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  1. Summer

    Acronym Fun

    Petulant attitude indicates needing spanked pouty
  2. AfterGeometry is banned for not knowing the many uses of soap.
  3. ITB is banned for not taking the soap and hot sauce.
  4. T is for tantrum. Not going to turn out well.
  5. Summer

    Acronym Fun

    Spankings make her wet, sir mmmmm
  6. I definitely do not yet have any kind of spankdar. Not saying it doesn’t exist, but I have not yet developed it. Another goal to achieve 😁
  7. As a woman over 40, I appreciate this post. I’m still really new to the spanko scene and am inexperienced, but I do know what I want out of life and from a spanking partner. Age doesn’t factor into for me and I love all the diversity on this forum.
  8. As someone who has been conditioned by past psychological abuse to repress emotion, I had to accept that I may never cry during a spanking. I’m beginning to wonder now if it will be possible for me, however, as I’ve had some recent emotional breakthroughs. It would sure be cathartic to be able to release more of that built up emotional yuck during spankings.
  9. Avocados are tasty 😁 Such an awesome video. You two are great together.
  10. I giggle when I’m nervous, so I can totally see this happening to me. 😂
  11. I don’t have a spanker at the moment, but I would appreciate accountability for procrastination or reduced effort. The grade would be an indicator that something needs to be discussed, not necessarily an automatic punishment, in my view. If I’m doing my best and then material is just tough or the teacher is a tough grader, than a b or c might still be a job well done. If the b or c is because I’m not applying myself, than discipline would be warranted and appreciated.
  12. I think it depends on what kind of spanking dynamic you’re looking for. For me, I’ll be looking for a DD marriage once I’m ready, so I’ll be looking for a relationship connection that also includes spanking.
  13. I is for implement. So many to choose from
  14. F is for flaming. How an EEs butt often feels.
  15. D is for dress. Easier access to the butt if the lady wears a dress.
  16. This is something I’ll come back to over and over to read. A little lost for words, but definitely well done.
  17. B is for breathe. Don’t forget to breathe during the spanking.
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