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  1. It’s always good when a spanker knows from experience how an implement feels.
  2. My 2¢ as an ee that is not in a dd relationship. I think being in a dd relationship with maintenance spankings would be good. But i think they should only be hard enough to achieve a nice warm bottom. A little reminder to be good.
  3. Good luck! You sound like a very nice disciplinarian 😊
  4. I’ve been reading a lot of chats lately where spankees want a directed self spanking. Since i never had a problem with spanking myself it made me start thinking. Maybe those individuals need the mind part of the spanking not just a red butt? I just needed a sore bottom, lol Thoughts?
  5. Omg i love your videos! You are a rockstar with a hairbrush!
  6. Omg what a great idea! Plus bus travel is slower so longer time to squirm to remember her behavior!
  7. If you are able to drive there and back, go for it! 200 miles is nothing compared to not finding anyone. Plus Jsne is right, the drive back will be very interesting!
  8. It’s locations! I know It can be very frustrating. Too bad you’re so far from me! Lol
  9. Welcome and great name! You’re very fortunate to have found this dynamic together!
  10. If i had a potty mouth and an online disciplinarian, I’d make some bars of “soap” from white chocolate! Lol
  11. I can relate Alice. My need/desire for a disciplinarian has only gotten stronger at 65! It’s so hard to find someone local tho🥴
  12. Anyone know of an alternative? Watching the vids used to be my happy place!
  13. I’m curious, do any male ee’s cum while being disciplined?
  14. Wow, 3 bads! You do need lots of spankings! Welcome, good luck on your spanker search!
  15. I hate how they changed spanking tube!!😩 it’s so hard to use now! Anyone like it?
  16. Actually, i just wish husbands would go back to paddling their wives!
  17. I think they should bring it! If you do the crime, take your punishment!
  18. I love backseat spankings! My last one was in a movie theater parking lot. My spanker would stop every time a car pulled up. Which was a nice break from that dang hairbrush!
  19. Maybe you should bring something along for your drive home. Like a big piece of wood, the pointy side of a chair mat, sand paper?
  20. Yes, as a spankee, i do feel that, “it’s for your own good” for the temp taking especially combined with a spanking.
  21. Agree! I’ve had it done once, very embarrassing being bare bottomed over a knee with a thermometer in your bottom!🫣
  22. Welcome! I think that is a good area for spankers. Good luck!
  23. Oh i hope you find someone, birchings look so oooooooh!
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