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  1. Lotsapappa is banned for suggesting I’d use naughty homonyms when he knows perfectly well I’m but an innocent little lamb.
  2. Lotsapappa is banned for encouraging others to poke fun at me. Spanking is way better than poking.
  3. I guess I read your original post differently than others did. I didn’t see that you did it to provoke a spanking. Sometimes we, even as adults, procrastinate. Especially if we think it’s not something that’s being noticed. By noticed I mean that it’s not directly negatively impacting anyone in real time. Yes, a chore not being done impacts peace and calm in the home over time, but most of the time failing to do one at a specific time isn’t hurting anyone. I think you were appropriately punished and it sounds like your good behavior has been restored for now. I would not be okay in a relationship in which I was told that my partner can do as they please and it’s none of my business, but if that’s what you and your wife agreed to, then that’s what works for you. Perhaps maintenance would be helpful. I know you said you don’t like being spanked for things you haven’t done, but if you’re already sore from maintenance, you’re going to be less likely to allow yourself to procrastinate. If the goal is to work toward improving behavior, maintenance even temporarily may be helpful. Only you and your wife would know that.
  4. I caught the comment that she said it was stupid for you to get mad at her pointing out the truth about you. I won’t ask you what she said since that’s private, but sometimes people use their own version of “truth” like a baseball bat to hurt people and then go all “you’re so sensitive” when it upsets their target; dismissing their feelings as stupid. I’m just asking this question rhetorically since your relationship is none of my business and you don’t answer to me for your relationship (obviously), but do you feel free to share your feelings or do you feel you have to hide them or suppress them? Just something to think about. I’ll go back to my own backyard now. 😁
  5. *runs in with a big 78 written on my back and runs back out giggling
  6. Is this a DD dynamic? If so, I’m with the others saying that DD is not meant to be a replacement for self-control. The refusal to cooperate and the lies are very damaging to any relationship, including a DD relationship. If not DD, is this something else? Maybe more a daddy/little situation where self-control isn’t as expected? I’m trying to find a way to be nonjudgmental and I’m struggling. I wouldn’t get spanked for this because I wouldn’t do this. I’m not saying I’d never do something wrong, I’m just saying I wouldn’t be so uncooperative and cause real-life problems just to get punished. So I’ll just end by encouraging you to find ways to tease into a funishment rather than cause actual problems to get spanked.
  7. *peeks in to see how the game is progressing 74
  8. JoJo is banned for her double usage of the word “hay” making me want to sneeze while also thinking naughty thoughts (use of the word inappropriate). 😁
  9. Lotsapappa is banned for thinking flattery will get him somewhere 😁
  10. I am only submissive to one partner. And it has to be someone I can fully trust. Once I’m no longer long distance with my current partner, I will be submissive to him in my daily life. But I am fully capable of standing on my own two feet. I have been through some pretty horrible life experiences and have come out stronger for them. I don’t NEED to have a partner, as it seems many submissives feel empty without being under someone’s authority. I continue to manage my own life and wouldn’t accept a partner who was arrogant enough to believe he could control me by false sense of rights (for example, you have to do what I say because I’m a man and you’re my woman) or by brute force. I feel that only strong people can be truly submissive. Submission is an act of the will. If it can be forced or coerced, it’s not true submission, it’s slavery (and not the fun kind). Submission is a choice. I realize I’m not the expert on submission, nor am I using dictionary definitions, it’s just my view.
  11. Since spanking is tied to submission to my partner for me, I’d want him to respond as he sees fit regardless if the spanking is disciplinary, erotic, training, fun, whatever.
  12. SpankeeGal is banned for not understanding the importance of allowing Lotsapappa the illusion he knows what he’s talking about. It’s the whole “honey can you open this pickle jar for me? My poor girly little arms just can’t do it. 😇” concept.
  13. Walmart sells wonderfully heavy wooden spoons. Pioneer Woman.
  14. Yes, that’s the plan. The long distance is allowing us to learn things about each other that might get overlooked if part of our time was more focused on the physical parts of a relationship. We have to use our words, not our bodies, to express what we feel and how our faith in God being at the core gives us a firm foundation for when we’re able to be local.
  15. Lotsapappa is banned for including 7 which becomes redundant when 365 is utilized.
  16. Thank you for your words of wisdom. They are very much appreciated. While I won’t go into detail on how I’ve verified the many things I’ve learned about him over the last several months of extensive video calls (as good as it’s going to get at the moment since we can not meet in person) or what it is that I know about him, i have good reason to believe I know this man very well. So very hard to explain while also remaining vague. I absolutely appreciate your concern though. You’re right on staying ahead of my current responsibilities. I have a lot on my plate at the moment and he has been very helpful in helping me keep things prioritized so I don’t get overwhelmed. Remaining independent and responsible during this time is very important. But it is also so very nice to have him encouraging me and sometimes reminding me to take care of myself in all the busy life stuff. While we know that we will eventually be in a DD relationship when we’re under one roof, we aren’t over focused on that at the moment. Only ever one corrective event for a blatant rule break born out of frustration with life yuck. Mostly we’re focused on relationship foundation building. Which is so very nice. I’ve never had anyone care for me in some of the ways he does. Very refreshing. And he respects boundaries! After being in a vanilla relationship in which my boundaries didn’t matter at all, the fact that i have never felt like i had to fight to hold a boundary with this man is amazing! Anyway, as you suggested, i will continue to keep my focus on building the life i need to lead with my family, job, and other responsibilities. I’ve been working on rebuilding my hobbies that I had to give up during my previous vanilla relationship that wasn’t healthy. I’m rediscovering what makes me happy and I’m not giving any of that up.
  17. Ask her to help you brainstorm on how to solve the problem. Let her know you would like to concentrate on how to fix your behavior but you also respect her desire to have you within eyesight.
  18. For me it’s both. I fantasize about the fun/erotic spankings I’ll get in the future AND I appreciate the disciplinary spankings I’ll get in the future. (Still long distance but won’t always be.) I think that this is similar to the wiring for ER/ee/switch. We’re all wired the way we’re wired. For some it’s sexual. For some it’s not. And for some it’s both. I don’t think someone HAS to see it one way or the other to be “a real spanko” as someone put it earlier.
  19. ReformedEE is banned because I like being a brat sometimes.
  20. Summer

    Acronym Fun

    Forgot to add the next word dream
  21. Summer

    Acronym Fun

    Using the word “daddy” Dreamt About Domestic Discipline Yesterday
  22. I don’t get that way when I’m driving, but I do when I have so much to do that I know I’m not going to be able to get it all done. I start getting snippy. Being overwhelmed is very hard to snap out of. As for corner time, my partner has only sent me for corner time (after capsaicin cream was applied since we’re long distance) one time. I kept thinking about how much he hates punishing me because he loves me so much. He’s not reluctant to punish me if I need it, but he doesn’t like it. So I felt badly for him that I messed up and made him punish me. A tv would definitely be a distraction for me. I have c-ptsd that often gives me brain fog and a general difficulty with focus. Being in the corner would do me absolutely no good if I were distracted by much of anything.
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