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  1. Summer

    Acronym Fun

    Her rear does blaze severely blaze
  2. B is for bounce. What butt cheeks do when being spanked.
  3. Summer

    Acronym Fun

    Spank my butt omitting denim denim
  4. Thanks!! That’s exactly where I was going with that, but you put it into words much better than I did. 6 months seems reasonable to “test” if something is mastered.
  5. Arbitrary rules wouldn’t really help with growth anyway. I was thinking more like the HOH and TiH having a discussion about new goals. That kind of thing.
  6. Lotsapappa is banned for not just providing me a goldfish update so I can properly focus on homework.
  7. Boobs (I went straight to “felt up” 🤣🤣)
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