Spanking trivia is a good one! Lose a question get a spankin!
  13. So this just happened! I’m in the corner, spanking has already started, and my spanker is scolding me for being SUCH a brat and pushing his buttons all the time. I go “it’s not my fault your buttons are so big and easy to push!” 😜 that conversation ended in him grabbing me around the waist and spanking me hard with the evil spoon 😆
  14. I’m late to this Rude bandwagon but I’m a big fan! Great work!
  15. Earned myself a punishment spanking tonight. Pray for me LOL! :oops:

    1. rubyredd


      Good luck!

    2. iSpanker


      I hope you can't sit for days!

    3. JoJo513


      It was OW!! Problem is I have to sit at work all afternoon! 😩

  16. I’m one of those that will sometimes hold my breath without realizing it if there are hard and fast spanks and I’m trying not to move or cry out. I definitely need time to catch my breath! My ER likes to keep me guessing too so it’ll be some slower swats and then some fast and hard and I never know what it’s gonna be. I actually kind of like that because it’s all part of trusting him with the whole deal. But I do love a nice slow hand spanking to warm up 😊
  17. I have never shared my spanking interest with a partner. They were all very vanilla and I was very in the closet. Now I have someone who spanks me regularly but we’re not dating or anything. It’s just for funsies... well and punishment! I hope I’ve grown enough to share this with my next partner tho. It’s becoming more part of my life and I’d hate to shove myself back into the closet for someone who doesn’t get it. Can’t see myself doing that tho tbh! 😆 my spanker is an hour away and I can get away with a LOT! Might be too hard to be so cheeky if I lived with my spanker! 😜
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