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  1. V is for vast. The range of possible implements
  2. Summer

    Acronym Fun

    Giggling lady owed wincing swats wince
  3. Lotsapappa is banned for trying to make me self spank instead of spanking me himself.
  4. Toothpaste (yes, I know that’s an odd mental link)
  5. 146 About 11,000 Americans injure themselves by trying out weird sexual positions each year.
  6. 148 Another useless (or is it?) fact: apple seeds contain cyanide.
  7. AG is banned for not making it clear what soap he does use. Does it smell good?
  8. 154 Male goats pee on their own faces to attract the ladies. Just a nugget of info to entertain AfterGeometry.
  9. Summer

    Acronym Fun

    Petulant attitude indicates needing spanked pouty
  10. AfterGeometry is banned for not knowing the many uses of soap.
  11. ITB is banned for not taking the soap and hot sauce.
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