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  1. Lotsapappa is banned for confusing me with someone who lives only in his dreams. 😁
  2. Lotsapappa is banned for suggesting I’d use naughty homonyms when he knows perfectly well I’m but an innocent little lamb.
  3. Lotsapappa is banned for encouraging others to poke fun at me. Spanking is way better than poking.
  4. I guess I read your original post differently than others did. I didn’t see that you did it to provoke a spanking. Sometimes we, even as adults, procrastinate. Especially if we think it’s not something that’s being noticed. By noticed I mean that it’s not directly negatively impacting anyone in real time. Yes, a chore not being done impacts peace and calm in the home over time, but most of the time failing to do one at a specific time isn’t hurting anyone. I think you were appropriately punished and it sounds like your good behavior has been restored for now. I would not be okay in a relationship in which I was told that my partner can do as they please and it’s none of my business, but if that’s what you and your wife agreed to, then that’s what works for you. Perhaps maintenance would be helpful. I know you said you don’t like being spanked for things you haven’t done, but if you’re already sore from maintenance, you’re going to be less likely to allow yourself to procrastinate. If the goal is to work toward improving behavior, maintenance even temporarily may be helpful. Only you and your wife would know that.
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